Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hump Day Hotties: The Capote Boys

Tired of hearing Phillip Seymour Hoffman's name lauded, trumpeted, whispered in reverent awe? Yeah, me too. So under the heading of "spread the love around" celebrate with me the hotness of Dan (screenwriter), Bennett (director), and Clifton (co-star). All of them contributed a great deal to the success of Capote. Triple your pleasure.

Previous HDH still playing in theaters near you... Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (Match Point), Rachel McAdams(The Family Stone), & Daniel Craig(Munich)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you're so down on Philip Seymour Hoffman. Did you hate CAPOTE? We're in agreement that Heath was great, but so was PSH. I know you sometimes get down on an obvious frontrunner, just because you're hoping for a race. If so, that's cool. But Hoffman is an incredibly talented actor performing a role that I can't imagine anyone else in Hollywood being able to pull off...which is not something I can say about any of the other nominees.


reminder: he's one of my nominees too. Just in fifth place.

I just get exhausted by someone who eats up all awards who is not close to being my favorite. (I think 3 of the nominees are more deserving this year) but I did like Capote, yes.

I've seen too many well-handled celebrity playing celebrity performances in my lifetime to believe that only one actor can play any one biopic role. MANY actors are great mimics. See also truckloads of past Oscar winners.

Anonymous said...

Futterman has beautiful feet!

Capote rules.

Pedro said...

I love Dan Futterman! He was in Will & Grace (as Karens cousin or something), and he also starred in a movie based on a play about a gay man who lost his boyfriend in a hate crime.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Pedro: Are you talking about Urbania? I caught a smidgen of it on cable by accident, a week or two ago. Alan Cumming was in it, too.

Anyway, Dan F.: a total cutie.

Glenn Dunks said...

Whoa, that's so freaky. I did a very similar post on my blog. I did a top 5 sexiest male nominees list. Jake was #1, Dan Futterman was #2, Matt Dillon #3, Bennett Miller #4 (based on one absolutely killer picture of him, which u have in ur little montage) and Heath at #5.

I was inspired to do that post because I watched Urbania just last night and yowza. I always thought Dan Futterman was totally beautiful but dayum. Why doesn't he get more work?

adam k. said...

How is Heath less sexy than Matt Dillon? I mean, really.

adam k. said...

OK, and for that matter, how are Terrence Howard, Joaquin Phoenix and George Clooney less sexy than Matt Dillon?

Glenn Dunks said...

lol, I think Matt is intensely handsome. Is that so wrong?


i have a friend who almost spontaneously orgasms whenever Matt Dillon appears on television (usually with grunting noises) so i think he does work some segments of the population into a lather with ease.

Pedro said...


Yes, Urbania is the name of the movie. Saw it a couple of months ago and Dan was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L in it!

Emma said...
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Anonymous said...

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