Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sharing Time

While I am convalescing, answer me these questions three*. Come on lurkers, you too!
  1. What were you hoping to read about when you clicked over here today?
  2. What was the last movie you saw in the theater and did you love it?
  3. What is your favorite pre 1970s movie?
  4. Which movie star drives you wild with desire?
  5. If you were invited to a costumed Oscar party, which character from this year's movies would you come dressed as.
* I am very bad at math


Anonymous said...

1. Not sure. Just for fun.
2. The Class and yes.
3. Either Bicycle Thieves or Notorious.
4. Faye Dunaway and Nicole Kidman
5. Sammy Barnathan

Anonymous said...

1. Something witty about movies.
2. Saw THE WRESTLER Friday. Loved it. No, wait. Saw DOUBT Saturday. So-so. Bad last line.
4. I've been watching a lot of old French movies lately and Simone Simon is pretty damn sexy. More recently: Paz Vega.
5. Is coming dressed as the Joker too obvious?

Marcello Talone said...

1. maybe a 2009 preview?
2. Benjamin Button. nope.
3. Rosemary's baby or 400 blows.
4. Right now? Zooey Deschanel.
5. Chad Feldheimer.

Karen said...

2. I saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and I thought it was a good way to end the franchise.
3. My favorite pre-70s movie is The Sound of Music
5. If you were invited to a costumed Oscar party I would come dressed in a purple sari as Kym from Rachel Getting Married. L'Chaim!

Anonymous said...

1. Anything, really.
2. The Reader. And I don't know whether I loved it or not. I'm still undecided. It's a hard one to love, but easy to admire.
3. La Dolce Vita.
4. Natalie Portman. If wanting to be best friends with her, counts as desire.
5. Hallam Foe, in his racoon (was it a racoon? I can't remember) cape.

Anonymous said...

1. Something original (like this!)
2. Waltz With Bashir. I liked, not loved it.
3. Sunrise (1927)
4. All-time: Hideko Takamine / Living: Asia Argento
5. Sidney – Rachel Getting Married

Anonymous said...

1. I was really hoping for some more FB Awards nominees. But, you're sick, so what are you gonna do?

2. I drove 120 miles to go watch The Reader because I live in a town that doesn't get a whole lot of indie movies. I really liked it, probably will make my top 10, but I thought it might have run a little long. I see parts that really could have been shortened.

3. My favorite pre-70's movie is probably Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?, but I do admit that I haven't seen a whole lot before that.

4. Now, I saw The Girl Next Door on TV the other day and couldn't help but drool over Elisha Cuthbert. Forget her acting, but I'll take her looks. But for a combo, I'll go back to The Reader in those first sex scenes interlaced with the dinner. Man, I love that Kate Winslet has no desire to inhibit herself, and that's what makes her so great.

5. I think the consensus would be the Joker, but I would personally go as either Colin Farrell's Ray or Brad Pitt's Chad. The latter more likely.

Michael Parsons said...

1) To be entertained, like I do every day. Also to see if the Moulin Rouge! celebration has continued.

2) The Reader, and I merely tolerated it.

3) I wanted to say 'All About Eve' to sound cool, but the 7 year old who used to dress up as Sharon and make his best mate Heidi dress up as Susan will not let me say that movie. 'The Parent Trap'

4) I still want to marry Jean Marc Barr from 'The Big Blue'...can I have a torrid affair with Hugh Jackman though?

5) Keira's wig

Anonymous said...

Here's coming from a long time lurker, first time chatty movie goer....

1. Any updates to the Film Bitch Awards. Always love your choices.
2. Milk. Yes I did. Terrifically acted and terrifically made.
3.It’s hard to name just one, but I will say Gone with the Wind.
4. Ewan McGregor.
5. April Wheeler because I love the clothes from that time period.

Anonymous said...

1. Maybe the Best Actor Line up or if I were super lucky, another retrospective FB awards (94?,97?,87?)
2. Frost/Nixon - about as good as a movie gets while being nowhere near great
3. Citizen Kane?
4. Holly Hunter. Gwyneth Paltrow. ScarJo (boobs!)
5. Randy the Ram


solshine -- if i was working the velvet rope, I'd TOTALLY let you as Kym into the party!

erik l -- i imagine that's what the bulk of people will do (do other people have costumed Oscar parties? I've only done that once. But it was fun)

remy --2009 preview is coming very soon


sarah hi and welcome!

more updates are coming. I'm actually working on them (very slowly) from my laptop / bed / semi-drugged state (yes, I had to brave the weather to find pain killers. But pain needs to be killed!)

Anonymous said...

1. People writing that they want Meryl Streep to win the Best Actress Oscar this year!! :-)
2. Doubt. No, I did not LOVE it but it was fascinating.
4. Robert Downey Jr. - Oh My God with a whole different connotation!
5. The tragic vampire from FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL.

This was fun! But why won't anyone recast REBECCA with modern day actors for me??


Casey --l-o-v-e your take on Frost/Nixon

ok... back to my drugs and hot/cold treatments.

more please readers (lurkers and otherwise)

Anonymous said...

1. Not sure, maybe a rant that contradicts some popularly held opinion.
2. 'The Wrestler,' and yes I did love it. I thought the ending was perfect.
3. 'Touch of Evil' or 'Notorious' (hi Lev Lewis!)
4. Viggo!
5. Poppy

Anonymous said...

1. The nominees for Best Line Reading
2. Frost/Nixon. No. No, I did not.
3. The General. Incidentally, back when you were doing those polls about the most popluar male actor in film history, I was the one running up the vote for Buster Keaton.
4. Penelope Cruz. It was the scene with the overalls. Thank you Mr. Allen.
5. Philp Petit, but let me do some crunches before I put on that outfit.

Anonymous said...

1. Nothing really, I check the site, about 3 times a day
2. Benjamin Button, I loved the second half of the movie. I thought the first have was a too drawn out
3. Carmen Jones
4. Javier Bardem, Clive Owen
4. James Franco in those tight jeans

Anonymous said...

1. I always like the musical reviews, but I wasn't hoping for anything in particular
2. Milk. I liked it, but I've seen Sean Penn a bunch of times in Tahoe, and he's always a jerk, so I have trouble getting past that when I see a movie of his.
3. Too many! If you held a gun to my head, I'd have to say Destry Rides Again
4. 1960's Alain Delon
5. I would wimp out because costume parties scare me for some reason.

Anonymous said...

1. More Oscar analysis on nominations as well as reader polls.

2. The Reader. I didn't love it, but I REALLY liked it. Winslet was glorious, but David Kross was a revelation.

3. The Day The Earth Stood Still. I was pissed that they would even consider remaking this film.

4. Recently, Jamie Bell. And Kate Winslet, always.

5. The Blue Bandit from The Fall.

adam k. said...

1. I come here out of a psychological addiction, without thinking of what I might find. But I suppose I was hoping to see more FB awards and/or oscar posts.

2. The Wrestler, and not as much I was hoping to. Liked it, respected it, don't have the over-the-moon reaction that many do.

3. Probably West Side Story, and the other movie musical giants of the golden age.

4. Actually, the first one that came into my mind - since the BSG boys don't count ; ) - was Shia LaBoeuf. I've only even seen like one of his movies, and don't particularly care about him as an actor, but I just really wanna do him for some reason.

5. I'd like to dress up all gay-70s-ish like James Franco in Milk, and just pretend I'm as hot as him.

Anonymous said...

1-Not sure.

2-Notorious and I liked it well enough but it felt like a typical biopic.

3-Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, All About Eve or Rear Window. I only saw those films for the first time last year, though, so I feel guilty for mentioning them.

4-None, really. However, I find Catherine Zeta Jones and Natalie Portman pretty attractive.

5-Gordon from The Dark Knight

Unknown said...

1. Some more extra FB award categories!
2. Rachel Getting Married. Yes. I sort of hate myself for waiting so long to see it. I absolutely fell in love.
3. Vertigo. Or Ordet.
4. Penelope Cruz.
5. THE RAM. Lol. said...

1. eagerly awaiting your 'most looking forward to in 2009' list. have I missed it?
2. Waltz with Bashir. Flawed, but honest and important, with moments powerful and poetic.
3. Seven Samurai. (My all-time fave.)
4. Claudia Cardinale, in anything from the 60s. But especially Once Upon a Time in the West. Present day : Monica Bellucci, Liv Tyler, Penelope Cruz (post-Volver).
5. The guy in The Wrestler with the weird facial hair and the dollar bill stapled to his forehead.

Anonymous said...

1. An existential treatise into the newfound optimism permeating throughout the mainstream.
...I may have mislabeled the bookmark. :) Although add the words "of film" to the end of that, and I dunno...

2. Milk for the second time. The last film I've seen multiple times was 'There Will Be Blood'. Bit of a pendulum swing between the two, :p but I've got a similar level of enthusiasm for both.

3. 12 Angry Men, Vertigo, lots of slapstick comedic eastern european films whose names escape me.

4. A full-out tie between Paul Newman (in general cinematic-ness) and Carice van Houten (currently and hopefully for a long time).

5. I'm gonna cheat and say Anna Farris' Jane F, from Smiley Face, 'cause it's (sort of... not really) recent, and I found the film alarmingly enjoyable. :)

Anonymous said...

1. Something less antagonistic about Slumdog.
2. Doubt. Loved it more than I thought I would. Lots of LOL moments in the first half especially.
3. Battle of Algiers (since I saw it recently).
4. A young Diane Keaton.
5. As one of the sisters in Doubt.

Anonymous said...

1. I was hoping to read about Kate Winslet's ideal Best Actress acceptance speech. One with humor (and an Extras reference) and just the right amount of seriousness... Let's write it for her.
2. Revolutionary Road. I loved it. I thought all involved were so great.
3. All About Eve. You can't beat Bette at the pinnacle of her career.
4. Emmy Rossum is pretty beautiful.
5. I would come dressed as young Benjamin Button with his motorcycle and shades.

Anonymous said...

1. I'm not sure...more oscar hype I suppose? But that's everyday.

2."The Wrestler", and yes I woud actually say I adored it. It's my best of the year so far.(Still have about 3 I feel I need to see first before I oficially proclaim it as my "best")


4. Penelope Cruz, holy crap, I go nuts just thinking about her.

5.Wouldn't wear a costume persay, just rollerskates and maybe a wig as I yell "I WANT MY SON BACK!" on a continuous loop, a la Christine Collins.

Anonymous said...

1. Read about actresses. You're my one stop source on the subject.

2. The Reader and yes.

3. All About Eve

4. Kate Winslet

5. I will come as the naked boy from the Reader.

Cengiz said...

1) Whatever is going on in your mind

2) Rachel Getting Married and Yes. I LOVED it!

3) Auntie Mame with Roz Russell

4) Hugh Jackman

5) The House Bunny

Anonymous said...

1.New podcast...can't wait
2.The Wrestler
3.Citizen Kane
4.Salma Hayek
5.The Ram

Anonymous said...

1. Anything..
2. Revolutionary Road.. I thought it was great but the person sitting next to me apparently didn't.
3.The Sound of Music.. I should watch more old movies
4. haha, i like this question.. Leo or Ewan McGregor
5. I would try to think of something witty but end up going with the joker makeup

Catherine said...

@Kevin D, thank you. I will never, as long as I live, stop enjoying jokes about how ridiculous Christine Collins is. I mean, Angie's portrayal of her, of course.

1. Ditto to Erik's reply - something witty about movies.
2. Saw Milk. Could have been shorter, could have done with a little more Sylvester, but loved it on the whole.
3. Everyone else robbed my answer! It's All About Eve, forever and ever, amen!
4. Patty Clarkson.
5. Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler. Just kidding! Um, I'd totally borrow that hideous yellow jacket that the Ram bought for his daughter in the same movie and tell everyone "the 's' stands for Stephanie".

Anonymous said...

1. I was expecting to read about how you met Renée Zellweger and how she hypnotized you and made you kiss her toes and say "I'm sorry! YOU are an Alien, not Tilda Swinton."

2. Milk

3. Hard to answer. Ben Hur? I was young and I was touched by it.

4. Paul Walker!! Where is he?

5. I would wear a habit and have Joker's make up and the Duchess' hair.

Anonymous said...

1 - too see if film bitch was updated and to see what musings where happening in your world nat

2 - the reader yes enjoyed v much yes!!! lena olin cameo!!!

3 - rebecca

4 - chris evans in his towel in fantastic 4 drool hairy chest drool

5 - i'd rock violas 60s cream coat with nothin' but my hairy self underneath.

Anonymous said...

1. An Open Letter to Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet on how to give an acceptance speech (see Streep, Meryl).
2. Ben Button...and liked it, but have this overwhelming feeling of indifference.
3. Mary Poppins (flawed, yes, but I love that Oscar gave a big FU to My Fair Lady) one will ever win an Oscar for a role quite like this again!
4. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Winslet
5. WALL-E. I'm into the challenge.

Anonymous said...

1. Not Sure
2. Australia, and yes I loved it.
3. Haven't seen so many actually so i have to say Pride & Prejudice
4. Nicole Kidman or Kate Winslet
5. Really don't know, was to say the Joker, but don't feel it is the right time to dress up as him after what happened in Belgium...

Garen said...

1) Not sure. TFE is a habit-forming blog.
2) Benjamin Button. I was ok with the beginning, hated the middle, enjoyed the end.
3) Film snob answer: The Rules of the Game. Real answer: Mary Poppins
4) James Franco ever since I saw Milk. He was shoot-me-in-the-face hot in that movie.
5) The evil knitting Nazi from The Reader. I think she'd make a good drag character. Also good for a scary halloween costume.

Anonymous said...

1. Was hoping for more on the Film Bitch Awards...I love those "extra" categories.
2. Saw The Reader and LOVED it...actually one of my favorite movies of the year and that surprised me.
3. Singin' in the Rain...i know, cliche, but I still LOVE it.
4. Jon Hamm or Hugh Jackman....or better yet, Jon Hamm AND Hugh Jackman. But would love to have Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet and Anne Hathaway over for lunch.
5. Love to go as Kirk Lazarus as long as the NAACP doesn't freak out on me!

Anonymous said...

1. Updated Oscar info pages for the men.

2. Let the Right One In. No.

3. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

4. Hugh Jackman.

5. Tarek from The Visitor, sans pants and drum in tow.

Mikadzuki said...

1. Anything that wasn't there before. Nice!
2. Rachel Getting Married. YES.
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey. Give or take about 20 other movies.
4. Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Zooey Deschanel. Naomi Watts.
5. Batman. Hey, someone's gotta keep all these Jokers in check.

ZiZo said...

1. That you're completing your Film Bitch Awards more quick, I just love them, I think I love them more than the oscars.

2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and YES.

3. The Sound of Music

4. Jude Law

5. Benjamin Button

Anonymous said...

1) Whatever it is that makes the Film Experience experience so enjoyable.

2) The Wrestler, and almost.

3) The Third Man

4) Zach Efron. And no, I don't feel good about it.

5) Speed Racer!

The Pretentious Know it All said...

1. I was hoping to read something about how "Big Love" is back and better than ever, which it totally is.
2. Saw "Notorious" last week with a group of friends from work. It was as good as your average musical biopic, which is to say, not very.
3. "Imitation of Life." Still makes me cry every time.
4. I have had a lot, but Sean Penn has always consistently done it for me ever since I first saw "Fast Times." It's warmed and cooled over the years, but the subway pickup scene in "Milk..." (swoon)I'm back again.
5. I'd come dressed as Scott Smith (see #4).

RahulB said...

1. Winners of the Film Bitch Awards

2. The Reader - and I did enjoy it. Quite a lot, actually. I just don't get the fuss about the supposed pedophilia/Nazi sympathizing/TDK circle-jerk blah blah blah.

3. The Graduate or Sunset Boulevard

4. Nicole Kidman and Diane Keaton

5. Alvy Singer

Anonymous said...

1. FB awards updates and checking previous blog chat to see whether any of my more outrageous comments have sparked responses. Strangely, my Myers-Briggs profile says I am a conflict avoider…

2. “The Wrestler” – loved Marisa Tomei. The movie…not so much.

3. “Fitzwilly” (1967), for no apparent reason I can explain.

4. The missus would claim it is Amy Adams, but my love for Amy is a pure and chaste brotherly thing. Hot and sweaty is reserved for Eliza Dushku (“Dollhouse” cannot come soon enough.)

5. Joe (the Ciaran Hinds character) from “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”. Cheating, I suppose, but the missus loves seeing me in a tux.

All the best, Nathaniel…I had back spasms a couple of weeks ago that laid me low. Unlike Bill Clinton, I really do feel your pain. May wellness overtake you with all deliberate speed.

abstew said...

1. i never have anything in mind. i always enjoy what it is you bring up for discussion or enlighten us with. (although, i did kinda miss this morning's breakfast with...)
2. THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. i enjoyed parts of it. and thought the visual effects were astounding but it didn't connect underneath that surface.
4. monty clift, james dean, gael garcia bernal, ryan gosling, rodrigo santoro, aaron eckhart, channing desires are getting a little outta control, i think its time for a cold shower.
5. i would come dressed as vicky, cristina, AND barcelona

Anonymous said...

1. Something on the GLAAD awards, Sundance, Oscar trivia, FB updates. Anything, actually. Love everything you do :)
2. "Australia", and though it wasn't perfect I loved being able to see it in a movie theater (had to drive 2+ hours to do it).
3. Jean Genet's "Un chant d'amour". If that's too short then "Night of the hunter", "Leave her to heaven", "M", "Sunset Blvd"... there are too many to choose from.
4. Alain Delon as seen in "Rocco and his brothers", Paul Newman and plenty of others. And Salim Kechiouche.
5. Poppy from "Happy-Go-Lucky".

Jorge Rodrigues said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jorge Rodrigues said...

1. More FB Awards Extra Nominations
2. Milk. Yes, a lot.
3. «From here to Eternity» is definitely one of my favourites
4. Angelina Jolie of course
5. Kirk Lazarus or Iron Man

TylerPratt1 said...

1. Some the witty insights that i love to read everyday.
2. Re-watched The Wrestler, and still loved it.
3. The Apartment. Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine and Billy wilder at their best.
4. Kate Winslet is hands down the most naturally beautiful,naturally talented, and definitely the sexiest actress, in my opinion, in the film industry.
5. I would dress up as Red from Pineapple Express.

Kim said...

1) Some of the fun FB extra award nominations. Love 'em
2) The Wrestler. Can you love something that absolutely broke your heart? Yes, you can, and I did.
3) The Sound of Music. Glad to see I am not the only one who said that :) I grew up with it, and drove my sisters nuts with how much I watched it.
4) Guy: Clive Owen. There is something deliciously primal about him. Girl: Kate Winslet. I have a massive girl crush and am not ashamed.
5) Lady Sarah Ashley. I was having some serious dress envy when she came out in that red dress.


omg these answers are all so great that I am DEFINITELY making my oscar party a costumed one this year.

Anonymous said...

1. natalie wood. someday you will write about her.
2. doubt. not really. good - that's it.
3. it's a wonderful life
4. a lusty susan sarandon in her dress from last sunday night.
5. leonardo in "rev road"

Anonymous said...

James Franco ever since I saw Milk. He was shoot-me-in-the-face hot in that movie.

does that mean what i think it means?

Anonymous said...

1 - No idea
2 - Revolutionary Road, no
3 - The Earrings of Madame De... and The Man From Laramie
4 - Scarlett Johansson
5 - Harvey Dent

Anonymous said...

1.- Something witty about movies, it always amazes what you do with the word "link", which isn't an easy one.
2.- Revolutionary Road, didn't love it but liked it a lot. Are the other contenders so clearly superior to have this one shut out?
3.- Today, Bringinp Up Baby or anything with the Marx Brothers.
4.- As long as I'm into this "daddy" phase (because it's a phase, isn't it?) I'd say Clooney.
5.- In times of crisis, as Colin Farrell in In Bruges: a coat and a package of cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

1. Updates on the oscar race
2. Slumdog, yes i liked it
3. Dr. Strangelove
4. Kate Beckinsale
5. Daniel Plainview or "the Dude" from the big lebowski

Unknown said...

1. You never know what to expect.
2. Rachel getting married, I loved it!
3. Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, Vertigo, Cat on a hot tin roof...
4. Penélope Cruz and James Franco.
5. Tom Cruise in Valkyria.


i love that a bunch of you have just seen RACHEL GETTING MARRIED and if i had any part in that decision than i am giving myself a very hearty pat on the back.

i love it so!

Anonymous said...

1. A combination of cool links I never would have found on my own coupled with some witty & erudite post all you own, with everything spelled correctly.

2. REPO!: The Genetic Opera. Yes I did. Bought it on dvd a few days later even!

3. The Sophie's Choice question, eh? Well, what mood am I in? Gone with the Wind? King Kong? Frankenstein? Horsefeathers? Something noir-ish? Les Diaboliques? Pandora's Box? Metropolis? 2001? Bonnie & Clyde? Fiddle-dee-dee, I can't choose! FAIL

4. Diane Lane. WOWSA

5. Amanda Seyfried in MAMMA MIA! (Because just once in my life I'd like to duct tape my manhood up and look truly gorgeous.)

If I have to let the manhood dangle, can I just dress up like Jason Statham? (Because just once in my life I'd like to have manhood and be truly gorgeous.) ;-)

Anonymous said...

1. More frustration at the ridiculous passion behind Slumdog Millionaire.
2.Last Chance Harvey and I really liked it-in a quirky, Emma Thompson rocks and Dustin Hoffman should win another Oscar in the near future, way.
3. The Third Man-no doubt.
4. Ludivine Sagnier
5. The Minotaur from Role Models

Anonymous said...

1. Film Bitch awards 08… a new podcast with you and the usal suspects… a questionnaire like this one ☺
2. “The Wrestler”- for the 2nd time (it do be my favorite American film of 2008)
3. “The Graduate”… or “Psycho”
4. Jude Law/ Kristin Scott Thomas/ Jake Gyllenhaal
5. “Chad” or “Scott Smith”… maybe even someone from “The Fall” if only I could make Ishioka proud


anon - you are a naughty naughty boy / girl / person

dimi -- i have been staring at a screenshot of Ludivine Sagnier that i took every day this whole week. I think it's love (or something slightly less noble)

eroslane -- sorry about the spelling mishaps on occasion ;) -- i was once a spelling bee champ but sometimes me fingers do type too fastlike quickie

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - Jake! Oh my God - Jake!

Anonymous said...

1. Something new and big and shocking news, or just something amusing
2. Waltz With Bashir, amazing but really disturbing
3. Citizen Kane, with Psycho, North by Northwest, The Seven Samurai, and Dr. Strangelove close behind
4. James Franco, I guess
5. Racer X

Anonymous said...

1. Something unexpected, hopefully witty
2. Valkerie. Not loved it but liked it
3. Lawrence of Arabia
4. No one currently. Like Johnny Depp but not the same way I liked Clint Eastwood 25 years agao.
5. Maybe one of the villagers from Iron Man, just because I have some clothes that I could put together without much effort.

Anonymous said...

1. Something about actressexuality.
2. 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days (very late release in my city... sorry)
3. Ninotchka.
4. Uma Thurman.
5. I would dress Richard Jenkin's uniform in "Burn After Reading" (I'm kinda dull in that kind of parties).


Anonymous said...

1. A New FilmBitch category.
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was pretty good.
3. The Wizard of Oz (Fleming, 1939)
4. Angelina Jolie!!!1 (I'm so cliché)
5. Not an outsider to this question... this Halloween I was Paulie Bleeker... This year?

Charlie Bartlett with his medication t-shirt
WALL·E if that's possible XD

Ben said...

1. More FB awards or more Oscar categories written up.

2. The Wrestler and... I'm not sure. I admired it a ton but it was almost too upsetting for me to love (which rarely happens to me).

3. The Apartment and Singin' in the Rain

4. Charlize Theron (I saw her in person once and she is just as hot in real life)

5. Poppy's little sister from Happy-Go-Lucky. I loved the quintessential British track suits.


Anonymous said...

1. I was hoping for Hump Day Hottie post. Ralph Fiennes is more than fine ;), though I'd rather have no. 4 ->
2. The Reader and I have to say that Winslet understood April Wheeler much better than Hanna Schmitz, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the quality of the performance: it is terrific. The film made me cry but I didn't love it.
3. West Side Story? I haven't seen a lot.
4. Kirk Lazaurus or Tony Stark
5. I was called "The Joker" in high school. Do I have a choice?
Anyway, I would change the trousers. I just LOVE Franco's trousers in "Pineapple Express"

Murtada said...

1. You are in my google/reader.
2. The Reader. Didn't like it but it's grew on me a little after I saw Winslet, Cross, Daldry and Hare on Charlie Rose.
3.The Sound of Music. Now, Voyager.
4.Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen.
5. Tony Stark because he's so cool.

Kurtis O said...

1. Just about anything. It's one of the most reliably entertaining stops on the web.
2. "Revolutionary Road" - The initial excitement of the performances and the drama has worn off and still: LOOOOVED it!
3. "All About Eve" and "The Passion of Joan of Arc"
4. Gael Garcia Bernal, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and, lately, Ms. Kate Winslet.
5. OMG, Poppy, all the way. Holy s**t, I might just do that. Thank you!

Middle-P said...

1) FilmBitch Update...Not demanding, just anticipating! (But I check the site numerous times a day, so I guess beggers can be choosers...)

2) Revolutionary Road. Haven't decided if I love it yet. It's one of my favorite books and I need to see it again to decide if it is perfect or wayyyy-off....

3)Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf, Psycho, or On the Waterfront-Can't Pick!

4)So cliche but either faction of Brangelina. They are both drool worthy...

5)Australian Cowboy...

What are your answer Nathaniel?

Middle-P said...

edit to above post - beggers CAN'T be choosers...

Dave said...

1. Not to beat a dead horse, but Film Bitch Awards! I loves them. (Although I do just come here about seven times a day.)

2. Defiance, earlier today- it is the definition of the word 'meh'. If that is in fact actually a word. (But it'll be my first review for my uni newspaper so it will probably hold a special place in my heart forever.)

3. *spins the wheel* ...Bringing Up Baby.

4. Lately, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet from Les chansons d'amour.

5. I'd make one of those bird-hat things Poppy makes with her class and go around alternately squawking at people and being uncharacteristically cheerful. People will think I've had a brain transplant. It will be fun.

Anonymous said...

1.More FB awards,but really anything,cuz everything's great:)

2.Changeling.Not really,it wasn't horrible,but not particularly good.And I'm starting to think maybe Angelina's performance was deliberately hilarious:)

3.That's sooo hard to choose.Gone with the wind,if I have to.

4.Jonathan Rhys Meyers.If I can choose more,Jude Law,Brad Pitt,Orlando Bloom and James Franco.Ok,I have to stop:)

5.James Franco's clothes and Keira Knightley's wig.Or would that be too much?:)

Anonymous said...

1. Best Actress Nominees from the 90's grades. Or the film bitch awards.

2. My Bloody Valentine- I usually would avoid crap like that with a ten foot pole but it was surprisingly enjoyable and atrocious acting is always fun.

3. Rosemary's Baby. How was Mia Farrow not nominated for an oscar??

4. Emile Hirsch and Colin Firth.

5. Harvey Milk because I love those 70's costumes.

Anonymous said...

1. Something about The Wrestler or more film bitch awards.
2. The Wrestler and it was INCREDIBLE.
3. Sunset Boulevard or All About Eve (I could never decide between them.)
5. WALL-E of course!

Anonymous said...

1. For a Top Ten list.

2. Benjie Button. Love it? No. Grade: B/B+

3. The Birds (Hitchcock)

4. Not 'wild', but some combination of Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep and Rachel Weisz

5. David Kross's character in The Reader (suited up, that is, and hair combed back).

Ben said...

1. Nothing in particular - have you in Google Reader so I read it all.
2. The Reader. NO. God I had so many issues with that movie (none of them having to do with Kate Winslet - she was pretty damned good, if not baity).
3. Mildred Pierce
4. Jake Gyllenhaal or Robert Downey Jr.
5. I like the Poppy idea or WALL•E idea. Maybe David Kross in The Reader and I wouldn't wear anything.

PPO-10 said...

1. Anything that would tickle my fancy, really (this works)
2. The Wrestler, and I...liked it very much. I loved Rourke, though, and I take back everything bad I've ever said about him. Usually I'm a big Tomei proponent, but I'm not sure I was a big fan of her work in it. I think it had a lot to do with the role.
3. Depending on my mood, Singin' in the Rain, , or All That Heaven Allows
4. I could say Jake or Hugh or Brad, but if I want to be honest about "desire," I would have to select Zac Efron, and I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.
5. Kirk Lazarus in Satan's Alley

Deborah said...

1. Anything.

2. I tried to see Slumdog last night and it was sold out. Stupid theater. Probably Frost/Nixon and yes.

3. Just one? Oh shit. Casablanca. Top Hat. Morocco.

4. Antonio Banderas. Wild doesn't cover it.

5. Someone from Slumdog since I own a fabulous sari.

Guy Lodge said...

1. I always hope to read that you've discovered a new movie/actor/filmmaker that you really, unexpectedly love. Discovery is such fun.

2. I've been to the cinema surprisingly little this month, so I think the last time was The Reader. I thought it was dismal.

3. Gone With the Wind. Pre-70's, post-70's, the answer stays the same.

4. Juliette Binoche. By the way, did anyone see her photo shoot for Playboy (French edition) last year? Unbelievable.

5. Hmm, can I cheat and go for TV? Because Don Draper is the clear choice.


Tormentor Azaron said...

1. Dolphins.
2. Doubt, and i liked large elements of it and it's probably one of my favorite's of the year 2008 but it sure has it's problems.
3. The Seven Samurai, i think.
4. Right now? the voice casts of futurama and south park ( which just means Trey and Matt). It's cheating, but those ensembles are wonderful and totally make those two shows.
5. no idea.

Keelay! said...

1. Well, anything. But I was really hoping for some more FB Awards.
2. Actually, Marley & Me. Surprisingly, not a waste of two hours.
3. Wow, choices. I'm going to say Psycho.
4. Kate Winslet. ALWAYS Kate.
5. Can I just throw on random clothes, be all sulky, stare at everyone and say I'm Edward Cullen?

Anonymous said...

1. Really anything witty/diverting. Maybe more film bitch noms?
2. The Wrestler... I was impressed and engaged but not WOWED.
3. Imitation of Life (the Sirk one, duh)
4. mmmmm patty clarkson
5. Poppy, duh!

Rodney said...

1. some update on the Oscar pages, but generally anything fun
2. It's been a while, but the last one was Frost/Nixon and I loved it!
3. All About Eve
4. Kate Winslet
5. Wall-E

Mark said...
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jaraish said...

1. Film Bitch Awards!
2. The Reader. No.I didn't like the novel either. I was there for Winslet.
3. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
4. Bardem. In terms of love, and not desire, Deneuve.
5. Eve from WALL-E

Morgan Leigh Davies said...

1. No particular expectations.
2. Milk, for the second time. Wonderful.
3. The Seventh Seal and Breathless.
4. James Franco. And my roommate and I have developed a recent, fairly ridiculous, joint obsession with Emile Hirsch.
5. EVE. (I actually saw a couple dressed up as WALL-E and EVE on Halloween holding hands... it was adorable!)

Mark said...

1. A 2009 Oscars preview. Never too early to start ;)
2. The Wrestler. An oddly beautiful and profoundly moving film.
3. I'm more into comtemporary cinema, but I dig The Best Years of Our Lives. Top five, ever.
4. Freida Pinto. Yep.
5. I'll test everyone's gag reflex and come as the sticky old Benjamin Pitt baby man. Oh, and "13 noms, bitches!" tatoo'd to his shriveled up forehead.

Dame James said...

1. The usual film chatter.
2. Rachel Getting Married and OMG it totally blew my mind. Anne Hathaway is simply perfect.
3. Nine of my Top 10 films of all time are from before the 70's, so that's a hard call. My top 3 are Gone With the Wind, Singin' in the Rain and City Lights
4. Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Casey Affleck, Penélope Cruz, James Marsden
5. Chad from Burn After Reading...iPod included

Anonymous said...

1. Came here for a mix of wit and actressexuality. Like always! Hope your back feels better soon. :)

2. Saw The Reader on Monday. Didn't love it, but it was good. Is Daldry diminishing as time goes on?

3. Favourite pre-70s movie is probably The Sound of Music (could watch almost any time), and best is 12 Angry Men.

4. The two James': Franco and Marsden. Yum.

5. I'd come dressed as Scott from Milk, but with goatee instead of mustache, LOL.

Anonymous said...

1. Your reaction to Jamie Bell being cast as Tintin. "Yes" satisfied me. :) I agree with Twitchfilm, which labelled it "a casting move that makes so much sense that it’s hard to muster up much more than a “Well, yeah, of course”".

2. Bolt and not at all, I am afraid. I did love the character of Mittens, though. I hope she gets her own movie. With supporting appearances of the pigeons perhaps.

3. I couldn't possibly choose one so let me name my earliest favourite I can think of instead: Cabinet of Doctor Caligari.

4. Not desire per se (dude, I'm engaged!), but I have to sigh quietly every time I see Natalie Portman. I mean, sexy, natural, intelligent and great actress? Not the only one to combine the four, but she's the first that comes to my mind.

5. Hellboy, the charming bastard.

Anonymous said...

1. More Film Bitch nominations! I so love them, especially the Extras!!!

2. Revolutionary Road. Great acting, great cinematography, great everything, but the movie as a whole is jast bleh to me. I don't like being hammered a message into my head, I want to think for myself! Here everything the movie wants to say, the characters say, and I hate that! It's not about pathos or "overstylized acting", that works well for me in movies like Angels in America or The Lion in Winter, the last great film I saw... It's about subtelity and subtext, no matter how loud it may be.

Anyway, moving on to:
3. I can't decide (Who does?!?! What a cruel question!), so here are my TOP 10:
- The Women
- Cinderella
- Alice in Wonderland
- Rebel Without a Cause
- The Nun's Story
- The Birds
- Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
- Rosemary's Baby
- The Lion in Winter
- They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

4. Michelle Williams (I guess she's going to be *my* Michelle Pfeiffer... Whooo! Odd name similarities!)

5. A sweded version of Sally Hawkins' "Poppy", i.e. looking like Jack Black while talking like Poppy, YEAH!

Anonymous said...

1. 2010 Oscar predictions! Yeah, I'm that ahead.

2.Benjamin Button and I did love it.

3.It's a Wonderful Life and anything by Chaplin.

4.Amy Adams

5.Iron Man

Unknown said...

1. no idea
2. Bolt. I was okay
3.Sound of Music
4. Blanchett
5. Pitt from Burn After Reading
(can't remember name)

Anonymous said...

1. Something other than year's boring Oscar picks
2. Inkheart. I thought Paul Bettany and Brendan Fraser made a cute pair, two dads making movies for their kids. How can you not love that?
3. Les Visiteurs du Soir, dir. Marcel Carne
4. Jean Louis Trintignant
5. Nicole Kidman's character in "Australia"

Anonymous said...

1) I would love to see some discussion of recommendations for the Oscar telecast. Like how should they do the original songs without freaking out the audience?

2) Waltz with Bashire - liked it, didn't love it.

3) The Wizard of Oz, of course.

4) Jake Gyllenhaal is back in my good graces now that he has cut his hair. James Franco roared to the top of the charts with that tight Harvey Milk Supervisor t-shirt.

5) Tilda Swinton swimming the English Channel.

Anonymous said...

NATHANIEL R: you took the spelling thing the wrong way! When you asked what we expected from the site, well, that's what I expect because you generally do that! You spelling rocks more than most bloggers! :-D

Carl Joseph Papa said...

1. anything actually. I really love anything that comes out of your mind and put into words.

2. I saw "The Reader" again and like the first viewing, I really loved it.

3. "Singin' in the Rain" they don't make musicals as good as this anymore. Heck they don't make that much musical too. Ugh I miss the good ol' days (even though I was born 1986)

4. Nicole Kidman, this is a given answer for me because I love her eternally.

5. Caroline in "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". I'll be the hot drunk of the party without the gum in the icky toilet part.

jahs34 said...

1. I don't know.
2. Burn After Reading last saturday, i thought it was brilliant, i saw Twilight the day before, one of the worst i have ever seen.
3. Rear Window maybe?
4. Anne Hathaway, Salma.
5. CHAD!



Glenn Dunks said...

1. Something new to distract me from this unbearable heat.

2. I saw Love the Beast this morning, the new documentary by Eric Bana. It was pretty good (especially since I don't like cars - I don't even have a license).

3. Psycho and very closely followed by Rebel Without a Cause.

4. Jamie Bell. I think it's because he seems so NORMAL and yet I've never met anybody that gorgeous in real life ever. Such a shame.

5. I'd try and grow a mo' and be a Milk boy.

ajnrules said...

1. Any new posts on this blog
2. The Dark Knight, and I liked it, but it's not quite love.
3. Without a doubt West Side Story (1961)
4. Hmm...I'd say the young Winona Ryder or the young Theresa Wright.
5. Uhh...the little boy in Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea

Anonymous said...

1. Some more 'Film Bitch' awards, maybe?

2. 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. It was emotional, at least, but I haven't decided if it's good .

3. Maybe 'The Grapes of Wrath'? Maybe 'Meet Me in St. Louis'? They're both excellent.

4. Brad Pitt. (lol, I'm embarassing)

5. David Frost from 'Frost/Nixon'. His shirts were fabulous.


Anonymous said...

1. Was maybe hoping to read that Benjamin Button was disqualified from the Oscars for being a bad movie.

2. Benjamin Button. See above. It was pretty, but the gimmick wore thin. CGI over plot. Became more concern with how Benjamin looked than how he felt.

3. Dr. Strangelove. It's still one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen.

4. Hmm. I'd have to say maybe Gael Garcia Bernal. But no one in particular 'drives me wild.'

5. I would come as Emile Hirsch in Milk because I look just like him (minus the curly hair).

Peter Chan said...

1. more creative and entertaining articles.

2. saw 'the pervert's guide to cinema'... i did like it- very interesting lesson on films by the trio of hitchcock, lynch & chaplin.

3. a streetcar named desire

4. current crush- rebecca hall (just saw her in 'the cherry orchard' at BAM)

5. the don draper-esque frank wheeler, but since i'm lazy.. i'll probably end up going as a slumdog.

hepwa said...

1. What were you hoping to read about when you clicked over here today?
Just passing through, hoping to find an interesting posting (and you delivered twice -- Penelope Cruz and Ralph Fiennes appreciations -- lovely).
2. What was the last movie you saw in the theater and did you love it?
"Revolutionary Road" and I thought the acting was magnificent and...yes, yes, I do believe I did love it.
3. What is your favorite pre 1970s movie?
"Red River"
4. Which movie star drives you wild with desire?
Brad Pitt, always and forever
5. If you were invited to a costumed Oscar party, which character from this year's movies would you come dressed as.
Duh - Melissa Leo in "Frozen River", what else?

Anonymous said...

1. Love for the Button. (Bad idea.)
2. Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Liked the movie okay, loved Cruz & Hall.
3. One of Monty Clift's classics or All About Eve.
4. Too many, but let's say Sean Penn this evening.
5. Viola Davis in Doubt.

FranklinBluth said...

1. Anything Oscar related. I have a bet going with a friend and I am playing to WIN!!!

2. Doubt - Movie was good, but the performances were FANTASTIC. I heart Meryl Streep for EVA!

3. Meet Me in St. Louis - Used to watch it ALL THE TIME as a kid, and I still love it to bits.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

5. Daisy in the red dress (Benjamin Button)

Anonymous said...

1. More extra FBA nominations
2. Revolutionary Road and YES
3. All about Eve or Cat on a hot tin roof
4. Rodrigo Santoro (I know, should be ashamed)
5. Carrie Bradshaw of course, in a fabulous wedding gown.

par3182 said...

1. the usual
2. the wrestler (yes)
3. all about eve
4. mark wahlberg
5. i wouldn't go to a costume party

Anonymous said...

1. Anything to take my mind off work... I'm a cinema manager but I won't let it destroy me!

2. Rachel Getting Married... Our cinema doesn't show good films so I had to trek to see it... Totally loved it!

3. A Hard Day's Night

4. Kat Dennings

5. Speed Racer

Brian24 said...

1. An Oscary and/or actressish distraction from work. Found it!

2. Benjamin Button, and no. A best pic nom over WALL*E and The Wrestler?

3. The Wizard of Oz.

4. Ralph Fiennes.

5. Mrs. Muller.

Rick Schoen said...

1. Anything and everything.
2. The Dark Knight and yes.
3. A Star is Born (1954, Judy Garland and James Mason)
4. Hugh Jackman
5. Indiana Jones

Anonymous said...

1. Hoping to see more pics of Nicole Kidman on the set of "Nine" in Rome.

2. The Reader. Not really.

3. Though one. Cat on a hot tin roof, Casablanca, Some like it hot ...

4. Nicole Kidman

5. Lady Ashley (Australia) or Daisy (Ben Button)


Rick ist i lurve A Star is Born, too. Good to see it representin' here.

Franklin -- i hope you were here for my Meet Me in St, Louise writeup

bubba said...

1. Anything to procrastinate from work. Perhaps discuss the odd phenomenon of Kate-backlash after her latest wins?

2. Revolutionary Road. I loved the performances, especially Kate's (though I still prefer her turn as Hanna).

3. Sound of Music

4. Penelope

5. The little boy in Flight of the Red Balloon

Anonymous said...

NATHANIEL: Love has absolutely nothing to do with the obsession with Ludivine. All hail ignobility!

And might I also add Clémence Poésy to the equation purely stemming from In Bruges and this picture:

Walter L. Hollmann said...

1. Streep Madness
2. Man on Wire. I...I *did* love it.
3. The Black Cat with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi
4. Drew Barrymore. Oh, how I wish Grey Gardens was getting a inematic release. Alas, I shall just have to wait for Whip It! (I don't count HJNTIY, since it's same old, same old)
5. Nixon, obv, so I can make those motherfuckers choke!

Anonymous said...

1. Nathaniel was feeling better.
2. Changeling and yes. Sorry Nathaniel, Clint is god to me...
3. Bicycle Thieves, Gone with the Wind, The Nights of Cabiria, Urban Cowboy, sooooo many...
4. Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco
5. Is Anton Chigurh's do so last year?

Anonymous said...

1. Continued Oscar coverage or reviews of any random film, whether in theaters or on DVD.
2. The Reader. I thought it was okay. Not Best Picture caliber, but at least it was faithful to the novel.
3. Casablanca. Absolute classic I'd watch again and again.
4. Natalie Portman.
5. Hugh Jackman in Australia.

f. said...

1. haven't really thought about it.
2. Changeling. I really liked it, and it's been growing on me. no one is more surprised by that than me.
3. any movie made by Billy Wilder.
4. James Franco.
5. Harvey Milk, probably. which would be funny, because I'm a girl :-)

Anonymous said...

1. Your opinion.
2. Revolutionary Road. Superb acting with a dynamite supporting cast but preferred the novel.
3. All About Eve. Davis baby!
4. Julianne Moore
5. Anne Hathaway from RGM.

Michael in DC

Sam said...

1. The GLAAD Awards...and I did.

2. Defiance and no.

3. The Women

4. Kathleen Turner

5. Michael Berg - naked with a book.


Sam, and all other naked costumes. You're invited to my party ;)