Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sticky & W.E.

Jose here.

I was watching the Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD the other day (it came out this week in almost every country and it's soooooo good, even the live album thing works this time, so go buy it!) and couldn't help but think how unfair we are to Madonna when it comes to movies.

For all I know, that tour is every bit as epic as Avatar, so bear with me and hold that thought as I enter the controversial thing that is W.E.

Madge's second try at the director's chair will have her tell the story of American socialite Wallis Simpson and her involvement with King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, as we all know.

What the movie will be like is still unclear, first she was starring in it, then she handed Wallis to Vera Farmiga (causing an outrage about how the Oscar nominee would lose her "cred" if she worked with Madge), later she cast Abbie Cornish as well (as I understand it, Cornish will be the Julie to Farmiga's Julia), then Ewan McGregor came on board and now Madge has cast none other than her daughter Lourdes...

...(here in all her Taylor Momsen in Gossip Girl glory) who will be playing a mystery part. After taking her daughter everywhere and even have her appear in her latest music video, it's obvious that Madge is trying to take her daughter places.

This move made people react viciously again (how can you be so mean to those two?) who cried "nepotism" at the first mention of little Lola.

My question now is, why?

Being a Madonna fan and all I still have trouble understanding why did she get on people's bad graces so much? Like Nicole Kidman, she rarely can do good for the media. I am actually very critical of her but I don't think we're being fair to W.E.

Wisdom and Filth wasn't a tragedy, if not a masterpiece it showed us that Madge loves what she does and I wonder why have people began to wish this project bad from the beginning instead of at least wondering what Cornish, Farmiga and McGregor can bring to it.

Why is W.E. a joke and not an awards contender?


Burning Reels said...

I just hope Lourdes is fully prepared for what she may get herself into - backlash at such a young age can't be an easy thing to deal with. Hopefully we'll be pleasantly surprised.

/3rtfu11 said...

Okay originally I wanted to send you an email but I’ll just take me chance now. Please see WDIGM Too – Janet Jackson actually is the only reason to subject yourself to the mediocrity that is the Tyler Perry brand. She actually has her first real good performance as an adult actress – none of the false posing she’s done in Poetic Justice and the first WDIGM – or the sitcom quality of her work in Nutty 2.


I love Madonna as everyone knows. But it still freaks me out how much Lourdes looks like her. So so so much. It's like you can't tell the difference if you see them at the same age. craziness.

It took Sofia Coppola YEARS to live down the casting in her dad's movies, so we'll see.

Glenn Dunks said...

Wasn't Lourdes only playing, like, a chamber maid or something? Maybe that's some other famous child in another movie.

IMDb lists it as a comedy, too. Hmmm. Madonna was always a better actor in comedies than dramas.

Anonymous said...

SNAKE EYES (aka DANGEROUS GAME) was a drama and Madonna is quite good in it, better than how she was in comedies such as WHO'S THAT GIRL?, SHANGHAI SURPRISE, SWEPT AWAT, THE NEXT BEST THING (which was a dramedy, sort of), but that's not the point.

Madonna's debut as director was not bad, so it's good that she's trying to get on. it seems this time the project is more "ambitious"...hoping the best for her, but it's true that people is too mistrustful moviespeaking. we know she made a lot of mistakes, but we argued often that her mistakes were widely exagerated by critics and tabloids in general

for what concernes Lourdes, she's so young but if she decides to work in the artistic field, as her mom, she will have to work hard to not be considered just Madonna's daughter...not an easy task, even if at beginning she will find a lot of open doors



i remember in interviews way back before EVITA Madonna was saying she wanted to direct movies (she cited Sally Potter's Orlando as the type of movie she'd be thrilled to make). It took her a long time to get behind the camera but I wish her luck.

Noecitos said...

I'm totally excited about this film and I hate Farmiga (the only thing she did in "Up in the Air" was embodying menopause) but the very mention of Cornish fills me with delight (and rage as well, to think that in the year of "Bright Star" Sandra Bullock won the Oscar...)

I thought McGregor wasn't confirmed... but he's so nice to look at! (I don't know if "The Ghost Writer" has opened already in the U.S.A. but it is amazing!)

AND finally, you totally nailed Lourdes's look, Jose! She is Taylor Momsen (let's hope with some more acting skills...)

Dorian said...

Janet was filming that right in the middle of all the Michael stuff happening, so she had plenty of grief to mine from I'm guessing.

Madonna's past film history is what's making "W.E." such a joke. People would be salivating themselves if this was a Sofia Coppola project.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Madonna has been the reigning queen of pop for years. she has been able to reinvent herself constantly, and has amazing concerts. People pay $400 just to see her.

But almost every time she's tried to act on stage or screen, it's been horrible. I don't know why she doesn't translate from concert to screen, but she just doesn't. Maybe it's her enormous ego. don't know.

I hope Lourdes does better.

jessica said...

It was only a rumor that McGregor was attached to this, he's not actually.