Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscar Contest

Last week I asked you to make your Oscar predictions in 7 of the toughest to predict Oscar categories. It was the best attended contest yet. Due to the crazy awards year most of the entries were way off (I'm assuming y'all didn't do much better than my 15/24 ratio of success). Winners of this contest are Matthew from Canada and Ritesh from California who both guessed 5 of the 7 categories correctly. In the tie breaker "guess the dress colors" contest, though neither contestant had an exact match, Ritesh came closest to the right color on Helen Mirren and in doing so wins a DVD of Canada's foreign film nominee Water. [side note: Ritesh, who also won the SAG prediction a year ago, must be some kind of prognosticating genius! ] Matthew wins the screenplay to Thank You For Smoking. Your prizes will be in the mail this week.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I'm working on an elaborate contest for March, so stay tuned. I wanna also bow down to Glenn, Adam and Amir from Oxford who all got 4 of the 7 categories right ~they almost made it to the winner's circle.

Finally a nod to our most sartorially psychic participants. Michael from Beverly Hills was the only person to get Helen Mirren exactly right with "I want to say champagne" Fred from Ohio was in the right ballpark for Helen and Kate's color choices and Ziyad from Israel did the same for Helen and Jennifer's looks.

Speaking of Jennifer --she couldn't keep her clothes on. She changed three times that night. Which was your favorite look?


Beau said...

Best Picture-

Original Screenplay-
Little Miss Sunshine

Supporting Actor-
Eddie Murphy

Costume Design-

Film Editing-
The Departed

Original Score-
Alexandre Desplat, The Queen

Sound Editing-
Letters From Iwo Jima

I'm so going to lose at all of these.

Helen Mirren - Red
Jennifer Hudson - Blue
Kate Winslet - Green

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I want to come in at second place just for the Thank you for Smoking Screenplay?


beau --you have to email me this info because if you win i gotta mail you the prize. thanks

Beau said...

Ehh, I'm not gonna win. Figured I might as well just post it on here for debate more than anything else. I mean, come on, I chose Departed for editing and Babel for Picture. How ridiculous is that?

Anonymous said...

The Departed is the tentative front-runner for editing in my opinion and if I were voting it would win, it was by far the best part of that ok film.

Michael Parsons said...

The gold dress no one saw. Bless her though.

Yaseen Ali said...

I vote for the Red on Hudson, but I didn't notice the third outfit change. That one is great too.

Anonymous said...

No, I definitely vote for the Oscar-collecting brown for Hudson - once she took off the space shrug, she looked hot. Up there with Nicole, Gwyneth, Reese, K/Cate, Beyoncé, Cameron and Helen as the best dressed of the night.

The red looked tacky (whereas Beyoncé's red just looked hot). And the gold I didn't get to see properly. but her boobs look way too forced in it for my liking.

Still can't believe Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar! It just seems too strange for some reason. Not that she wasn't great in Dreamgirls, but doesn't anyone else think her win kind of cheapens Zeta-Jones'?

Glenn Dunks said...

That third dress does look lovely. Didn't see her wearing it though. The red was bad. She was poppin' outta that thing (agreed though that Beyonce's dress during the performance was a stunner). The brown was fine, but not spectacular.

I guessed Kate would be wearing a citrus yellow/orange colour. And she wore citrus green. Sort of but not really close.

Anonymous said...

I liked Hudson's first dress best - just without the jacket.

Glenn Dunks said...

I don't know why she didn't wear the third dress throughout the entire thing.

She's even come out and said she didn't like the first outfit she wore.

Kamila said...

Without the jacket, Hudson's red carpet dress was beautiful. But my favorite dress was the red one.

NicksFlickPicks said...

I am all, all about the third dress. I thought the color choice just wasn't popping on the brown one, and why Andre Leon Talley cajoled that mini-jacket thing onto her, I have no idea. I agree that the red dress just wasn't tailored right up top.

I also see that the high-larious Fug girls agree on all points. (Quote: "When your instincts tell you to reject a tin-foil cardigan, listen to them.") This doesn't make me right, but I do like agreeing with the Fug girls.

Anonymous said...

We'll see the Oscar dress better when J-Hud is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly...and Michael from Beverly Hills is me...(if you check my email, it says on the bottom aka 16)...but the reason for J-Hud's first outfit mis-hap:

An editor of US fashion magazine Vogue is being blamed for Jennifer Hudson's widely criticized ensemble on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday. Andre Leon Talley guided the new star through the awards season, helping style her for her major appearances after the success of Dreamgirls. Hudson wore a brown Oscar De La Renta gown for the Academy Awards ceremony and added a metallic gold bolero jacket to walk the red carpet. But the star was slammed for her appearance and admitted on morning show Today that she would have selected a different outfit. A source tells PageSix.com, "Jennifer was kind of sponsored by Talley and Vogue. Andre insisted she wear that hideous Oscar De La Renta dress with the awful, awful gold python bolero. Jennifer really didn't want to, and so (celebrity stylist) Jessica Paster got her a beautiful gold Roberto Cavalli (gown) custom-made. But when Andre found out, he went ballistic. Moments before she left for the show, there was a power struggle and Jennifer ended up putting his outfit on." Although she didn't score on the red carpet, Hudson did take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Jennifer did make the better choice and the good thing is that on the cover of many magazines (Entertainment Weekly, for one) they won't show that brown dress but the golden beaded one which I saw a full picture of and is mesmerizing....During their "performance" Beyonce's red dress looked they best...

Anonymous said...

Jennifer should have done what she believed was right, and Andre Leon Talley is gonna get a lot of shit for this.

Craig Hickman said...

Jennifer's last dress was by far the best.

What possessed her to wear that unfattering brown bag is beyond me. Oscar (the designer) should be shot.

Did he also design the gold?

Craig Hickman said...

How could J-Hud's Oscar win cheapen Zeta Jones's?

Does that mean that (covers face, for the pies are coming my way) Kidman's Oscar cheapens every other best actress winner in the history of the awards?

Anonymous said...

No, Jennifer's 3rd and last dress of the night was designed by Roberto Cavalli...