Friday, October 07, 2005

Men (and Women) In Tights

Nevermind about those stupid "Aquafag" jokes/discussions that sprung up on the Internet because of that highly evolved [snort] Entourage show (wherein the lead character thinks of starring in an Aquaman movie) and check out these photos (by way of Towleroad) of the small screen's new Aquaman. Now I never watch Smallville --I'm not much of a WB kinda guy --but i'm tempted to tune in on the 20th.

Because it is Fall Movie "Prestige" season and we have numerous interesting dramatic pictures finally opening, I am perversely thinking about superhero popcorn flicks (just to keep y'all guessing). Plus there's the little factor that it's Friday. I want to see movies but I'm trapped in the apartment due to new window installations, etc... so it's a heavy blogging day as opposed to a moviegoing day. So here are four mini-lists for your consideration. Feel free to respond with your own.

Comic Heroes I'd Most Like to See @ The Movies
01 Iron Man
Not even close to one of my favorite characters but it's easy to see this character being adaptable for big screen antics... and if the right team is behind it, it could be compelling dramatically as well.
02 Dark Phoenix
Ever since Uncanny X-Men #135 (? -god, i'm old) I've wanted to see the greatest comic arc ever translated to film. Of course, given the current direction of the X-Men movies... I'm glad this isn't happening now.
03 The Legion of Super-Heroes or the Starjammers
I just have a thing for sci-fi mixed with superheroes I guess. DC's futuristic super-hero comic would be so fun for the right filmmaker. Or maybe it would just make a kick ass series (cable of course). You could do almost anything with it. So many characters to choose from, no need to be totally faithful, no definitive story arc, etc... free reign with fun sci-fi spectacle possibilities. Same goes with The Star Jammers except for the characters are more defined.

Comic-to-Movie Heroes I'm Most Dreading...
01 Ghost Rider (2006)
Nicolas Cage? Does he have clones or something? How is it that he is allowed to ruin so many movies? Blech. Mark Steven Johnson, the hack that desecrated Daredevil? Double Blech.
02 X-Men 3 (2006)
Well... it was fun while it lasted. With director Bryan Singer gone and Halle Berry remaining (still miscast and terrible as "Storm") and Brett Ratner guiding it along? Triple Yikes.
03 Wonder Woman (2007)
For the opposite reasons, I am scared of this. I love Joss Whedon (duh) -this film's writer-director for hire. But this character has always struck me as impossible to translate to the movies. Kinda like Green Lantern. Great character but too cheesy/hokey/retro for the movies?

The Best Comic Book Movies (Excluding Graphic Novels) are...
01 Spider-Man 2 (2004)
02 Spider-Man (2001)
03 X2 (2002)
04 Superman (1978) or Superman 2 (1980)
05 Batman Returns (1992)

Comic Book Characters That Deserved Better Screen Treatments
01 Daredevil
02 The Fantastic Four
03 Elektra (I was going to say Catwoman but she had a good run up until 2004)


adam k. said...

Nathaniel, in characters given bad treatments, you forgot Storm! Sure, she's not a stand-alone, but really... she needs to be included here.

Yikes, not looking forward to X-Men 3.

Nathaniel once said Hilary Swank should play Wonder Woman and I agree. M$B aside, I think she'd be perfect.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Wonder Woman. I don't see how even Whedon can make that work well enough.

My top comic adaptations would be similar just without the original Spiderman because I wasn't it's biggest fan nor the Superman movies, because I, er, haven't seen any.

1. Dick Tracy (I was hooked from the very first second, literally)
2. Spiderman 2
3. X2
4. Batman Returns
5. X-Men

Dick Tracy counts, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

I should say also that I have never once read a comic. Or, not the ones in the X-Men, Spiderman, Batman vein.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

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