Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pillar of Link

Oscars, Globes and Year in Review
The Feinberg Files on Oscar's foreign film shortlist and that Gomorra snub
Wall Street Journal good article on Slumdog's Co-Director and why she isn't getting any awards attention while Danny Boyle is drowning in it. (Thanks to David, for pointing it out)
Everything Oscar Andy shares his own hypothetical ballot
In Contention my favorite annual thing at IC, "top 10 shots" of the year
MNPP "the golden trousers" actresses of 2008 -- way crazier than Oscar ballots
MTV Movies Drew Barrymore's coiffure at the Globes. It's Ferrari's fault!
Pop Matters top 20 female performances of '08

The Biz
Coming Soon Samuel L Jackson might not reprise his Nick Fury role. Did Marvel notice that he's in every franchise and if you want your franchise to stand out... maybe no Sammy? This is along the same lines of if you have a suspicious/slimeball/annoying neighbor/coworker/troublemaker you don't really have to cast Stephen Tobolowsky or Danny Huston every time. Just a thought. Spread the wealth, Hollywood. There are more than 36 actors in the world looking for work.
The Carpetbagger updates us on the SAG negotiations. Will there be a strike?
Variety & MTV Andrew Stanton's (WALL•E) future project John Carter of Mars. Hells, yeah

Flickers on Derek Jarman's fascinating Sebastiane. God, I haven't seen that movie in forever. Tilda Swinton would be proud if you put it on your rental queue.
Hell on Frisco Bay is doing a cool roundup of top ten lists that are about revivals screened this past year "I only have two eyes 2008" -- some good rental ideas here.


Doug said...

Thanks for the link to Unnatural Devotions. I have a safe for work blog that also has a copy of that post and other movie posts:

Anonymous said...

Which is the link to the guy that's naked and his ass is on the wall?

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, the article on Tandan by WSJ seems excellently researched. Wow! That is an impressive piece of journalism. The way Ms Tandan describes her evolving role (and esp. the "over a Coca Cola and a cup of tea" bit) rings very authentic. I am so impressed that the WSJ wrote an article on this piece. Thanks for pointing it out to us. All I knew before this was that Ms Tandan was hired as a casting director, who helped with the rewriting of some of the script and the pointing out of cultural gaffes. But again, what an excellent article!


kev -- that's SEBASTIANE by derek jarman. beautiful movie

Glenn Dunks said...

I'd be quite happy for Danny Houston to never act again.

Brian Darr said...

thanks for the link, Nathaniel. And for the links- I agree with tesh on the WSJ piece. And as for the Feinberg Files article- why do I get the impression that the guy is positioning his own personal predictions as the only worthy results? So he found industry people upset that Gomorrah and Captain Abu Raed weren't shortlisted, but I bet he could find someone to interview upset about practically any of the submissions that missed out.