Monday, March 16, 2009

Problem Solving in Progress

Having some technical / emotional / intellectual / financial problems this morning. Morning not good. Ungood morning. Probably should've continued having breakfast. Need brain power and stamina to function. Hopefully more later today. In the meantime, lots of comment conversations going on if you scroll down or head over to the How Green/Forrest Gump conversation @ Goatdog's.


Anonymous said...

aww Nathaniel ur not alone. Hope everything works. It usually finds a way to.

Anonymous said...

I wish all your problems will dissappear. Go for a walk (you will feel better and perhaps you will find some money that a rich guy accidentaly dropped). :)

Paul Outlaw said...

Or a rich guy that someone accidentally dropped ;-)

changetheworld360 said...

[coming out from lurking]
Bummer. :( I wish I could help, but I'm poor too.
Btw, when is the next Actress Contest starting? Soon, I hope?