Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alright, Who Slapped A Lock On Geena Davis?


JA from MNPP here, momentarily realizing how strange it is that this is the second time lately (last time) that I've popped up here at The Film Experience to natter on about something related to Beetlejuice. But there it is. I have a problem apparently.

It's Geena Davis' birthday though, and I want to wish her a very happy one, and beg on her behalf a career renaissance. Where has she gotten herself to anyway? Did her sleeve catch on one of those near-Olympian-level arrows she was slinging and carry her off to Never Never Land? She played the Lady-In-Chief in that missed-the-zeitgeist-by-a-hair television program and then promptly vanished.

The world needs her, I say. What is the movie-world without a plump-lipped fire-haired Valkyrie to carry it on her shoulders? Nothing! A big boring bowl of plump-lipped fire-haired Valkyrie-less oatmeal. Bah!

Darlin' look out, cuz her hair is comin' down!


Anonymous said...

Oh thank god you wrote something positive about her. I first thought it's gonna be all negative when I saw the top picture, cause somehow I always felt everybody hated her.
Thank god it isn't so, or... say it isn't so!?!?!!!
Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Geena Davis! Very few great performances (or role offers?), but the ones that are great are GREAT (!) great!
I still say Geena Davis was robbed of the Leading-Actress-Oscar in 1991, but fortunately... I don't really care.

And isn't it funny how I wrote "Leading-Actress-Oscar" with capital letters (did I?) and the "god"s of my many "thank god"s with zero...?
Makes me laugh and also realize I have too much time.


i love Geena too.

someone definitely slapped a lock on her movie career too early


also... this "hair down" moment from Thelma & Louise put a HUGE grin on my face. I haven't seen that movie in way too long.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for saying that we need Geena Davis back! She is one of our best actresses and I've missed her since Commander In Chief. Come back Geena and happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy (slightly belated) Birthday, Geena. I loved her in almost all her movies, even the ones where everybody goes like "not that crap again" (The Long Kiss Goodnight anyone?).

Anonymous said...

God Damn it! I wish La Davis would come back to us...what a uniquely talented woman. I suspect she is happy raising her kids with her young doctor husband, though. And what parts do you think she is being offered? Sigourney Weaver's Lifetime TV cast-offs?

Have you seen the Geena Davis Institute? It is a foundation set up to monitor gender issues in the media, and it is all kinds of awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love Geena Davis too! She's coming back though in black comedy "Accidents Happen", and apparently she won't take a role unless she really loves it so should be promising film... Go Geena :0)

Anonymous said...

OMG I love Gina Davis too, and I cannot wait to see her again in tv or film.. She is the Goddess, not that dam evil hateful anorexic fake do gooding, Angelina Jolie!

Ms Gina is lovely and sweet and so talented, and God forgive me, I LOVED her in Long Kiss Goodnite...Life is Pain, Mama..u get up now!!!
thx so much for the positive artice..
Hope you read this Gina D and we miss your lovely pouty lips, unbelievable cheekbones, and your big kind heart...please come back?

Songbyrd in KC

Anonymous said...

GeEnA dAvIs is back 2009!
Playing Harry Cook & Harrison Gilbertsons on-screen mother in Accidents Happen!
I cannot wait!
It sounds so good!