Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hair Hell

Hey Suits,
What's up you guys? So... Ummmm, wow, you're weird. First you fire the director of a movie that made $190 million and then you make me beg (wolf howl!) for the role I already played in Twilight for its sequel. Okay, okay, that's history. So two hours in the gym every day. I show up on set with 26 lbs of new muscle and a 6 pack (abs not beer -- I'm 17!!!).

$190 million and you still can't up the wig budget? No you didn't!

Yours (contractually), Taylor Lautner


Dominique said...

Okay so I checked out that link with the New Moon pics and all I can say is this:

Smoking kills, people!

On an unrelated note, Taylor Lautner's new bod gets a big thumbs up from me.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what they do with this, but am a bit worried about it... From what I read they parted ways with the director because the studio wanted to push New Moon into production asap and she wanted to be sure there was enough time to get the script done properly (apparently she pushed through an almost complete rewrite of Twilight's script 'cause it didn't convince her and then when she read the book she realised how far from the real thing it had been).

Also, those werewolf morphing sequences had better be damn good! I'll forgive a bad wig as long as they don't screw those up! :p

J.D. said...

Gah, I don't believe he's just a year older than me.

Anonymous said...

Why are they going the synth hair? Go to a good wig black-owned shop. Sistahs know how to make a wig.

Props on the bod!

He is supposed to be 25 in the picture.

Karen said...

Well said!