Thursday, March 26, 2009

Takeshi Kaneshiro Lost in Thought

Perhaps he's contemplating his beauty?

This could take all night.

In fact, he should probably lie down. Carrying around all that Beauty can be exhausting.

Speaking of Takeshi...

Whatever happened to that Emporio Armani campaign he was supposed to be in these past couple of months? It was a big deal that he was joining David Beckham as advertising's latest [insert celebratory trumpets] Underwear Man -- first Asian and all that.

But here's the pressing question that has me lost in thought. Why, despite his international profile, do none of his movies open in America? The last time he graced US screens was five whole years ago when the international hit The House of Flying Daggers opened. Since then Takeshi has appeared in one strange Oscar submission from Hong Kong Perhaps Love (2005) and a crime drama Confessions of Pain (2006) with an even higher profile co-star Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. He followed that up with a Brad Pitt/Meet Joe Black-like star turn in Accuracy of Death (2007) and another crime drama K-2 (2008).

Finally he was part of the orgy of Asian film stars fighting it out in not one, not two, but three action blockbuster spectacles: The Warlords (2007) and the John Woo directed double Red Cliff (2008) and Red Cliff II (2009). None of these films ever saw the inside of US theaters (outside of your festivals or errant one offs) !?!?! Me no understand.

Asian action flicks like Crouching Tiger ($128) and Hero ($53) once made considerable bank in the US. I'm assuming that distributors got gun swordshy with the comparatively low takes for Curse of the Golden Flower ($6) and Flying Daggers ($11). Or maybe it was the non success of the Oscar submission The Promise (which did not crack a million at the US box office) that did it. Though if it was the latter that's a rather unfair comparison point since The Promise had no stars as famous as Kaneshiro, Leung, Li, Cheung or Ziyi to advertise and not many high profile critical champions either.

If you're a Takeshi fan you basically have to settle for DVDs, pirated or otherwise. No big screens for you! Somebody splash some cold water on US distributors and wake them back up.

Or just throw it on Takeshi.



BeRightBack said...

Also: The Promise was kind of embarassingly terrible.

I think he should re-team with Wong Kar-wai. It would be good for both of them, I think (or maybe just good for me?)

Karen said...

He is so remarkably hot and he's a great actor. House of Flying Daggers was brilliant!

Kelsy said...

My favorite Takeshi Kaneshiro is the love-ruined one in Chungking Express. So sweet.

J.D. said...

God I love that man. I sorta haven't been able to stop thinking of him lately, actually. I blame Fallen Angels - which has a new SE coming out Tuesday. I so can't wait to get it, and then watch his scenes on a loop and sigh in bliss at his awkward, totally adorable craziness. UGH.

Also YES, he needs a new collabo with WKW. Oh my god, that would make my year.

Glenn said...

It probably doesn't help that the majority of people who would see these movies are quite knowledgable about illegal downloading and would rather get it straight away than wait over a year (like with Hero).

Anonymous said...

I want to suck his cock.



someone say something quickly.

la la la la

anon 2:47 leaves so little to the imagination

kelsy yes to Chungking Express. I totally understand WKW's muse fascination with Tony Leung Chiu Wai but no love for TK after Fallen Angels? I kept hoping he would pop up in 2046. It's been almost 15 years since they worked together

Glenn good point. Maybe I'm just hopelessly disinformed about distribution and box office and all of those things but I still think the lack of foreign film runs in America (even for films of marketable genres with recognizable faces) is a result of poor planning, foot dragging and lack of inspiration and marketing skill just as much as its a lack of moviegoing interest in foreign fare.

Jason Adams said...

anon 2:47 is Tony Leung. Or at least that's who I am pretending it is. Although as long as we're pretending, that has already happened.

The only recent Takeshi movie I've seen is Accuracy of Death, and I despised it.

Anonymous said...

I think that distributors are weary that they won't make their money back by promoting these films.

There are some good Asian cinema out there. You have to look at the blogs and word of mouth to look at these movies.

It's a shame.

Arkaan said...

Wait, are we bashing distributors of foreign films? You gotta give me time to stretch first!!!

Marshall1 said...

Why don't he take off his clothes more often??
It's very hard to find a picture of him without his shirt on...:(

infernal2046 said...

Reading that article you sound like ya have man-crush on him..and I don't blame you! XD.

I agree he's hot but also talented as an actor which is rare. Loved him in Chunking Express and Fallen Angels. WKW definitely needs to colaborate with him again.

Diana C. said...

I like Takeshi so much i even watched Ritana, which is one of the most embarrassing movies i've ever seen. He is just adorable.