Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who's the Blonde? (Special Edition)

Can you name the blondes?

A [highlight for the answer] Michelle Pfeiffer in The Witches of Eastwick
Correctly guessed by Vatz and Fernando

B [highlight for the answer] Madonna in Body of Evidence
Correctly guessed by Vatz and ShoNuffLives

C [Highlight for partial answer] Glenn Close in the Safety of Objects
conjoined correct guess from Vatz and Ferdi

D [highlight for answer] Meryl Streep in Defending Your Life
Correctly guessed by Vatz and Janice

Bonus Points if you can also name the films.
Extra Special Bonus Points if you can tell me what all of these women have in common!
[highlight for "extra special" answer] They were all rumored to be in the running or auditioning for or actually cast as EVITA during that films long journey to the screen. Remember that?

Extra Special correctly guessed by RJ (Sing out RJ!). Since Vatz is the first person to ever solve all the puzzles first and simultaneously, he gets to choose a banner theme once the current theme has ended.


Cinesnatch said...
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Cinesnatch said...

a. Michelle Pfeiffer -witches of eastwick

b. Madonna - Body of Evidence

c. Glenn Close - Garp

d. Meryl Streep - Defending Your Life

oh my, those were all horrible guesses, especially b.

Janice said...

I'm just guessing on half of these, seriously:

Tilda Swinton (orlando)

Charlize Theron (Cider house rules)

Glenn Close? (the world according to garp??)

Meryl Streep (Defending your Life - that one I'm 100% sure on).

As to what they all have in common - not sure. If I got the above right, 3/4 are Oscar winners (which probably means I'm incorrect on #3)

Janice said...

Oh hell, #2 is NOT Charlize Theron (didn't notice the accupuncture needles at first. Damn.) Never mind that one.

Fernando Moss said...

a. Michelle Pfeiffer in The Witches of Eastwick

d. Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her

Unknown said...

D is undoubtedly Meryl Streep - Defending Your Life.

ShoNuff Lives said...

a. michelle pfieffer in witches of eastwick

b. madonna in body of evidence

c. glenn close in the world according to garp

d. meryl streep in defending your life

in common? all golden globe winners

cal roth said...

Isn't D Kathleen Turner in Body Heat?


Shonuff. They do all have golden globe wins in common but the "extra special bonus points" is for something much more specific that they all have in common.

adelutza said...

They're all over 50 years old?

RJ said...

Shot in the dark: they were all competing to play 'Evita' at one point?


RJ got it! All were seeking or rumored to be "Evita" at some point.

wow. y'all are fast.

Only the GLENN CLOSE image is not from The World According to Garp.


cal -- oooh, i can totally see where you got that. The white dress and the walk outside. But it is Streep.

everyone -- how did y'all know Withces of Eastwick so quick? I guess that house is memorable.

mrripley said...

from the natural?

Amanda said...

They are all amaaazing...

i know C is glenn close - World according to Garp and D is the fantastical Meryl Streep!


nope and nope. nobody has guessed the correct GLENN CLOSE film.

it's kind of an obscure one.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Is it Nine Lives?

Cinesnatch said...

is it the one where she adopts Mary Stuart Masterson's baby? "In Family"?

Cinesnatch said...

Was that really Madonna in Body of Evidence?


yes, it really was.

and still no proper guessing on the glenn close film. maybe no one has seen it.

ferdi said...

Glenn Close movie: The Safety of Objects?

Tom said...

Glenn Close in Serving in Silence?


Ferdi got it!

ferdi said...

I'm the only one who saw this movie? Confess I don't remember this scene, so I've guessed by looking at the particular Glenn's hair cut.

RJ said...

What what!! Can't believe I got it.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Just tried to watch BODY OF EVIDENCE a few months ago, i had to turn it off, something I rarely do with films. Though I did see the acupuncture scene.

I though A was kathleen turner in WAR OF THE ROSES. X

And thought D was Lisa Kudro in OPPOSITE OF SEX

At first I thought c was Tea Leone or Verginia Madson, then i was sure it was Glenn Close, but would have never guessed that movie.

That was fun.

adam k. said...

What's scary is that I was 100% sure that D was Meryl Streep, and I've never even seen Defending Your Life.

Close was pretty easy, too. But that's cause some of her distinctive face is in view. I have no idea why the back of Meryl's head is so distinctive to me.