Friday, May 16, 2008

Now Playing: Chronicles of Blah-nia and the Year's Best Film (So Far)

T H E * M U S T * S E E
Reprise, from debuting writer/director Joachim Trier, was Norway's submission for Academy foreign-language film consideration back in 2006. Oscar had dozens upon dozens of films to choose from but when they eventually narrowed it down to five nominees, they ignored the two best ones (of those I've seen mind you --haven't seen all 61) Pedro Almodóvar's Volver [prev posts] and this one right here. Argh!

Reprise is about two best friends (and their larger social circle) in their early 20s who both hope to become famous novelists. When success does hit, they react in quite different ways. The film is passionately rendered, adventurous in its editing and structure, convincing in its performances (most of the cast are non-professionals. You wouldn't guess it from the results), sad and funny in equal measure. So yes, the Oscars ignored it but now that it's finally here in the US, we hope that smart moviegoers won't. I'll have a podcast up about it tomorrow in time for Norway's national holiday, Syttende Mai.

M O R E * L I M I T E D * R E L E A S E S
Sangre de mi Sangre used to be called Padre Nuesto and, as such, was a Sundance winner. The film is about an immigrant coming to NYC to see his father, a thief who steals his identity and a prostitute. You gotta have the prostitute.
Turn The River, arrives in LA and I keep talking about it because no one else is yet. Awards Daily (everyone's fav Oscar site) really ought to have Famke Janssen under their Best Actress column. I mean, if Chiwetel Ejiofor gets to be up under Best Actor for Red Belt... throw the delicious hard-working Dutch girl up there, too. Play fair. Pretty please. [Previously: Famke Janssen interview]

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Perhaps it's not fair to assume that #2 will be as uninspired and where-is-Peter-Jackson- when-you-need-him? bland as the first one but that's what I'm assuming --especially since my friend Rob said as much in his review. But I haven't yet seen it so that's all I got for now. I know the first one was a massive hit but it bugs me when Hollywood doesn't even try to counter-program or fight for an opening weekend. It's like all the other studios just gave up en masse 'Narnia is too powerful! We bow dow before the power of CGI Christ Lion and Tilda Swinton (yes, despite her denials to the contrary she does appear). We got nothing.' Strange isn't it? I mean, even Iron Man had brave competitors to crush on his opening weekend.

What will you be seeing this weekend? Or maybe you're staying home to watch DVDs?


The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Just like "This is England," I dismissed "Reprise" when it was circulating so now I'll be on the lookout for it again.

Michael Parsons said...

staying and possible watching Black snake Moan

Or something from my library......ahh my library. so many bought, so few watched again

Anonymous said...

I really want to see Reprise, I am told be friends it is really good.

Narnia should be fun, but it only opens in SA on the 6th of June :(

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

Doing the Indiana Jones trilogy to refresh my memory and my excitement for next Friday.

DL said...

For some strange reason, Reprise was on The Movie Network tonight (god bless Canadian television, I guess). So I ended up watching it and I was blown away. These people aren't professionals!? I couldn't believe it. What an interesting and exciting movie.