Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tang & Takeshi Together? Excitement Meter Off the Charts

Behold this paparazzi shot of Tang Wei and Takeshi Kaneshiro together. [Thanks Tony!] Be still my heart. It appears they may be co-stars in Peter Chan's (The Warlords) next project which is titled, simply, Wuxia.

Tang, Donnie Yen (in sunglasses) and Takeshi.

... isn't that like calling a film Horror or Period Epic or Musical or Action or some such? Though supposedly Wuxia is a remake of The One Armed Swordsman (or maybe a reboot of that 70s franchise in general?)

Anywei... since that sexist ban on the Lust Caution hussy* lifted, she's been busy. (As well she should be given how tremendous that performance was, truly one of the most confident and complex movie acting debuts ever.) Tang Wei has had one new film released in Hong Kong (Crossing Hennessy). Her new film Late Autumn will be at TIFF (pictured left) and now, there's this. No word yet on her connection to Takeshi in the movie but she'll be married to Yen onscreen.

Peter Chan had apparently been hush hush about the female leads of Wuxia -- even denying Tang Wei was involved at all -- but this photo may say otherwise. Last I heard was an offer going out to Gong Li. This report, though, is semi-confusing about which movie is actually shooting, calling this movie Wu Xia or Jincheng Wu and then later implying that The Swordsmen is a different and second film project for 2010. Though it could be a case of the writing just not being totally clear else why do the earlier reports list the same cast members for the remake of the One Armed Swordsman? Here's a couple more pics of Tang & Takeshi at a nearby restaurant.

*sarcasm. be not offended

Wei Tang


Dempsey Sanders said...

a remake of the one armed swordsmen would be very interesting


i think so too. i've been meaning too watch that 'return of the one armed swordsmen' which i hear is even better.

Alison Flynn said...

Wow! This is very exciting indeed. I love them both, and I'm so glad Tang Wei is working again.

She was astounding in Lust, Caution. What an incredible debut.

Rebecka said...

Love love love Tang and Takeshi together! But I can't really get onboard the Yen/Tang idea... Donnie is truly a great martial artist but I can't stand his acting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Tang/Takeshi affair.

Mirko said...

I hope the film will go well, so maybe Chan could call Kaneshiro and Tang Wei also for his long delayed movie adaptation of Ha Jin's acclaimed novel WAITING

Helena said...

Delighted about TW and TK - dream couple. But I'm with Rebecka on Donnie Yen's acting. Saw him in Bodyguards and Assassins, and ... oh dear, oh dear. And he is in just about every Hong Kong being made at the moment - apparently, it's the law. Question, Nathaniel - did they say if it'll be Donnie or Takeshi who ends up with just the one arm?

The Dude said...

Nate- Did you hear Gong Li turned down the role? Umm Hmm.

Of course she did say she would probably never do Kung fu films.

That's why I find these rumors of her doing them pretty unreliable.

Anonymous said...

Jincheng Wu is Kaneshiro's Chinese name. I doubt that was ever the name of the film.


anon -- well that's what the article said :)