Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dinner & Movie: Happy (?) Valentines

My latest adventure in podcasting is here. It's the special Valentines episode of Radio Allegro where we reveal our first celebrity crushes (mine are both movie-related of course), our favorite love songs, and what is and isn't romantic in TV & film. You can listen to it over there ... tried to set it up here but I'm having coding issues. (Excuse my dorkiness on the actual podcast. I'm new at this. If you wanna hear me improve each week, you can subcribe here if you have iTunes)

Remember that if you'd like to be heard on next week's show (our Oscar Spectacular), call 1-347-404-5221 today or tomorrow. Leave your name, where you're from and a sentence or two about your Best Picture Prediction. We might play your snappy comments on next week's podcast!

As part of the promotion of the Valentine podcast we all agreed to include a 'dinner & movie' suggestion (with recipes) for this special day. I'm guessing that if you don't already have plans, you're none too pleased about this particular day. So here's a suggestion for the lovelorn, the angry, the bitter and the blackhearted.

Valentine Movie Suggestion
Kill Bill Vol. I & II
If you really need to work through some anger and revenge fantasies towards someone you once loved, you're gonna need both volumes. The first to go a little crazy with your imaginary Hatori Hanzo, the second to calm down, work through it and come out the other side. Mostly intact. Crying jags in bathrooms are totally allowed. Also: bare feet in honor of Uma Thurman's Tarantino-loved toes.

Accompanying Dinner
Meat, very bloody. Let's say a carpaccio of beef. Slice some beef sirloin as thin as possible with your Hattori Hanzo. Arrange the bloody slices on a plate. Drizzle some olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice on top. Add however much salt and pepper you need.

On the side some deviled eggs. Make like they're eyeballs you've just plucked from your most hated enemy. You make them like this: hard boil your eggs. Slice in half length wise with your knife. Scoop out the yolks. In a separate bowl mix those yolks with mayo, mustard (bright yellow just like your hot jumpsuit), salt & pepper until smoothly combined. Spoon that mixture back into those emptied out eggs. Top with a dusting of hot paprika. Put a caper in the middle for the best eye-like effect.

Watch the movies. Eat your bloody flesh and eyeballs. It's the perfect blackhearted night at home for those of you hating on Valentines.

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Dame James said...

I plan on watching "The Departed" as my Valentine's Day movie. Doesn't get any more romantic than that, eh?

Anonymous said...

So THAT's what you sound like :)


my apologies ;)

Glenn Dunks said...

teehee. It's so cool hearing these people I read.

The From Justin to Kelly story was hilarious. I don't think it was ever released in any form down here, but I sorta want to see it.

Anonymous said...

Some good news??????

Goldwyn grabs 'Goya's Ghosts'

NEW YORK -- Milos Forman's "Goya's Ghosts," starring Javier Bardem, Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard as Spanish artist Francisco Goya, has been picked up for North American distribution by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The Saul Zaentz production, slated for a summer U.S. platform theatrical release, stars Bardem as a member of the clergy during the Spanish Inquisition who becomes obsessed with one of its targets, Goya's muse (Portman). The story follows their personal trials from the late 18th century through the tortured girl's release from prison after Napoleon's invasion of Spain.

"Saul is not only a friend, but a wonderful filmmaker," said Samuel Goldwyn Films CEO Samuel Goldwyn Jr., who was shown the picture by Zaentz several months ago and finalized the deal last week. " 'Ghosts' is a love story and a violent political story and a wonderful woman's story about a fascinating period in history and the effect of the Inquisition's lives as seen through the eyes of Goya. I wish every film we had was as good as this."

"Ghosts" marks the third collaboration between Forman and Zaentz, following two best picture Oscar winners: 1975's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and 1984's "Amadeus." It's the director's first film since the 1999 Andy Kaufman biopic "Man on the Moon," starring Jim Carrey. Forman reteamed with "Valmont" partner Jean-Claude Carriere to write the "Ghosts" screenplay.

The deal was negotiated by president Meyer Gottlieb and vp acquisitions Peter Goldwyn on behalf of Samuel Goldwyn Films and by Al Bendich on behalf of the Saul Zaentz Co.