Friday, March 27, 2009

In Links

MNPP loves watching Jane Wyman get hit by a car in Magnificent Obsession
The Bad and the Ugly The Ice Age franchise, never a high brow toon, is now selling dick jokes?
LA Weekly is LA actually the best place now for challenging theatrical musicals?
Low Resolution surveys the week in TV

ModFab gets a sneak peek at Broadway's Spider-Man musical
Film of the Year asks if wider is better as screen imagery goes... (starring 1954's A Star is Born)
Bright Lights Dead Lesbian Society welcomes Watchmen's Silhouette
Scanners great piece on critical consensus and textured individual responses to films
Culture Snob on In Dreams. I had to include it since the Scanners piece also mentions the largely forgotten Neil Jordan/Annette Bening movie. Strange coincidence?
Crazy Days has an interesting post about an Angelina Jolie related lawsuit ~ a charity donation gone wrong. As an official member of the have nots I've never even considered what happens to rich civilians who play those "win a date with a celebrity" auction games for charity. Who knew?

i09 has a good piece on the ways sci-fi fare uses and/or abuses religion. This list/rant was inspired by the series finale of Battlestar Galactica last week. For the record I loved the first 90 minutes or so... especially all the ways they managed to swirl so many past issues into such a tense and chill inducing action climax. The new pre-apocalypse backstory segments were yet another reminder that this show had the best ensemble acting on television. But I could've done without most of the last "new earth" half hour. I never really enjoy long-form explanatory wrap-ups. More than once my mind drifted to the awkward goodbyes of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I think I need to always wonder a little bit about what happens to characters I've fallen in love with. If I know, it's easier to fall out of love. It's like you're robbed of a reason to continue thinking about fictional characters if their stories have all been told.

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Rose said...

You should check out the comments on Jeff Wells blog about Little Ashes. Probably his first encounter with Pattinson's lunatic fans and its downright hilarious seeing them of all people criticise his 'journalism'. Funniest thing is, they're actually right!

In all fairness though, the movie does look interesting. That comment about Lorca being an influencial figure in gay history has piqued my interest.