Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waiting For Cannes Info...

The official Cannes lineup is announced tomorrow. [UPDATE: Here it is!] I bring this up a day early because occasionally while attempting to organize my hard drive (so many folders, so much disarray) I find rather inexplicable photos... Behold!

The Best/Weirdest Cannes Photo Buried On Nathaniel's Hard Drive

Quentin Tarantino affectionately attacks Kathleen Turner while Tilda Swinton, amused, seems to be conversing telepathically with the camera man.

I'd kill for a transcript of all Cannes jury deliberations, ever. So many crazy fabulous people, and such random groupings of the same each and every year. Oh, to be there in the heart of it all each May. This year's jury king is Tim Burton. Juliette Binoche is the light-painting official poster girl.

Important Names for this Year's Fest
  • Tim Burton, Jury President (Competition)
    Burton's Jury is composed of: Giovanni Mezzorgiorno (actress, Italy), Kate Beckinsale (actress, UK), Emmanuel Carrere (screenwriter, France), Benicio del Toro (actor, Puerto Rico), Victor Erice (director, Spain) and Shekhar Kapur (director, India). update: Some websites reported that Gael Garcia Bernal (actor/director/international-hottie) was on this jury but he's heading another jury instead.
  • Claire Denis, Jury President (Un Certain Regard)
  • Gael García Bernal, Jury President (Camera D'Or... which honors first time filmmakers)
  • Atom Egoyan, Jury President (Cinefondation)
    Egoyan's jury is composed of: Emmanuelle Devos (actress/goddess, France), Dinara Droukarova (actress, Russia), Carlos Diegues (director, Brazil) and Marc Recha (director, Spain)
  • Agnes Varda (to be honored with the Life Achievement Award)
That's May. That's next month -- would that I could be there -- but right now it's still April and I'm off to the Nashville Film Festival to do my own jurying. I'll undoubtedly spot a few celebrities (country music division)... only I won't know who they are thereby negating the excitement of it. While I'm away the We Can't Wait countdown continues and I'll try to pipe in with a couple of Nashville nuggets.


jbaker475 said...

That picture is amazing. Gotta love the way Swinton is just there, accidentally photo-bombing Turner and Tarantino's moment; her expression is priceless. :)

C.C. said...

Hey Nathaniel,

When are you gonna finish with your '09 Film Bitch Awards?? I wanna see the extra awards. It's been long time there without changes!

Love your blog, take care ;)

Unknown said...

Not usually the word to describe her, but Tilda Swinton is so cute.

Cinesnatch said...

that picture is amazing. And, of course, it begs the question: does Tarantino have any plans to resurrect Turner's film career?

Chris Na Taraja said...

Tilda: Speak no evil
Catherine: See no evil
Quentin: Smell no evil?

Wow, what an amazing shot. I can't tell whose face I like best.

jack said...

I know your mean..... :-?