Friday, March 20, 2009

Open Battlestar Galactica Thread

Oh My Gods. It's all coming to an end. For those of you who frakkin' must discuss the finale of Battlestar Galactica (before all of us have seen it. Unfortunately I have to wait), please keep your comments within this thread so as to avoid spoilers elsewhere. Please and thanks.


adam k. said...


Dude. Nathaniel. You missed out.

(btw, it looks like they're replaying the whole thing again right now)

Anonymous said...

MNPP posts as always interesting topics regarding this show.
we all love it, but...

Anonymous said...

First hour: Amazing!

Second hour: Ron Moore's writing skills seemed VERY lacking. I'm not going to say why, but you'll see what I mean when you watch.

Ending: what the frak? I'll have to think about it.

adam k. said...

I actually kinda liked the second hour better.

But yeah, the very end was... well... I couldn't stop laughing. In think, in a good way.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the second half. I just kept getting distracted by the bad writing. I have to admit that I teared up a bunch of times :(

adam k. said...

What bad writing? Do you mean like bad dialogue or bad resolution of long-brewing arcs? I loved the second half. Though the "Kara is just an angel and that's all you're getting" thing was kind of frustrating. But not entirely unexpected. I had a feeling they would never give a real explanation for how she came back and for who or what she was.

But I thought the way they found a new, habitable planet (our Earth), and then just named it after their Earth, was brilliant. I was waiting and waiting for the tie in with our Earth and that was very satisfying.

Anonymous said...

It was the bad dialogue. It felt like comic book dialogue. I guess I'm just nit picking.
I also think that so much happened in two hours that I will need some time to digest it all.

Anonymous said...

Writing? Plot? Whatever.

I was crying the whole way through.

Goodbye Galactica and crew. Your hotness will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Scenes That Made Me Cry:
- Every frakkin' scene with Laura Roslin.
- Lee to Kara: "You won't be forgotten."
- Anders leading the fleet into the sun.
- Bill and Laura in the raptor for the last time.
- Bill flying over Galactica for the last time.
- Gauis tearing up about knowing how to farm.
- Kara's goodbye to Sam.
- Lee and Bill hug to say goodbye.
- Lee and Kara looking at Bill and Laura leave.

Scenes That Stopped My Heart:
- Opera house scene culminating to the Final Five overlooking the CIC.
- Galactica after its final jump crumbling, breaking down.
- Laura's hand fall lifeless.
- The Final Five sharing information/Tyrol killing Tory.
- Athena killing Boomer.
- Kara entering the numbers.
- Shot of the moom and then our Earth.
- Lee turning around to see Kara is gone.

Scenes That Made Me Smile:
- Laura sexing up a former student.
- Saul buying Bill a lap dance.
- Romo Lampkin as President; Lt. Hoshi as Admiral.
- Six and Gauis seeing Head!Six and Head!Gaius together.
- Centurion vs. centurion battle.
- Lee and Kara on the kitchen table.
- Gauis volunteering for to the mission.
- Cavill shooting himself.
- 150,000 years later.

Scenes I Wished Were In The Finale:
- Lee and Kara kissing; have a happy ending.
- D'Anna showing up to kick some ass.
- Billy, Dualla, and/or Gaeta showing up in a dream sequence.
- Lee and/or Zak shirtless.
- Seeing Galactica blow up in a blaze of glory.
- Finding out who Daniel was.
- Tyrol and Tory flashbacks on pre-fallen Caprica.

adam k. said...

I agree about wanting D'Anna back. That was the most disappointing part of this whole half season, no Lucy Lawless. Why did she have to stay on old, nuked Earth? Frack that.

And I definitely second the Lee and/or Zack shirtless request. For a time, I was even half-expected/breathlessly hoping there'd be some kind of 3-way action with Kara, Zack, and Lee in that flashback. But alas, it was not to be.

Anonymous said...

i thought the whole thing was incredible.
i didn't agree with everything that happened, but it was still amazing.
god, my favorite show in the whole universe is over ='[
but at least it had that fantastic finale.

Anonymous said...

I Think Shawn's post pretty much says it all! ;o)

I just watched it... and am having trouble putting the words together to talk about it coherently.

Loved Ron Moore's cameo though!!! And I totally remember people talking not long ago about a "mitochondrial Eve", a "mother" of all mankind (except I believe it was seven)

And why oh why did Adama have to go off on his own?!

The person I felt the worse for is Lee... all alone at the end... no Dualla, no Kara, no father...

It's the ending it had to have, but the one you didn't want to see. I think upon future re-watchings I might be tempted at times to stop the dvd once we see the big blue ball of Earth. (happens to me with the end of the Lord of the Rings too, both book and film).

sigh! how much longer until "The Plan"? and "Caprica"? TOO LONG!!!

RG said...

Kara is not an angel. She died, was resurrected into flesh, saved humanity and ascended to heaven. Remind you of another historical figure?

The angels are the cylons who can be divided into the the faithful and the fallen (ie. demons). The offspring produced with humans (Hera) are the Nephilim.

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