Saturday, September 06, 2008

Golden Lions in the Ring

Could The Wrestler, the new unexpected Darren Aronofsky movie starring Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei have Oscar in its future? It just won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival which is big news indeed. Mickey Rourke is the kind of storied celebrity that could keep the press humming and you need the press for real Oscar runs. As for Marisa Tomei, she's always fabulous and a possibility too with the right movie / right role. I actually broke the news of her involvement in this film on my podcastinterview weeks before the trades published her casting... only I didn't know it was news ;) Silly me!

Best Film (Golden Lion): The Wrestler by Darren Aronofsky (US)
Best Director: Aleksei German for Paper Soldier (Russia) the true story of the Soviet Union's
'first man in space' mission in the 60s.

Best Actor: Silvio Orlando in Il Papa di Giovanna, a Mussolini-era drama.
Best Actress: Dominique Blanc in L'Autre as an independent but jealous woman.
Best Young Actor or Actress (The Marcello Mastroianni Award): Jennifer Lawrence in The Burning Plain by Guillermo Arriaga (both of them pictured right).
Special Jury Prize and Screenplay Prize: Teza by Haile Gerima (Ethiopia / Germany)


Anonymous said...

Yes...I see Tomei coming out of this with a nomination as well as Rourke.

But, um...have you thrown over Evan Rachel Wood?
I know Tomei's role is bigger, but Evan has the pivotal scene with Rourke.

Is everyone afraid to like her anymore? I know she won't get the respect deserved from this role as it will still be seen as another daughter/disfunctional young woman...but, her peers are fans.

I'll tell you one thing. Mickey Rourke doesn't like many people, and doesn't respect many actors. She won his respect. "The bitch can act". Okay, so he doesn't have a way with words...but, from him, quite a compliment.

I think you could at least mention she's in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Mickey Rourke is the man. I will be quite pleased if he scores a nom this year. He should've won supporting for Sin City

Sam Brooks said...

How much would I like to see Tomei and Rourke with nominations?

Very much.

Anybody who thinks My Cousin Vinny is a fluke or a misstep now deserves to be quartered. Tomei is a unique and talented actress, you jerks!


sammyjo i actually didn't know that ERW was in the movie ;) ... i've been out of the loop this past month in more ways than one. Hopefully mid September will return me to annoying know it all status.

casey f Rourke was indeed terrif in Sin City

brooke tell it like it is

Anonymous said...

i will never ever ever understand evan rachel wood not getting a nom in 2003 pusged aside for the overacting watts and the overpraised keaton and castle hughes and to mortons supp perf although she was great.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel I've scene Burning Plain at the TIFF and Lawrence does not play Theron's daughter in the film.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:22

how's The Burning Plain ? How are Theron and Basinger ? Can they get awards traction ?

I want to see Evan Rachel Wood with an acting nom to her name by the time she's 25


Anonymous said...

i don't see kim getting nommed or theron in lead for supp in the road i feel she is heading,is anne h our new frontrunner seeing how no one has seen streep or winslet yet.

foXXtail said...
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Robert said...

At this point I think Rourke and Tomei are still longshots. Also there's been no real proof that AMPAS likes Aronofsky much (though I love him).

The real question I have is: Has Clint Mansell given us another masterpiece of a score and will he finally be recognized for it?

Anonymous said...

So Mickey Rourke's on the radar now? That's interesting. Only @ the Oscars.

Sally Belle said...

I know this is old, but wanted to weigh in as I know some "stinky" stuff from the set.

Marisa Tomei may very well get nominated...but not because of Aronofsky or Rourke. They both hate her ass.

They want Wood campaigned instead.

That's why Wood was in Venice and had a higher profile in Toronto.

We'll see what happens, as Tomei does have the larger role, and may be more available to do press. Also, she has a higher profile in general.

This is inside smut, so...there you have it.