Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March. It's a Wrap

I'd like to report that March contained pots of gold but my experience was quite the opposite. I am so pleased to close the door on this month away and walk away. Nay, run! Ever had one of those months? April will be more fun. It must. But in case you missed anything here are 10 highlights from the month that is over... o-v-e-r. Get out of here, March!

Valentina! this classic star and fashion post didn't get much response but I loved typing it up. NYC has such rich culture. It's everywhere
I promised more reviews this year. Off to good start
Kristin Scott Thomas in interview with the acclaimed actress as I've Loved You So Long hit video. I'm so excited for her upcoming duet with Sergi Lopez in Partir. And you?
Signatures I'm so proud to host Adam's fine series. March featured Mia Farrow, Gena Rowlands and Edith Massey.
Isabelle Adjani Talent, beauty and Oscar record-holding

Breakfast With... ends with Cagney, Jolie and Bette. You want a second season?
GOOP and Sofia Coppola Sofia loves Let The Right One In. We should've known. It's just like one of her own movies.
I Dream of Celebrity star-packed REM time
Battlestar Beefcake JA bids the men of TV's most ambitious series goodbye. (sniffle)
"Cherry Bomb" Fanning We all grow up. But do child stars have to?

Coming in April: First round of 2009 Oscar Predictions, a trip to Nashville (I'll be jurying at the film festival), Spielberg's Schindler's List, Eastwood's Unforgiven, A Chorus Line, Tribeca Film Festival, Casablanca and another round of April showers. Wear a raincoat.


Paul Outlaw said...

Well, you already know what I think about KST and Partir... ;-)

More "Breakfast"!

A Chorus Line? Did you say A Chorus Line? I'm scared...

Wayne B. said...

whew! finally finished those predictions. I agree with Paul Outlaw on more "Breakfast". Adam's Signatures series is pretty awesome as well.

rosengje said...

Saw Opening Night based on the Gena Rowlands signatures post. Love. I have a whole new filmography to embrace.