Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Padded Link

<--- Last week Rope of Silicon shared the creepy teaser poster for Shutter Island (previously discussed here) and now JA is all hyped up. Has Scorsese made a picture as brutal and scary as Cape Fear since? I'm not thinking "Whatever Happened to Patient 67?" So much as "Is Emily Mortimer Patient 67? And if so, will people finally realize how versatile and quite awesome she is?" I know that's not quite how the marketing folks wanted me to react but I'm a special case. I think only of actresses whenever possible. I guess I really need to read Dennis Lehane's novel before this picture opens.

Tapeworthy shares the news that Friday Night Lights has been renewed for two more seasons. Grand news for any fans of quality television.
The Big Picture wonders about the idealogical inconsistencies of snubbing movies because of an actor's politics.
Empire on the girlpower casting of Zach Snyder's Sucker Punch. I was going to say Snyder doing a movie with female leads? ... but then I remembered the wonderful Sarah Polley and she sure as hell anchored and powered Dawn of the Dead. May one of his new actresses can do the same for this film.

Boy Culture points us to an inspiring new site inspired by Harvey Milk's activism.
MightyGodKing finds the difference between Pixar and Dreamworks Animation
My New Plaid Pants wishes Ewan McGregor a sweet birthday. I miss Ewan. Please make lots of good movies very soon.
Extra Criticum offers some excellent DVD rental ideas on that "10 Characters" meme I struggled through earlier today.
Cinemavistaramascope enthuses about the trailer to Taking Woodstock. He worked on the film.
The Exploding Kinetoscope RIP Andy Hallett, Angel's colorful demon host "Lorne".
MTV News Eastern Promises sequel? I am totally willing to go back for seconds although I can't imagine what plot point could get Viggo Mortensen completely starkers again. Bummer.


Paul Outlaw said...

My comments about #10 on my ten faves list were specifically directed at you, Nathaniel. ;-) Do you know that film?


i don't but now i must rent that film! ;)

Sean said...

FYI: After reading Shutter Island, I would put my money on Emily Mortimer (think Vanessa Redgrave in Atonement except with more screen time) over Michelle Williams in the Supporting Actress race...the image perfectly captures my feeling of the book.

This is my #1 most anticipated movie of awards season.

Daniel Armour said...

Being a big fan of Angel, I'm very sad to hear of Andy Hallett's death. Rest in Peace, Andy.

Zach said...

I think that Michelle Williams has more to work with than Emily Mortimer (based on the novel, that is), but I don't doubt either of them will be fantastic. I am more than eagerly awaiting this one.

BBats said...

Friday night Lights renewed...yea, now i can find out if they buy a house or if someone will or won't play on the team...oh joy.

Andrew David said...

RIP Andy Hallett :( And only 33... Lorne was such a great character, and he had such an amazing voice.

Kambei said...

I suggest you avoid the book until after the movie. It is quite good, but it IS a mystery. I had read the novel The Prestige before I saw the movie and, while I still absolutely adored it, part of me wishes I had discovered Borden & Danton's secrets with the audience.


Graeme. you have a point. I shall think about it.

(P.S. your film canon only has one movie in it on your blog ;) you're as slow as i am at the personal canon thing!)

Kambei said...

I had actually completely forgotten about that blog. I have about 50-something already written, so I may as well start posting them...now if only I can figure out how to add jpgs...it can't be that hard.