Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Certificate of Death" A Legendary Munchkin Passes

Sad news arrived this morning. The Coroner from The Wizard of Oz (1939) passed away yesterday. I would tell you that "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" is one of my favorite scenes from The Wizard of Oz but the statement is meaningless; Every scene is "one of my favorite scenes" from The Wizard of Oz. I love that movie like it's a family member or body part.

Meinhardt Raabe (1915-2010)

As coroner, I must aver
I thoroughly examined her.
And she’s not only merely dead,
She’s really most sincerely dead.
There are so few people of any height left alive from what's often regarded as cinema's greatest year. I don't know how many Munchkins are still with us from Oz but some must remain. After all, there were baby Munchkins, too.

According to the IMDb there are six cast members of Gone With the Wind still with us: Cammie King (75), Mickey Kuhn (77), Anne Rutherford (89), Mary Anderson (90), the legendary Olivia de Havilland (93) and Alicia Rhett (95). I want them all to live forever so that that one never drifts away.


Ray DeRousse said...

Munchkin Mickey Carroll lived in my town his whole life.

True story: a buddy of mine worked in a grocery store. One day he was stocking a shelf when he randomly began whistling "If I Only Had a Brain." When he got to the refrain, he turned around to see Mickey Carroll standing there, hands on hips, scowling back at him. Carroll turned around and marched out of the store offended, and never returned.

Simon said...

The Munchkins must live, dammit!

I say we include a part of all taxes into a fund that keeps them alive forever.

Anonymous said...

Dixie Carter too!

Jordan Ruimy said...

I kinda agree with simon