Wednesday, October 14, 2009

F&L: Youthful Memories

first and last. This season it's a mix of first and last lines or images or whatnot

Can you guess the movie?

first image after the opening credits

Last dialogue exchange:
woman: Have you ever wanted to go back?
man: No.
woman: Is there nobody that you want to see?
man: No.
woman: Isn't there anything you miss at all?
man: I miss the cricket.
If you're still stumped, highlight the following text for the answer: It's the British drama ANOTHER COUNTRY (1984) for more first and last, hit the label below


Sean said...

Is it "Another Country"?

ZiZo said...

Another Country?

Guy Lodge said...

"Another Country," for sure.

Off-topic, Nathaniel, I'm sorry to see (judging from your rating, at least) that you were as let down by "Broken Embraces" as I was. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Michael Parsons said...

You gave 'Precious' and A-

YOU MADE MY DAY - silly I know.


guy -- the hot streak had to end at some point. not that it doesn't have its moments though. Christ almighty that man (Senor Pedro) comes up with indelible imagery every time.

on and Sean and ZiZo you are correct: ANOTHER COUNTRY

bella said...

How bizarre! I just streamed this movie on netflix last month. =)