Sunday, March 29, 2009

How I Felt / How I Almost Feel

As sung by the most talented person in the known universe, Meryl Streep.

I'm not about to expire like pathetic homeless Helen Archer... (that was how I felt yesterday) but I'm quite ready for this spring flu to leave me be. Like Suzanne Vale I'm ready to move on from this particular heartbreak.
I ain't gonna live on lonely street no more,
no more *prrphrphrph*

Coming in June: When I listed my 20 Favorite Actresses a few months ago I posted a poll asking which actress you'd most want to see a retrospective of. You voted for Streep by a wide margin. So June will be Meryl Streep Month up in here. She's turning 60 (so hard to believe, right?) and we'll look back on several of her films.


Catherine said...

Oh I can't wait for Streep month! Can you believe I've never seen Sophie's Choice? Or Ironweed, Bridges of Madison County, Plenty, The French Lieutenant's Woman... I am a bad Streepaholic. I need to do penance.


do penance with me! I am so ready to watch some of the early stuff again. It's been forever.

These are the only Meryl films I have NOT seen:

JULIA (1977)

I'm especially eager to see Plenty and Out of Africa again because it's been so long.

Catherine said...

I've seen 4 of those (Deer Hunter, Lughnasa, MotH and Rendition). They're not...the best. Although Lughnasa may provide some (unintentional) hilarity.

But yes, I am so ready for some Meryl penance! I just totted it up on IMDB and I've seen 18 of her films. I really want to rewatch Silkwood and Postcards From The Edge especially, as well as filling in the major gaps. I sense a project ahead...

Lisa said...

Woohoo, Meryl month is going to be amazing. I'm a total streepaholic so I'm really looking forward to it!

par3182 said...

spookily i just finished watching postcards from the edge a couple of hours ago

the film of dancing at lughnasa was such a disappointment as the play is a thing of beauty

please give plenty and evil angels the attention they deserve - great films, so little seen

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

You mean the past 6 months have *not* been Meryl months?..

I seem to be against the world tide on this woman (though it helps to know I have Kate Hepburn and Pauline Kael on my side). I just don't get it. Occasionally - let's say Madison County, or Out of Africa, or Postcards from the Edge, or her acceptance speeches - I get glimmers of it. But then I get stuck watching Silkwood or Mamma Mia or Heartburn or Manchurian Candidate or Lemony Snicket, and well, I just give up trying.

Meantime - Nate - you've not seen Deer Hunter?! Don't get me wrong, I find the film excruciating, but I just assume every Oscar fanatic (at least) has seen it.


well y kant i totally understand. I feel this exact way about Cate Blanchett (I don't get the universal enthusiasm except for glimpses now and then... and usually those glimpses are a bit earlier in her career)

but there'll be non Meryl postings also in June of course. so don't worry.

Anonymous said...

As a self proclaimed Streepaholic (although, no one would argue the fact with me) you really haven't missed much by not seeing those movies with the noted exception of The Deer Hunter. The other films are watchable because Meryl is in them but nothing past that.

Yay for Plenty - there an amazing movie hardly anyone has seen. But then again, Meryl is completely convincing in anything she does. She breathes life into it.

*Except Before & After - how a director manages to screw up having Meryl Streep & Liam Neeson is a film is beyond me. Even they couldn't save that movie!

rosengje said...

How have you not seen Julia? It is replete with great actresses. Not only do we have Meryl's debut, but Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave are there to enjoy.

mrripley said...

meryl films i have yet to see lions for lambs,the seduction of joe tynan,dark matter,the still of the night,heartburn & julia

Julia said...

Omg i can't believe people haven't seen those meryl movies. The French Lieuntenant's Woman is one of her best. Music of the heart is great too. Heartburn is also one of my favorites. I really need to see Sophie's Choice and Julia.

Hayden said...

How on Earth have you missed Julia?!

Alex said...

I'm sure all you Streepaholics will enjoy how I spent my latest snowed-in Winter Break (12/19/08-1/04/09) awhile ago:

12/19/08 – A Cry in the Dark
12/20/08 – Adaptation
12/21/08 – The French Lieutenant’s Woman
12/22/08 – The Hours
12/23/08 – Postcards from the Edge
12/24/08 – One True Thing
12/25/08 – Mamma Mia!
12/26/08 – Doubt
12/27/08 – Marvin’s Room
12/28/08 – Silkwood
12/29/08 – The Devil Wears Prada
12/30/08 – A Prairie Home Companion
12/31/08 – The Bridges of Madison County
01/01/09 – Out of Africa
01/02/09 – The Deer Hunter
01/03/09 – Music of the Heart
01/04/09 – Kramer vs. Kramer AND Sophie’s Choice

Let's just say I enjoyed myself... A LOT! One a day keeps the doctor away! :)

Chrissie said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am about Meryl Streep month. She is my absolute favourite actress in the whole wide world and I have all her films on DVD (those that are available). I cannot wait for this xx


Alyssa said...

I have seen probably every single Meryl Streep movie that she has ever made, the only one I haven't seen is Dark Matter. And for everyone who says they are Streepohalics, HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN SOPHIE'S CHOICE?! It is the best performance given by an actress, and very possible, ever. She is so talented, and I don't understand the big fuss over Cate Blanchett either, but Meryl Streep is one of a kind, and she is the best actress, ever.
No one gives performances like her, and does so much variety, she never lets you down. Dancing at Lughnasa wasn't a great movie, but it wasn't because of Meryl she did another great accent, and she is unmatched.
Katharine Hepburn was just extremely jealous and knew that Streep was better than her, and Pauline Kael didn't say she didn't like Streep, she named her " The lady of Drama and Accents" so I don't know if thats rude or not, but I don't think so.

Anyway, I'm extremely excited about Streep month, it's very well deserved and Meryl should have won the Oscar for Doubt this year, I love Kate Winslet, but her performance wasn't as good as Meryl's.

and you should deffinitely watch,
The Deer Hunter, Still of The Night (which was on TV yesterday), Before and After, I loved it actually, Dancing at Lughnasa it's up to you, but Streep was fantastic as always

Music of the Heart is one of the best stories ever told and Meryl was great in it.
Rendition, she wasn't in that much and it was very brutal, but it was interesting.

and Lions for Lambs, you can't go wrong with Streep and Redford I loved it, a lot it was really really good, that is one you should deff see, and just ignore Tom Cruise in it, he's whatever.

and Yesss, please give A Cry In The Dark a lot of attention because she should have won an oscar for that, it was absolutely ridiculous that she lost that year, it was hers, no doubt about it.

Paul Outlaw said...

DAMN, that was one LONG and impressive list of names in those Postcards from the Edge end credits, am I right? In every department...Mike Nichols always gets the best people.

Time will tell, but at this point Streep and Blanchett are both in my top ten, and for very similar reasons. But I think it's great that you posted these two clips, N., because it reminds me that Blanchett's got a lot of singing to do before she can touch Streep. (In fact, she's already late to that party. Then again, Hepburn and Davis couldn't sing like Meryl either.)

Cinesnatch said...

Nathaneil, I want that song on my iPod STAT. Make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Alex, that has got to be the BEST way to spend your time. I watch at least part of a Meryl film daily. Thanks to TiVo :)

Kent said...

I wonder if Streep's earlier work contains a great performance Oscar snubbed?

Rick said...

The Deer Hunter and Music from the HEart are the best from your list, Nathaniel.

Paul Outlaw said...

Oh, yeah?

Cinesnatch said...

Nate - based on the Streep films you haven't seen (I haven't seen Music/Heart or Dark matter), you aren't missing out on anything, so walk, don't run ... (though Still of the Night was okay)

ms1moviebuff said...

Oh I Cannot wait for Meryl Streep month! I am like Chrissie, I have everything she has been in on DVD! Ironweed was just recently released on DVD, and have already pre-ordered Dark Matter and Doubt. I actually have already seen Dark Matter, it is very dark and somber, yet Meryl still manages to light up the screen while she is on it. Not a huge role, but it is still a film with Meryl. Sophie's was probably her absolute best, although I watch BoMC every single weekend, at least once! Breaks your heart, but she is so good in it!

Tram said...

A little OT, but I heard Streep sang during Natasha Richardson's funeral service. It was reportedly a very emotional moment.

Styx said...

It's pretty shameful how many Meryl films I haven't seen yet. I've seen some of the biggies -- "Sophie's Choice", "Kramer vs. Kramer", "The Bridges of Madison County", "Adaptation", "Devil Wears Prada", "Doubt", "Music of the Heart", "Silkwood", "Manchurian Candidate", "Angels in America", "Prairie Home Companion", "The Hours", "Marvin's Room", etc. But no "The Deer Hunter", "Ironweed", "Out of Africa", "Manhattan", "A Cry in the Dark", "The French Lieutenant's Woman", "Holocaust", or "Julia". This woman really is a beast. Can't wait for the retrospective.

Emily said...

o my.. i knew this was my favourite blog for some reason.. meryl streep month will be fantastic.
ive seen everything but ironweed.. and thats only because i refuse to have watched everything. met her 3times this year & just have so much love and admiration for the woman.
Bridges is definetly my favourite film but the biggest oscar snub has to be a cry in the dark.
Most underated film - Plenty?

'Not just talent.. also HOTNESS'

Wayne B. said...

Catherine - I know exactly what you mean. I only started becoming a baby cinephile in 2001 and so far the bulk of Meryl Streep's oeuvre is unknown to me. Have never seen the following:

Doubt and Mamma Mia!
Lions for Lambs (2007)
Rendition (2007)
Evening (2007)
Dark Matter (2007)
A Prairie Home Companion (2006)
"Angels in America"
Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)
The Bridges of Madison County
The River Wild (1994)
Postcards from the Edge
She-Devil (1989)
Evil Angels (1988)
Ironweed (1987)
Heartburn (1986)
Out of Africa (1985)
Plenty (1985)
Silkwood (1983)
Sophie's Choice (1982)
The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981
Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)
The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979)
Manhattan (1979)
Julia (1977)

So I almost have no contextual knowledge of Meryl Streep's dtamatic gifts. To me she is one of comedy's geniuses. The trifecta: Death Becomes Her, Adaptation and The Devil Wears Prada. I love seeing her at awards shows; you always know she'll steal it somehow.

Alex - I am totally jealous that you got to have a Meryl Streep marathon! :) I wish I could the same; my college doesn't believe in spring break.

I can't wait for the Meryl Streep retrospective month! She's always been somebody I've felt guilty for not knowing more about, as an actressexual-in-training, considering her legend.

Chrissie said...

I have been fortunate to see all of Meryl's films. I have them all on dvd apart from Before And After which I watched on-line. I have tried everywhere to get this on DVD Region 2 using all the websites, eg ebay, amazon,, hmv. They only have it for region 1 which is no good. If anybody knows where I can get this or if anyone can burn it onto a disc, I will pay whatever it costs I would be grateful. My email address is xx

Cheri said...

Meryl Streep month is finally here!!!! Mamma Mia...She is amazing for 60! happy birthday dear meryl...we love you!

Cheri said...

It's finally Meryl Streep Month. Mamma Mia...she is amazing at 60!
I have seen everyone of her movies...Happy Birthday dear Meryl!