Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Links, Film Star Edition

Brad Pitt a poem by Aaron Smith "With cotton candy armpits..." pretty great stuff
Zooey Deschanel a greeting from Cinephilia
Dakota Fanning hilarious SNL "talk show" clip
Rupert Everett doing anything on Feb 28th, Aussie readers?
Judy Davis an appreciation by Dan Callahan
Nominees, all of 'em, Hollywood Elsewhere
Editors OK, I know they aint movie stars. But Nick Flicks Picks eloquently argues why they should be...


J.D. said...


Question: Is Annette Bening lead or supporting in Running With Scissors? I can't figure it out. Joseph Cross is the obvious lead, but is she also? I can't... I don't know.

Enlightenment please?

NicksFlickPicks said...

Love the Dakota Fanning Show, and thanks, of course, for the Editing shout-out.

What's so weird to me is that I so rarely go to the Academy of American Poets website, but I was just cruising it last week and found this very poem - and I was going to post it, only I selfishly/ridiculously didn't want to interrupt my awards announcements. Anyway, I love the poem. It feel like there should be a comma at the end interrupting "bad, Brad," but it's interesting to parse the line without one.

anything but poetry said...

Thanks for linking to my poem. I appreciate it. I love your blog.