Monday, August 02, 2010

Royal Shooting.

Jose here.

I've always wondered if Madonna shouts "Vogue!" instead of "action" when she's directing.

And you can't blame me!
<--This picture of hers, as she began shooting W.E last week in London, totally screams "strike a pose" huh?
We have discussed this movie before but in case you need a quick pick up, the film centers on the affair between American socialite Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII.
Yet instead of going for a straightforward biopic thing, the Queen went for a Julie and Julia twist in which a modern woman (played by Abbie Cornish) looks for inspiration in the royal scandal to help her decide between two men in her life (one of them being the constantly interesting Oscar Isaac).

The biggest change in the movie was the news that Vera Farmiga, who was set to play Wallis, dropped out due to her pregnancy.
But never one to wait for anyone (time goes by so slowly for those who wait...) Madge went ahead and cast a practically unknown actress by the name of Andrea Riseborough.

After thinking how weird this casting was, I actually took a moment to look Andrea up and lo and behold,

Andrea and Wallis

At least we have the looks alright!
Andrea has won a BAFTA TV award, two Ian Charleson awards and has appeared in small parts in movies like Happy-Go-Lucky and Venus (where she played a character merely listed as "actress") this could be her big movie break. She will also appear in the film adaptation of Never Let Me Go later this year.

Whether you like her or not, it can't be said that Madonna doesn't have drive. The film will feature costumes by John Galliano, a screenplay by Alek Keshishian who directed Truth or Dare (Madge's best film) and who obviously has a keen eye for exploring the most intimate moments in a celebrity's life.
If anything in W.E. slightly recalls the magic between Madge and Warren Beatty for example, we're going to be onto something here...

Dear UK readers, should we be excited about Andrea in this movie? Is she a worthy replacement for Farmiga?
Is anyone else actually excited about this movie? Or am I alone in this?



Andrea is also in BRIGHTON ROCK. in demand already.

i can't wait to see this BUT Madonna is being so cagey about what it's actually about that i wonder if it's about what we've always heard it's about.

Jason Adams said...

Saw Riseborough on stage with Hugh Dancy and Ben Whishaw in The Pride last Fall and she was absolutely terrific in it. I haven't been paying attention to this movie so I didn't know she'd been cast - my curiosity just spiked. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she does with Miss Lucy, one of my favorite characters in Never Let Me Go.

Anonymous said...

As a Brit, I am PROUD and EXCITED to watch Andrea wow Hollywood. Saw her on stage in The Pride and she was brills. Furthermore, her television work is incredible. Shes played Margaret Thatcher perfectly and appeared in a mini drama series called The Devil's Whore and as the lead wow'd me.
Forget Rebecca Hall, Emily Blunt, Gemma Arterton, Carey Mulligan and the like.
Riseborough is amazing.


Amy said...

More than a worthy replacement for Farmiga, Andrea R played a young Margaret Thatcher and was absolutely terrific!

7Bis said...

Ooh, WAY more exciting than Farmiga - Andrea Riseborough is truly exceptional. I think potentially she could have a career to rival Winslet or Blanchett - she is that good. She is classical yet contemporary, edgy but accessible, beautiful and fearless. I completely agree with Keegan that she knocks her British peers out of the water. This is good news indeed!

Michael Parsons said...

I am nervous and hopeful.

Ambrož said...

Recently I'm really thinking this could be good. Imagine Madonna being an oscar nominee (though she deserved a nod for Evita).

MRRIPLEY said...

From the sounds of the script & story it could be awful,i mean all the bigger names walked,may have had soemthing to do with the egocanyon that is Madge!!

MRRIPLEY said...

Does any1 think Madonna at 52 is relevant is music now or is Lourdes the way forward.


mrripley -- i think people are getting way too excited about LOURDES she's barely a teenager and has done nothing. She's no more relevant to music than I am ;)

Madonna will always be the queen.

Michael -- me, too.