Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Brand New Movie Poster of an Old Movie...

I've seen in a long looooong time.

The Alamo Drafthouse commissioned this new poster from Methane Studios for Brian DePalma's Carrie (one of my favorite movies ever, don'cha know) which you can buy here. I don't need any posters but if I could buy this on a Tee I'd be ordering it five minutes ago for same day delivery. LOVE.

I love every detail... especially the kitchen utensils and that (pubic referencing?) hand. Poor Sissy Spacek -- she just didn't know about "the curse" (related post).

[news source]


Catherine said...

That's awesome! I was actually just thinking about Carrie the other day 'cause my sister and I recently rewatched the entire first season of Twin Peaks and we were discussing how badass Piper Laurie is.

Fox said...

YAY Nathaniel!

This evening I'll be heading out to the first night of the De Palma series that this poster was created for. Murder A La Mod is on the menu first and the series ends with Carrie (all on the big screen!!!).

Anonymous said...

Carrie is my number one movie of all time. I always thought I was the only one.

RahulB said...

You should look into Polish movie posters.

Those are works of art in and of themselves.

Anonymous said...

hey nat would you inc betty buckly in your 1976 supp actress noms i know i would.

lee grant - voyage of the damned
bernadette peters - silent movie
betty buckley - carrie
jodie foster - taxi driver
piper laurie - carrie

Anonymous said...

Great poster and I love Carrie as well.
But I cannot see the kitchen utensils. Am I being dense??

Catherine said...

Look in the black!

Anonymous said...

“Carrie” is one of my favorite movies ever and this awesome poster simply reloads the power of the film’s concept and the strength of its details.

Loved it!

Actionman said...

The poster for DePalma's Dressed to Kill is also amazing. Same with Body Double.

Glenn said...

The Alamo Draughthouse routinely gets great poster designs. There was one for "King Kong" recently that was amazing.

That poster is amazing. Flat out brilliant.