Thursday, March 26, 2009


Nathaniel is back. C'est moi. I need to thank JA from MNPP for filling in for me yesterday. JA is dipped in a vat of awesome. Love him. Much more from me in a few hours but for now enjoy this awesome Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee stop motion short.


If we're playing to The Film Experience base I think we need something more along the lines of "Catwoman versus Lt. Ellen Ripley". Or maybe "Carol White vs. Cathy Whitaker" --would they just stare absently at each other or have a crying jag face/off ???

Cathy: My hair. I experimented. Do you like it?
Carol: Oh god Cathy... is that hairspray?

Yes, someone make those short films! Or do I have to do everything?


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the Taking, Woodstock trailer Nathaniel? Premiered last night on Demetri Martin's show.

The world wants to know!

Jorge Rodrigues said...

Hey Nat when does the Actress Psychic begin?

I want to participate this year ;)


it begins today.

an hour or so.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Nicole Kidman working with Woody Allen?

Anonymous said...

Even better: a Cathy Whitaker/Carol White/Alice Fabian showdown. They'd all stare blankly at each other and then Alice Fabian would win because she'd exaggerate her own importance by constantly going on about her three week relationship with Jack Rollins.