Friday, April 09, 2010

We Can't Wait: TRUE GRIT

Robert here to discuss my most anticipated orphan.

True Grit
Directed by: Joel and Ethan Coen
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, Matt Damon, Barry Pepper, Hailee Steinfeld

Synopsis: A tough guy U.S. Marshal is hired by a 14-year old girl to help hunt down the man who killed her father.
Brought to you by: Paramount
Expected release date: December 25

The Coen's latest movie isn't exactly going to satisfy any great longing we've been feeling. After all, the brothers' have been turning out a movie a year since 07. Jeff Bridges, great though he is, was everywhere this past award season. And we all know the film courtesy the 1969 classic. So what's there to be excited about?

If you, like me, believe the Brothers Coen are possibly our greatest working filmmakers, then no overexposure can temper your excitement. The nihilism of the old west fits in nicely with the Coen's view of the universe and it just be fun to see just how much of the metaphysical they throw into the mix. The last time Jeff Bridges worked with the Coen Brothers he gave us one of the most iconic characters of the past twenty five years. It may be too soon to say "back-to-back wins" but the late December release date suggests Paramount thinks there's Oscar potential somewhere. Even if Joel, Ethan, and Jeff have won recently, there's Matt Damon, there's Josh Brolin and there's way overdue Roger Deakins.

The cowboy look suits him.

How about you? Have the copious amounts of Coen and Bridges we've gotten lately make you more ambivalent toward this one or are you still itching for another helping?


Robert Hamer said...

Since I'm a fan of just about everyone involved in this project, and since I'm of the belief that the original True Grit has aged poorly and has a highly overrated performance from John Wayne, and since CinemaBlend's script review was highly positive, I don't think I've been more excited for a remake since...well, ever, maybe.

Casey said...

this is my number one of the year as well- bring it on, this could be huge

also deakins needs an oscar more than anyone working today in any field, a western should be able to do just that

No Bad Movies said...

I have seen the original 1969 film a bunch of times. I don't have any real problem with it, but it's not a faithful version to the Portis book. After I heard about the Coen's doing " their " version of the film, I went to my library and checked out the book and read it.

This is the version that the Coen's will be making. And they will shift almost the lead to Mattie and not Cogburn ( Bridges ) though most likely because of who he is and that Hallie is a newcomer, Bridges will be considered the lead. But it's Mattie's story and she's pissed. And gritty the book is. Lives up to the title and I can't wait to see the Coen's spin on it. It's NOT a remake. Just know that.


we've also been getting copious amounts of Brolin and Damon.

I think this, plus the remake factor, is why I wasn't so excited about it.

but then again. The Coen Bros rarely make bad movies. And often make great ones so I guess I should be more excited.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Love the Coen brothers, every single time! It will be interesting to see how they handle a classic. Will they pay lot's of homage to the original or go way out on their own?

I'm always happy to have copious amounts of Brolin and Damon. (yes, I've had a crush on Brolin since GOONIES, I'll admit it!)

Jason Adams said...

Yeah I think I'll be more excited once the end of the year rolls around and we start seeing and hearing more about this one. I worship the Coens and I'll def. be enthusiastic about it with time; it's just right now there are brighter lights burning in the foreground of my brain.

Plus, it's a Western, and along with mafia movies it just takes extra incentive to make me clamor for these genres. Don't get me wrong - the Coens and this cast will be enough extra incentive. Just, eventually. Not quite yet there.

Craig Bloomfield said...

Chris - did you see this car ad with Brolin in it - he's looking all suave and smouldering. Nice!

Kevin said...

I refuse to see this movie. How do you remake a John Wayne classic? Can't Hollywood come up with something original? Wild Wild West did so good! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - never seen it and won't ever see it. Don't mess with my childhood. Come up with something new or don't bother. I hope this one bombs big time.

R U C re S ? said...

After reading for the Coens in 1996 as an actor, I am curious to follow the, their future.

Has anyone not being astonished of what they come up with. Even me as an actor, I wasn't able to totally assume their thoughts, yet they wanted me to come up with my ideas for a part, ....what a positive mindset!

Nobody can image what actors feel, if a star-architect of a pic wants you to do what you like.

And how can you possibly not adore these people, givin' you more than anybody of these thousandy of others so-called-directors around on this planet.

Sorry guys - just a thought of my little world....