Friday, April 30, 2010

April. It's a Wrap

This past month was such that I barely remember its existence, a whirlwind of too busy, too scattered, too tiring, too much. Ever had one of those months? If you're just joining us or if you had one of those months, these highlights from April will feel like brand new posts. Read away...

Funny Games or Funny Girl?

on The Blind Side
Cannes lineup so much to get excited about, don't you think?
Streisand's 17 a quick perusal of Barbra's entire screen career. Isn't it weird how big stars never used to take supporting roles? In that entire screen career she was almost never second-billed.
who's the blonde? how are you liking this special quiz series?
Oscar Predictions the first golden guesswork of the year was unveiled. If you commit it to memory, you can laugh at me later!

I had a lot of help during this difficult month and I want to say a hearty thank you publicly to the guest contributors...

Hand Me My iPad Hal Jose ponders sci-fi fantasies come true
We Can't Wait: The Tree of Life the latest nature-loving epic from Terrence Malick nabs the top spot in our collectively impatient and quite diverse 2010 "Summer and Beyond" countdown
Modern Maestros: Michael Haneke
Robert continues his excellent series on contemporary directors with this astute look at the cinema's chief provocateur
Judy Davis Glenn praises this Aussie's Brilliant Career
"He didn't get out of the cock-a-doodie car!" Craig remember Kathy Bates in Misery

Coming in May
Before making any new promises, we must try to clear up the clutter of old ones. Nevertheless, Iron Man 2, Sex & The City 2 and Cannes (vicariously) are certainties.



So... uh... nobody has anything to say about April.


Burning Reels said...

It was a splendid month as it was my birthday and was fairly busy so I have plenty of interesting posts to catch up on:)


happy (belated) birthdya month!

Burning Reels said...

Thanks - it has been a bad month for seeing films though, as i've seen very few overall.

Planning plenty of Cannes coverage again?

MRRIPLEY said...


I liked the festival coverage

Anonymous said...

Glenda Jackson's second career (as an MP) is looking increasingly likely to end Thursday. Wonder if she will come back to her first one.

K said...

This picture of Barbra Streisand and Michael Haneke is AMAZING! LOL