Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Want to Link You Like an Animal

Topless Robot ogles My Little Pony. This is so wrong
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on the pull of Chlöe Sevigny as "Nicolette Grant" on Big Love.
Wired has a big report on the Watchmen-related new DVDs Tales of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood

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Low Resolution makes a case for the charisma of Ryan Phillippe.
StarEast Asia Zhang Ziyi and camel. Does ZZ act anymore or is all about the shilling of product and the banking of cash?
The Spy in the Sandwich the new Pinoy film from the director of recent Oscar submission The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros has been censored. Shame

And finally... Isn't it Bromantic?

Are Breckin and Ryan about to make out (on DVD)?

My friend Kenneth in the (212) told me that little west coast birdies told him that that awfully dull Studio 54 movie from 1998 -- that one that starred Ryan Phillipe, Salma Hayek, Mike Myers and Breckin Meyer -- is headed back to DVD this fall. Here's the good news: it's supposedly the formerly apocryphal Director's Cut version (i.e. much longer and gayer) that is being released. That cut got a surprise screening last summer at Outfest but there was no word of a follow-up DVD release. The initial studio interference with 54 (Miramax... ah, the brothers Weinstein) is one of the dumber movie-making stories from the late nineties: cut 45 minutes of this, reshoot, beef up the more traditional romance. Why anyone thought the target audiences for a movie about Studio 54 would be satisfied with a film that lacked outre behavior, sexual experimentation and excessive drug use... well, I couldn't tell you. Is the new/old version as good as they say? (I hope so. I liked writer/director Marc Christopher's early gay short Alkali, Iowa) Perhaps we'll find out in the fall.


J.D. said...

"Does ZZ act anymore or is all about the shilling of product and the banking of cash?"

Okay, that stings.

...because it's true. :(

adam k. said...

I'm excited about this 54 news. I remember liking that movie when I saw it on TV back when it was first released. But that's mainly 'cause I was 16, and Ryan Phillipe was shirtless and/or having sex with Selma Ward through most of it.

abstew said...

after the showing at outfest, variety said that the new cut of 54 was gonna be shown at sunshine cinema the following month.
so, when i saw that it was having a midnight screening the following month i bought myself a ticket. after all, how could i pass up the chance to see ryan phillippe engaging in some (ahem) experimenting on the big screen.
as we settled into our seats, director, marc christopher, introduced it. and the first thing he says is, 'everyone knows this is the miramax theatrical version and not the one that screened at outfest, right?' um...NO. i did not know that! and now i just paid $12 to see a movie that i've already seen in its not-all-that- great glory.
christopher said that hopefully the new (old?) version would be shown soon. but this screening was for the 10th anniversary. lame. i was promised ryan on breckin action!

Anonymous said...

abstew that sucks. the old movie = not good