Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How I Feel / How I Wish I Felt told in perfect black and white by Miss Joan Crawford

I can barely move (no joke -- back is out. And no painkillers within reach). I'm ripe for mocking by Bette Davis. I hope your day is far more glamorous.

Talk amongst yourselves. How are you feeling today?


Michael Parsons said...

Funeral blues, but hey ho. Life goes on don't it!

Get yourself to a chiropractor PRONTO!
I suffer from a bad back and have found that running really helped it.

Anonymous said...

I am studying Drama and today in class I did a Bette Davis impersonation.
My teacher was so proud...

lawyer tony fernando said...

Both arms are still killing me, GOD and I have to write a lot today, my ORDER EXAM is march 1st!

P.S What were u doing NAT? That back thing... was worth it?

Mikadzuki said...

Ugh, sucks to be out like that. Hope you have a good book at hand or something.

Myself I just failed my driving test for the second time. I do not and will never understand automobiles.

Anonymous said...

Oh darling...

If you must suffer, wear your best peignoir - it will make you feel better.

And know that, although I have just recently discovered your world, it is a lovely and fascinating place. It hardly seems like Kansas at all!


Deborah said...

Make the boyfriend bring you drugs.

Nick M. said...

Be happy you have an excuse not to leave the apartment today. Have you looked outside? It's completely abysmal. Apparently it snowed three inches and then turned to freezing rain, and now it's plain rain.


I had an interview this morning and, as a person who has a masochistic vendetta against umbrellas, showed up looking like a wet dog--complete with Dalmatian-like spotted pants and smelly wool jacket.

Nick M. said...

I've decided that I'm spending the entire day at the cinema. It's too early to go to a bar and I'm stranded (ha!) in the West Village.

Fox said...

I can barely move (no joke -- back is out. And no painkillers within reach).

Is that what you get for (heroically) carrying the weight for Sally Hawkins all this time just to see her get snubbed???

J/K! Hope you feel better. Blogging from your sick bed... what a trooper!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nate,

Someone pissed me off over on Awards Daily and I wrote another one of my epic blogs about Meryl. I suddenly realized, since you're trapped on your back, why not read long blogs? It's one way to kill the time until you're better (pamper those muscles, Nathaniel, you need them!)

So here it is:

But daveylow, and all you others who don’t want Meryl to win the Oscar this year!

What do you think is more likely? That the beautiful, 33-year old woman who is certainly one of the most gifted and celebrated actresses of her generation has more time to win at least 2 Oscars OR that the beautiful, 59-year old woman who is certainly one of the most gifted and celebrated actresses of her generation has more time to earn a more appropriate place in Oscar history?

Living now, during the reign of Streep, are you really OK with the following as her legacy:

Katherine Hepburn 12 nominations, 4 best actress wins
Ingrid Bergman 7 nominations, 2 best actress wins, 1 sup act
Bette Davis 10 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Jane Fonda 7 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Olivia DeHavilland 5 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Elizabeth Taylor 5 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Jodie Foster 4 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Glenda Jackson 3 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Luise Rainer 2 nominationis, 2 best actress wins
Vivien Leigh 2 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Sally Field 2 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Hilary Swank 2 nominations, 2 best actress wins
Meryl Streep 15 nominations, 1 best actress, 1 best sup act
Maggie Smith 6 nominations, 1 best actress, 1 best sup act
Jessica Lange 6 nominations, 1 best actress, 1 best sup act
Helen Hayes 2 nominations, 1 best actress, 1 best sup act
Shelly Winters 3 nominations, 2 best supporting actress wins
Dianne Weist 2 nominations, 2 best supporting actress wins

I remember quite clearly when Sally Field won her 2nd oscar (1984 - I know, some of you weren’t even born yet, but I was, and I was already a devoted Meryl Streep fan) and there was a quote - whether Field made it herself or someone incorrectly attributed it to her, I don’t know (I was too young then to know such a thing could occur) but supposedly Sally Field said:

I am the most honored actress of my generation!

Katherine Hepburn was 77 in 1984. Bette Davis was 76. Luise Rainer was 74. Vivien Leigh and Ingrid Bergman were gone already. Olivia de Havilland was 68. Elizabeth Taylor was 52. Glenda Jackson was 48. Jane Fonda was 47. Sally Field was 38. Meryl Streep was 35. (Foster and Swank were yet to win.)

Streep already had her 2 but one was for supporting actress so that didn’t “count” as much as Sally’s 2 best actress awards. No matter how much you might disagree with this, it is not an uncommon perception. Are you really OK with this being Meryl Streep’s legacy?

Katherine Hepburn was a delight in many, many of her films. Some of her performances are justifiably legendary. But for the history of the Oscars to reflect Hepburn as a more honored actress than Streep seems very wrong to me!

I know, I know, people will look back at all of Meryl’s nominations and be impressed but, as many people have pointed out, Meryl is also the actress with the record of the most losses. As time goes by, it is the winning that people remember.

So how many more times is Meryl really going to be able to get a role that is capable of putting her up for a best actress oscar? I’m not declaring her retired or dead, I’m hoping she’ll keep working as long as she wants and continue to do great things and entertain the hell out of me, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be Oscar worthy roles.

(Right now my gut tells me that, at best, playing Julia Child next year may bring a supporting actress nomination, but even that seems iffy to me.)

And, yes, of course, of all the 60-year old actresses Streep has the best chance for getting whatever 60-year-old Oscar worthy role is written, but how many are there really going to be? And some simply aren’t going to suit her talents.

Again, I think Kate Winslet is the bees knees - she’s gorgeous, she’s very, very smart as an actress, she’s talented as hell, the camera loves her, she’s got range and depth and poise and courage and a whole lot of sexual allure. I believe she truly is one of the greats - more than worthy to be up with those ladies listed above - very much more than several of them, I’m sure many would agree. But is the role in THE READER this year her Scarlett O’Hara? Or her KLUTE or her BOY’S DON’T CRY or her THE ACCUSED? Really?

I haven’t seen all the performances this year and frankly I don’t need to. This year I want to see a once-in-a-century talent get another formal acknowledgment of her brilliance and another appropriate addition to her history even if it is at the expense of others.

And you can scream all you want how the Oscars should only be about the very best performance winning the award each year but that dream has already been compromised so many times, and for far worse reasons than this.

I’m simply amazed that I can still find more to write about on this subject. Many of you must skip right over my blogs by now!

For those of you who stuck with me, thanks and please send a few positive thoughts toward Meryl’s win, even if you still send most of your wishes to another.

Catherine said...

I'm in a very odd headspace, just after seeing Milk. Not a bad space at all, but an odd one. I'm also exhausted, but pretty happy all the same.

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!! Reach for the ibuprofen! It'll do you good!!!

Anonymous said...


God, that was.. strong.

I am a Meryl-Kate fan and I had trouble deciding whom I want to support this year but I decided (since some time ago) I prefer Kate for the win.

1) I loved the performance
2) She seems to care more than Meryl does
3)Hillary Swank has 2 already. :p

It's just that I was tired of listening to the trailers: "Academy Award nominee, Kate Winslet". She is so much more than that but people who are not like us (Oscar junkees) think that winner is superior to nominee, no matter how many time nominee. So I want Kate to be an Academy Award winner even once. After that, I guess I'm rooting for Meryl's third. Especially if she plays in Osage whatever.

Cengiz said...

I feel soar. Yesterday we had dancer rehearsal for Guys and Dolls (not the Broadway Revival, but a Community Theatre production here in Tampa). So my thighs are soar, my back hurts and my head aches from all those moves I've been trying to recall. Oh well. Feel better Nathaniel.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh gaaawwwwwd. Today is retched. 44 degrees (110+ for you Americans) and it's putrid. I was in a cinema until 12 and I really wanted to stay, but didn't have the money and there weren't any sessions of the movies I wanted to see for over an hour (I wanted to see The Wrestler or The Class).

Hope the back gets better

Anonymous said...

For those of you who care to - you should visit the IN CONTENTION site and see how I'm being bashed for the above entry on Meryl Streep - one is by Mr. Foote himself! He says I'm shameful! (It's in the comments section under "Did Harvey Weinstein cost Kate the Oscar?")

I figure most of you here who have already observed my many LONG entires about Meryl know to stay away from me - kinda like how people avoid rabid dogs with a bone.

It's very annoying, though, because I wrote a brilliant (if I do say so myself) response to Mr. Ward over there and it got lost in the ether. Oh well.

I assure you, every time I promise myself I won't write any more about Meryl, someone writes something provocative and/or stupid!