Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"I was giving Michelle Pfeiffer, bitch"

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Did you watch the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race earlier this week? For the final challenge they had to do a catsuit clad catfight and a music video "scene" with RuPaul straight outta 80s era Dynasty. I fully expected the series outcome but I was still disappointed. Scary/beautiful Raven was robbed. She was great all season long but for the finale challenge she was the only contestant who understood and nailed the 80s.
"I'm channeling Lisa Lisa. I'm chanelling Kelly LeBrock. I'm channeling Teena Marie."
Raven (2010) & Kelly LeBrock (1985)

I believe this is the first time in the history of the English language that anyone has said "I'm channelling Kelly LeBrock." Or at least the first time anyone's thought of doing so since the mid 80s when LeBrock had her flash-in-the-pan as the ideal female in The Woman in Red (1984) and Weird Science (1985).

By the time they got to the music video challenge, Raven had a loftier icon in mind.

"I was giving Michelle Pfeiffer, bitch.
I was looking at myself in the mirror.
I was looking f***ing good."
___-Raven on RuPaul's Drag Race
I knew there was a reason I loved Raven best. I get his meaning but I love that you can punctuate the sentence either way: comma bitch to address the audience or capital B Bitch as in the name of said Look... 'giving Michelle Pfeiffer Bitch.' When staring at the mirror with 80s hauteur cool one could conceivably say one was 'giving Michelle Pfeiffer Bitch' and be fully understood.

Example: Michelle Pfeiffer giving Michelle Pfeiffer Bitch.

It's a look.


Tom said...

Raven was indeed the most talented by far. But she was so mean throughout the show, especially toward Tatianna, that I felt a bit of schadenfreude in her not winning. And Tyra is pretty gorgeous, so I wasn't too sorry.


Tyra looks great in drag but i fail to see how she's an original at all. They keep saying they want uniqueness but they keep comparing Tyra to Tyra "the other tyra" and Tyra keeps comparing herself to Beyonce.

i got bored quick with Tyra. still in search of a persona.

i also loved Pandora Boxx.

ShoNuff Lives said...

i was all team jujubee. she was a mess at times, but so delightful and actually had a brain. but raven & pandora boxx were also hilarious.

tyra was boring...and not really charismatic on screen. there's a reason jujubee & pandora are showing up at events...they're just more dynamic.

Derreck said...

i was trying so hard to avoid hearing who won so i could watch it later, but it was posted everywhere! lol. i had no idea it was so popular!

anyways, i love Michelle in Scarface. My favorite scene is near the end of the movie at the restaurant and she whispers-screams "you son of a bitch!" and then just explodes from there. you can't stop watching her in that scene.

If Raven brought that, then more power to her.

Dang it, i need to see it. Stupid college education!

OtherRobert said...

Whatever. Tammie Brown is still the best queen to walk the runway on the show. She was giving Bette Davis bitch by way of Dynasty. That's an achievement

Christine said...

I love this show, but I wish they would allow a wider range of drag types. It seems like the winner is always the "pretty" one.

Christine said...

Also, Pandora Boxx was ROBBED! I'm so glad someone loves this show. I thought I was the only one.

Benjh said...

My gf works for Logo and created all the RuPaul posters displayed around Manhattan. She was on the shoot for the premiere and says all the ladies were incredibly nice. Fun show!

steve said...

thought i was the only one who noticed that line... you have a whole post devoted to it lol

yeah, this season was kinda busted - what the hell does Tyra have to offer other than looking good in some costumes?

seems like a very narrow definition of drag is being praised there - there's pretty much a universal frustration over the outcome of the show

Ru - you f*cked it up

they'll prob do a better job next season, always fun to watch though

MrJeffery said...

this was the only moment of raven's that i liked.

Sean said...

Late to the party....Pandora was my personal fav, with Jujubee a close second. I really seemed to take to the queens that were also nice guys.

Tyra is flat-out boring. Raven is very talented, but his personality was a huge turn-off.


Sean -- i get that people feel that way about Raven but i like the fierce bitches so long as they speak the truth. and i loved Pandora too. I don't see why the judges were so hard on her and so forgiving of Tyra's problems. weirdness.

Joe said...

Your best Pfeiffer related post yet.

I love when Michelle Pfeiffer gives Michelle Pfeiffer Bitch in films.