Thursday, April 08, 2010

Linked & Looped

MovieFone Anne Thompson gives Sandra Bullock some career advice but...
Cinematical doesn't so for Uma Thurman. They just worry that it's headed south
Interview Susan Sarandon grills Carey Mulligan on stardom, Shia and...uh... street walking
I Need My Fix interesting plastic surgery quote from Demi Moore. That is if any plastic surgery quotes can ever be interesting. People torture actresses about this way too much
Cracked "How to Write a Nicholas Sparks Movie." teehee

CHUD 5 movie gimmicks for James Cameron to revive next
Movie|Line interviews The Doors keyboardist and the subject of Oliver Stone's film is raised. Good candid stuff
Everything I Know... reviews The Addams Family on Broadway. I'm so sad that I keep hearing such lackluster things. But this often happens with shows with built in audience. Somewhere deep down in the core of the creative team on shows such as these, whether they'd like to admit it or not, they must know that the quality isn't crucial to success

Finally, Old Hollywood has a choice quote from Tallulah Bankhead, the über quotable. Did any of you had a chance to see the Broadway play Looped? It closes this weekend sadly but I thought it was a good show. And it was definitely up my alley: Old Hollywood gossip, a crazed actress, a Tennessee Williams subplot, even an Oscar conversation. The play is about a looping session for an unintelligible line reading that Tallulah gave in her last film role in 1965's Die! Die! My Darling! You wouldn't think that'd be enough of a concept to sustain a full length Broadway show but the play manages to keep you involved. And I hope the Emmy-winning Valerie Harper (pictured left from the show) is rewarded with a Tony nomination this summer. The Tony voters aren't quite the freaks for mimicry that Oscar voters are but I'm rooting for her nonetheless.


Andrew K. said...

I just realised that Susan and Carey have starred in two films together. They were the best things in stodgy Greatest.

Did you hear Nicholas Sparks said he's better than Cormac McCarthy? The guy just comes off as such a douche.

NoNo said...

That Nicholas Sparks piece is a riot!

I love Tallulah Bankhead! I was just watching her episode on my Lucy/Desi Comedy Hour. I just hope that if this ever becomes a movie they won't have Cate Blanchett play her. NO!

Marsha Mason said...

Sucks about Uma. I think that except for QT she's been treated as not-quite-A-list for a while now, and it's unfortunately likely to continue. There's unfortunately more great actresses than great parts for them. The article was a little too snide though.

The thing about big-money adaption is they're bound almost to suck. With all the money behind them, any sort of risk-taking would be frowned upon by TPTB. They think audiences want to see the originals + songs, not re-invigorate the original with songs that re-work the dramatic structure and force you to pay attention and re-evaluate. And audiences don't exactly challenge these expectations. Maybe it's the Marxist in Ole Marsha, but money is about the worst enemy of art.

And Valerie Harper is so funny, probably quite good as Tallulah. Loved Val in Chapter Two!

Robert Hamer said...

Nicholas Sparks is a hack who trashes other (better) writers to make up for his own lack of talent.