Monday, April 05, 2010

Curio: Peep Shows

Alexa here. I've been trying to avoid what Michael Pollan from Food, Inc. calls "edible food-like substances," but lately it's been tough since this is prime Peeps award season. Every year around this time creative (or wacky, depending on your perspective) types submit their marshmallow artwork for competition. The Oscars of Peep contests is the Washington Post's Peep Show. There are always lots of film-themed entries: last year included this WALL-E diorama, this Sweeney Todd peep house, and this Thelma and Louise cliff dive. This year's winner was an homage to Up:

There were plenty of "Where the Wild Peeps Are" entries this year, including this finalist from the Chicago Tribune's
Peeps on Parade contest:

This year's obligatory Avatar entry was a semifinalist in the Post's show entitled "Avatar: The 3P Experience:"

Although I didn't enter any contests this year, my Peep creation also involved some 3D viewing (albeit in old-school style):

Finally, although it isn't film-related, I couldn't resist sharing my favorite entry this year, a
Mad Men homage from the Tribune's contest. The Post featured a Mad Men entry too, of the famous lawnmower scene from last season, but I loved the simplicity of this one (and the drinks and ciggies):

I'll be curious what next year has in store. I predict a
Tron: Legacy creation with lots of black light paint.


Anonymous said...

Mad Men rocks!!


omg. i have never even heard of the Washington Post's Peep Show before.

I LOVE peeps. My teeth are ashamed to admit it but the rest of me isn't. num num.

Andrew R. said...

Super Peep Bros, Sweeney Tood: The Demon Barber of Peep Street, and the Avatar in 3P were amazing.

divx movies said...

I have never heard about this peep show. But it is looking good one. Let me check my plans. I will surely go for it.