Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Carpet Lineup: Tribeca Blowout

red carpet lineup. random celebs who've been out and about this week...

With Tribeca handing out their awards last tonight and me coming back to life (things have been crazy) I thought we'd talk about some people attending New York's glitzy festival. I'm asking a comment question in red for each of them because I'm "reader discussion guide" annoying like that. Maybe I should have been a T.A.? Tribeca doesn't have the same prestige or art-driven mentality as the far older New York Film Festival (always in the fall) but it does pack theaters all over town, offer up a diverse 'something for everyone' slate and bring out the celebrities in droves. To hawk their films. Though I did see Ben Stiller and Denis Leary as audience members at the religious satire The Infidel.

from left to right
  • Ellen Barkin plays a sullen drug addict in The Chameleon and she'll start her Shit Year at Cannes next month in the Directors' Fortnight lineup. Is her career revving back up or is this another Oceans 13 false alarm. Do you care?
  • Mark Ruffalo seems to be letting himself go. Maybe it's just a 'between projects' kind of thing. Though, when is he between projects? Always working. I'm already stealing myself for disappointment if he doesn't get the credit he deserves for sly great work in The Kids Are All Right. Will he ever be Oscar nominated?
  • Kirsten Dunst is on the comeback trail despite being only 28. Today is her birthday! She was at Tribeca because she directed the short film Bastard. Are you rooting for her comeback?
  • Melissa Leo can't say no. That's my theory because she's made 15+ movies since Frozen River (2008) -- no joke -- and she's in two miniseries this year too (including Todd Haynes' Mildred Pierce). Should she be saying yes to everything? Riding that Frozen River momentum til it stops paying dividends.
from left to right
  • Andy Serkis came to town with his BAFTA nominated star turn in the rock bio sex & drugs & rock & roll. I wondered a few times if he could get any Oscar traction for it. Pro: there's the disability factor AND the biopic factor. Con: It's probably an unfamiliar rock story to most AMPAS voters and they like familiar. I admit I didn't know the story either. Do you know Ian Dury and The Blockheads?
  • she who must not be named was in NYC for My Own Love Song. You know how I felt about the trailer but believe me I don't want to be this frightened to go near her work. In all honesty I was really hoping to get back on board but then came that trailer. I even tried to give her a new nickname Zeéeeee which is vowel-accurate and friendly-like. Are you rooting for her comeback?
  • Christy Turlington is my favorite model of all time. But I realized sitting in the audience of her new documentary that it's weird to have a favorite model of all time. Because what can you do other than look at them? With favorite actors there's all sorts of imagination connection, storytelling, catharsis, etcetera. There I sat thinking "she's pretty" and my thoughts pretty much ended there. Unlike many of her supermodel peers from the 90s, she didn't try acting. But after marrying Ed Burns she is trying filmmaking. For a good cause though! Visit the website every mother counts. Have you a favorite model of all time ever?
  • Patricia Clarkson starred in a travel drama called Cairo Time in which she misplaces her husband in Egypt. Somehow I missed it even though I love my Patty and also enjoy her co-star Alexander Siddig. Bad planning me. Why do people go to the desert on vacations?

from left to right
  • Amanda Seyfried was starting her Letters To Juliet tour. Dominic Cooper walked her down the aisle -- I mean the red carpet -- for the premiere. Do you like them as a couple or do they give you painful flashbacks to Mamma Mia?
  • Guy Pearce should maybe be hired for Christian Bale's health scare roles. I'm just sayin'. He was in town for a special screening and discussion of Memento. Do you love Memento?
  • Sissy Spacek was promoting Get Low. I didn't like the movie -- which I saw before the festival and which most people do like for Oscar noms -- but it sure was nice to see her again in a substantial role. Still waiting for another In the Bedroom, though. What's your favorite Sissy? Other than Carrie I mean.
  • <---Brian Geraghty was the unofficial poster boy of the 9th annual Tribeca Film Festival. He was a home invader in the erotic thriller Open House, a muscley redneck brother-in-law in The Chameleon and he also appeared in Kiki's short Bastard. It's like Melissa Leo's Frozen River longtail... only with The Hurt Locker. Thoughts?
* Renée Zellweger


Daryn said...

My favorite Sissy Spacek performance is in Robert Altman's 3 Women. She starts out the film typecast as a timid girl-woman, but then gets all schizoid.

But my favorite film starring Sissy Spacek is Badlands, hands-down. She and Martin Sheen make a very good Bonnie & Clyde pair.

John T said...

Because I'm a completist, I'm going to answer all of these:

Barkin: I've often said that with the right role, she's the sort of actress the Academy loves to nominate once and consider it their "win." Where's her Wrestler?

Ruffalo: I wish I looked so good when I let myself go. And yes, he'll be nominated at some point.

Dunst: Never felt the love like you did Nat-sorry.

Leo: Good on her-she's not a big enough star to be "over-exposed." Maybe she's trying to become the new Imelda Staunton.

Serkis: Never heard of the band, but love the Serkis

Renee: Can't wait for a comeback, but this film isn't it.

Turlington: Favorite models would either be Linda Evangelista (one of the most correct things I've ever read, anywhere, and it happened to be on this blog, was that she's the only human being who ever could pull off any hair color) or Naomi Campbell (unlike La Lohan, a train wreck I can get onboard with)

Clarkson: They go because they're looking for the Ark of the Covenant, of course (I should watch that tonight, actually...)

Seyfried: I do not like them as a couple. I think Cooper should date me instead.

Pearce: Never saw it (shutters in the corner and plugs fingers in ears to avoid spoilers of Film Number 17 on my Netflix list).

Spacek: Plate-smashing Loretta Lynn

Geraghty: Sounds like a movie I would go to-kudos on that one Brian.

James T said...

Barkin: Who is her? Really.

Ruffalo: No rush. There are others to be nominated first.

Dunst: I don't find her interesting so I don't really care.

Leo: 1) I think she is not in Mildred Pierce any more. 2) She should be saying yes only when I ask her to be in my movie. When I make one, that is.

Voldemort: I am rooting for her comeback for the movie she'll do after My own WTF.

Turlington: She is my favorite too. And I really think she is born with it!

Spacek: Is she promoting Get Low or The Kids Are All Right? If you get my drift. And can you please tell me if she was good in A Straight Story or not? I liked the movie a lot and I enjoyed her in it but performances like that are always very hard for me to evaluate. I liked her in Badlands.

Geraghty: I think he's hot and talented. I want to see him in a lot of movies.

Question: You leave home a lot lately. You don't leave Montgomery alone, do you? :p

Deus Ex Machina said...

I used to be on board with Christy Turlington until she said that she made fun of vegetarians on an issue of Vogue. Anyways, my favorite models are Nadja Auermann (legs for days) and Stella Tennant (Because she kinda looks like a boy ) I also, LOVE drawing both of them!

Laika said...

Having just seen The Virgin Suicides for the first time recently, and having rewatched Bring It On a little before that, I'm pulling for a Dunst renaissance. She used to be so good, pre-Elizabethtown, and I'd manage to forget that, even with my slavish devotion to 'Marie Antoinette'.

She's often taken to be this identikit blonde twentysomething, but she's really quite an odd actress, coming at her roles at an oblique angle rather than head on. She can kind of flicker between competing emotions in a very unforced way, like Julie Christie, but funnier. She can't really do a straightforward role like Mary Jane Watson - BiO's Torrance is the only thing she's ever really done successfully in that vein, and compared to Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union's performances, Dunst seems a little recessive - even perverse - beneath that sunny exterior.

She's a bit like Sissy Spacek for that reason. Spacek's best? Serving up the lemonade in 'Crimes of the Heart'.

Jake D said...

John T-
You don't think Ruffalo is one of the most overdue actors for a nomination? Yeah, he hasn't had a ton of baity possibilities, but he's one of our consistently good male performers. I can't think of many males who are more overdue for a nom (Carrey, Mackie, Sarsgaard, Farrell, McAvoy is the list I came up with).

Hopefully he doesn't pull a Maggie and get nominated for a movie with Oscar heat that doesn't come close to his best performances. . . .

Deborah said...

I feel like I should have taken notes.

I want Ellen Barkin to make a comeback. I have never recovered from The Big Easy, nor do I want to.

A Kiki comeback is okay by me.

I only know a few Ian Dury songs, but Reasons to Be Cheerful (Part 3) is one of my all-time faves.

I can't stand the sight of Zeeeeeeee any longer.

I love Memento.

Umm...Coal Miner's Daughter?

Jude said...

I so wanted tickets to that Memento screening, but I missed out! There's always next year.

I so want a comeback for Renee Zellweger right about now...

mikey67 said...

So, we (the bf, the roommate, and I) were just talking about the surviving-on-fumes career of Katie Holmes and how pathetic Tom is and we lamented the opportunities she should have had following Pieces of April, and that led us to discuss Patty Clarkson and how fabulous she is, and somehow I had forgotten she was nominated for PoApril, and then we looked at her imdb page and it is shocking how little work she has done in the last couple of years. Working with Woody has done nothing for her career. Where is she? (And yes, we're one bottle of wine into the evening.)

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Regarding Ellen Don't care. Every time I see a photo of her, or see her in a movie, it's like a reminder that she exists.

Drew C said...

Sissy Spacek, one of my favorite actresses, so many to choose from. Daryn's choice of 3 Women is a pretty good one, but I'll have to go with Badlands and Coal Miner's Daughter. Expressive, luminous work from one of America's greatest.


@Daryn -- yeah, Sissy is *nearly* Badlands fascinating in that one but for Shelley Duvall so completely stealing the show. My god what a performance Duvall gives in that movie. Love that movie.

@John T -- i love you for being a completist. Kindred Spirit!

@James T -- who is Barkin? She's one of the lost 80s actresses. You know every decade has some that never quite ascend and that feel very very famous at the time and 20 years later everyone is like "who?". I wonder who that will happen to that everyone things is a big deal right now?

oh and regards to Spacek and The Straight Story. I actually think she's terrible in that movie though generally speaking i think she's quite a great actress.

@Deus -- drawing them? Are these online?

@Laika -- you're not the only one that forgets. She had quite a run where she was just great. But she did start seeming bored and I'm not sure we can entirely blame Spider-Man for that.

@Deborah -- i didn't know the band but i love Reasons to be Cheerful (no 3) now!

mrripley said...

Barkin - not bothered she has had too much done,liked her tender mercies work though.

ruffalo - i can see him being nommed this year.

dunst - never liked her but seems she is getting ready to "comeback" not that any1 noticed she was gone bar you nat.

leo - good we want leo in other roles and she is def gettting nommed again now if only viola could get a decent lead role.

serkin - he gotthe bafta nod cos it was a uk film,usa won't bother

renee - have you seen her in case 39 that horror film that lay on the shelf for 3 yrs,she is beyond bad

clarkson - has she lost her mojo you think.

seyfreid - a knew star,love her side glance to miley at the oscars!!!

spacek - "EVERYTHING" still my fave of her performances that plus raggedy man.

geraghty - best in show as support the hurt locke

Deus Ex Machina said...

Well. i have them on facebook. Here's the public link to the one of Nadja
And here's the public link to the album. Few Liv Ullman, Winona Ryder, Bjork, Tilda and Sofia Coppola drawings as well.

Philip said...

100000000000% in favor of a Kirsten comeback!!!!!
I love her. Crazy/Beautiful, anyone?

Also, I'd like a Renee comeback.
I'm not a fan of her or anything, but I remember when I was young and she was so great in Bridget Jones and Chicago, and then Cold Mountain came around. Bleh.
I'm thinking this will be a comeback for her whether it's welcomed with open arms or not.
The Academy likes her, and My Own Love Song seems like something they'd nominate her for.

Hayden said...

Ellen Barkin is a gem...she predicted Julianne Moore's marriage when even SHE was in denial that it would happen with Bart Freundlich. Which is odd, because Barkin's ex is the Revlon CEO, right? Doesn't that make being BFF's with Julianne a little awkward?