Saturday, January 31, 2009

January. It's a Wrap

Welcome to all new readers and thank you to the many loyal long-timers. Things are buzzing here. It's that time of year but there's lots of stuff in planning stages for the Post Oscar season. In case you missed anything here are 10 highlights from the first month of '09 (though we all know the film year doesn't really start until 02/23/09. It's still 2008 until the last naked gold man is handed out).

EVE in WALL•E an appreciation.
Breakfast With... I hope you're loving the new series. What's your favorite episode thus far?
Top Films of 2008 robots, vampires, wedding guests, washed up wrestlers.
Sharing Time it's always a party when the comments really kick in. Thank you for being such chatty and civil moviegoers. Group hug!
Braveheart vs. Rebecca Mel is scary but Hitchcock truly haunts.

SAG live blogging
I almost wish there was an awards show on every week. What's wrong with me?
9th Day of Christmas is there anything better than dancing dadies?
Nicole Kidman in Nine ... okay maybe singing ladies are better. But it's a toss up.
The FiLM BiTCH Awards I've been giving out my own Oscar like awards for years now. See who gets to walk the imaginary red carpet of my mind. No, I'm not finished. It's a huge undertaking.
Oscar Nomination Talking Points
13 discussables -- the most popular January post.

Coming in February:
Another podcast (tomorrow!), the 4th annual Oscar Symposium, the "We Can't Wait" 2009 preview, Film Bitch Award medals, reports from the New York Comic Con, interviews with Oscar nominees, a special "British Actresses" theme week (by request). Plus the usual mix of new films (Coraline, New York I Love You), old films (How Green Was My Valley, Forrest Gump) and random assorted hijinx.

Stick around, especially after that little ceremony at the Kodak. Movie love is eternal. It can't be contained to a measly three months of statue chasing.


Anonymous said...

"interviews with Oscar nominees"... yay!

I am particularly interested in Melissa Leo (I absolutely adored her performance in "Frozen River") and I want to know how she is in person.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love breakfast with Jules and Vince...I think I actually had breakfast in that restaurant once.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, I'm disappointed you didn't do a happy birthday post for Kerry Washington! It was yesterday!

Glenn Dunks said...

I don't think New York, I Love You is coming out in February anymore.

January is already over here. How frightening!

Anonymous said...

OMG "How Green Was My Valley"! The thought of it brought me out of my lurkiness. :-) I just hope you give it a fair review, not just as "that movie tha beat Citizen Kane"... I LOVE this movie. And it has Maureen O'Hara, she of our favorite movie growing up, "The Parent Trap" (See how I said 'our'?) Anyway, can't wait to see/hear what you have to say about it!


Leehee -- are you one of my friends from childhood hiding under a pseudonym?

because "our" is TOTALLY valid and true. It will be on my personal canon list, don't you worry.

Anonymous said...

No, my name really is Leehee. :-) And "The Parent Trap" really is my favorite movie, so when I read you liked it too, I knew I'd like you. Wanna be friends anyway? I'm also a Broadway freak (Donna Murphy is my favorite, and I know you like her, too), so we have that in common.

Back on topic - I loved the live blogging from the SAG awards. Too funny!

James Hansen said...

Coraline! Woo hoo!