Friday, March 27, 2009

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Guest of Cindy Sherman This documentary sounds fascinating. It's about Cindy Sherman, the famous multihyphenate artist, but it's also about the awkward "plus one" status of those who date people exponentially more famous than themselves. Directed by a former boyfriend of Cindy's, the artist Paul H-O.

American Swing a documentary about the swingers movement in tumultuous 70s New York

The Education of Charlie Banks is a coming of age tale set in upstate New York in the 80s. Jesse Eisenberg, so great in both Roger Dodger and The Squid and the Whale, stars. Is he about to break through to wider fame? This would be the year to do it. He's got about approximately nine pictures opening in the next 24 months. Craziness. This is Fred Durst's (Limp Bizkit) directorial debut. (Next up for Eisenberg is Adventureland with Kristen Stewart)

Shall We Kiss? French romantic comedy starring Michaël Cohen, who happens to be the "plus one" (i.e. husband) of the far more famous French goddess Emmanuelle Béart -- see how I'm working a theme into what might otherwise be a really dull "informational" post? I'm amazing. I work so hard pour vous, n'est-ce pas? --Béart is sadly not in this movie. Michaël's lips are busy with co-star Julie Gayet.

Spinning Into Butter This long delayed screen adaptation (filmed in 2005) of a hit play that once starred Hope Davis (replaced by Sarah Jessica Parker for the movie) is about racism on a college campus. Beau Bridges, Mylketi Williamson and Miranda Richardson co-star. I was suspicious of this movie the first moment I saw SJP's flat brown color job. I'll never understand why filmmakers tend to think reducing the style/beauty of actors makes a film more potent dramatically speaking. Usually it just makes the movie appear as as flat as the hair. Boo to deglam.

Goodbye Solo this well reviewed indie is about the unlikely friendship between a Sengalese immigrant and a good ol' southern boy. From writer/director Ramin Bahrani whose last picture, Chop Shop won him the "Someone to Watch" Award at the Indie Spirits.

12 Rounds I hadn't even heard of this movie until I started typing this sentence. But I thought it looked familiar. It turns out I knew its parents!

Its poster parents, that is. 'Lil 12 Rounds'... so cute! Although he's really too young to be playing with so much firepower. No matter how violent his parents happen to be.

The Haunting in Connecticut I'm starting to feel like the horror genre actually produces more movies each year than even Bollywood. This one stars CGI gunk that projects out of the mouths of young boys (I'm just guessing from the advertisements). Virginia Madsen is aghast! You would be too if you could do what she can do and this is all your agent could find for you.

Monsters vs. Aliens Reese Witherspoon (well, her voice) gets all giant-sized in this 3D animated adventure.The movie has found a way to humorously visualize what we all subconsciously know to be true. That Reese towers above us all. She could crush anyone on a whim. This looks like fun and box office pundits claim it will tower over the competition, crushing them with ease.


Glenn said...

Two things:

As sad as it is to know this, that movie is not Fred Durst's first. I believe he had a - wait for it - Ice Cube kids sport movie out last year called The Comebacks. It was released on DVD here a week or so ago which is why I know this.

Actually, a check of IMDb tells me this film released this week was indeed his first but is being released second. Whatever.

Also, Spinning Into Butter has been on DVD here for a long time. Strange.

Glenn said...

And by The Comebacks I mean The Longshots.

Why do I seem to care so much about this?

Hayden said...

Emanuelle Beart is so gorgeous. Few actresses have looked lovelier than she did in Manon de Sources.

groovy_acolyte said...

Spinning into Butter is pretty awful. But Miranda Richardson's in it so I feel compelled to recommend it based on that alone.

par3182 said...

I'll never understand why filmmakers tend to think reducing the style/beauty of actors makes a film more potent dramatically speaking

because the oscars do?

Guy Lodge said...

Could "Spinning Into Butter" actually be the single worst title of all time?


Anonymous said...


Have you seen any of Ramin Bahrani's films? I think his three first films already put him on the level of David Gordon Green and Darren Aronofsky as one of this country's finest young directors. Audiences (and I'm talking art and indie film audiences) haven't completely discovered him yet, but the critical community is increasingly taken notice.


Catherine said...

Guy, I was just about to say that even if people told me it was a masterpiece, there is no way on earth I am watching a film entitled Spinning Into Butter. That is just gross.

Anonymous said...

Movies like The Haunting in Connecticut annoy me so much because they bring people's expectations of horror down. It's such a mess and people think the whole genre is childish and lacks any depth, which is entirely not the case.

Jennifer Lazek said...

I saw Guest of Cindy Sherman last night. It was awesome.

ryan said...

(composes self after laughing profusely)

OH MY FUCKING GOD NATHANIEL...that pic of Reese, with my lovely Jake in her clutches... is truly priceless.

Ahhh, just can’t stop grinning.


ryan thanks. I'm glad someone noticed!