Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Curio: Peg People

Alexa here. An old friend of mine once brought me back a wooden peg doll from a trip to the Czech Republic. It was as glamorous as a few painted pieces of wood can be, with dark hair and a gleaming blue gown. It brought to mind Jennifer Beals in Devil in a Blue Dress. With that in mind, here are some character-driven peg doll creations.

I adore is this Wild at Heart Sailor peg doll. The lip curl! The snakeskin jacket! Makes me nostalgic for the Nicolas Cage of yore:

Even though he's faceless, I think this doll manages to be the spitting image of Brad Pitt's Louis from Interview with the Vampire. Love that his rat meal is included:

Here's a punny one: this Edward Scissorhands set features a spiky-headed Edward, an angelic Kim, and mama Peg (ha!) in her Avon outfit:

But the best pun comes from this set of Simon Peg(g) dolls by Giddy Girlie. I bet she's still working on a Run Fatboy Run doll in tiny running shorts:


Volvagia said...

The Pegg pegs are cool. The faces on the Edward Scissorhands pegs resemble anime drawings, which fits, considering the time that the movie's set.


you're so right about the brad pitt interview with the vampire one.

it's totally him, even without facial details. how'd they do it.

it almost suggests taht Brad Pitt is only BRAD PITT in our minds. [cue contemplative music here] We invented him!

Wild Celtic said...

Very cute. :)

Interesting thought on Brad Pitt..Hm. Loved Interview With a Vampire. So sexy, that movie. Wish I could leave work, gather a bunch of films and go home to watch them! Instead, I'll surf around the Internet looking for things to read.