Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes:Best Red Carpet Moments and Quick Thoughts

I haven't been very coherent today so I'm not trying to type much at you. But here's a little 7 minute video I prepared with some fun Golden Globe arrival moments and subtitles to show you what I was thinking at the time. Just for... well, for no reason whatsoever.

I hope you're not Globed out yet. Here are a few thoughts on the wins at my Golden Globe category pages


Anonymous said...

any thoughts on Slumdog's peculiar sweeping of every screenplay award? I like the film a lot more than you, Nathaniel, i gave it an A/A-, but I think the screenplay was only good not great. I think the vast majority of the credit for this film goes to Danny Boyle. I give this award to Eli Roth (Button is my number 1)

changetheworld360 said...

"She who must not be named"'s scrunchy face perpetually disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Killer red carpet commentary. ☺

Okay Nathaniel, you’re the guy to turn to…

From what you’ve seen in past races, taking into account buzz rising/fading/double nominees/overdue nominees, etc… where do you see Kate in terms of Oscar:

- Winning in supporting for “The Reader
- Winning in lead for “Revolutionary Road”
- Winning in BOTH categories
- (God forbid) Ending up like Sigourney Weaver in ’88.

There are a lot of factors in play here and I’m dying to get your read on them.

I’ve re-watched Kate winning, uh, more than once. I’ve watched all her backstage interviews. Our girl is euphoric and CLEARLY wants that damn Oscar.

It would obviously be devastating- to put it mildly- for her to go home empty handed on Oscar night.

And for the record, just how Pro-Kate winning are you? Yes, yes, I know you worship her... but I’m not sensing any major enthusiasm about her work this year from you. In other words, are you in the Whatever-it-takes camp (aka two wins ain’t overkill) or does the category fraud/ she’ll have plenty of chances later aspect lead to think it wouldn’t quite be the end of the world?


Ryan... I think that probably deserves a whole post on its own. Maybe tomorrow. I'm totally not in tippitytop shape today (i.e. hangover!)

casey f -- i strongly agree with your statement. I think this is a problem in general and one i've talked about a lot: the tendency of awards bodies to just give a film they love everything without really thinking about what the different elements contribute. I don't love slumdog but the love people feel for it is CLEARLY coming from its energy, color, vibrancy, editing etcetera... and not from the screenplay.

NicksFlickPicks said...

The moment of terrifying silence is amazing, and indeed quite terrifying.

I love that Sigourney is congratulated for presenting. I think that's in the same basic family as, "You're not dead yet!" And I love that the look on her face (at the journalist, not at Beyoncé) is soooo "You are so stupid."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this clip, I LMAO (is that right?) at the "she who must not be named" comment and then at the ridiculous Mamma Mia! Love it.

Antonio Cuesta Pérez said...

I just cannot agree more with your thought on 'She who must not be named'. LMAO.


seriously it was like she was a marionette with a really bad handler who couldn't decide which limb he wanted to move.


Anonymous said...

rennee is an in the closet lesbian thats why she can never be herself cos she wants to turn up in timbalands and sweat pants.

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit what a second rate diana ross think when you have the amazonian weaver biggest loser in history there to talk to, ask her how pissed she feels she lost the oscars in 88 see if she says yeah i'm still fucking mad i did the ice storm,death and the maiden,a map of the world,snow cake and was so funny in the tv set better than half those mominated in 2007 and nothing no mention from anywhere but nat at thfilm experience least he loves m

Anonymous said...

the renee zelwegger part is mean. she doesn't deserve that. what is your problem with her?

Anonymous said...

you are becoming like perez hilton by sowing seeds of hatred over renee zelwegger who has done you no wrong. how disappointing!

Anonymous said...

Beyoncé will be lucky if she still has a career when she's 6O like Weaver who is far from dead, considering she'll have her shot at an Emmy with Prayers for Bobby and who's starring in the most anticipated film of the year, Avatar.

Anonymous said...

Perez Hilton, indeed.
Your comments on Zelwegger are quite insulting and mean and here I was thinking you are a respectable writer.

The differences between you and Perez:
1. Angelina Jolie is her goddess, yours is Nicole Kidman.
2. Perez's objects of vileness are Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise, yours are Renee Zelwegger and Hilary Swank (and maybe Blanchett).

Do they deserve the vileness? No sir. I just wish you do not provoke people to hurl viscious comments over celebrities who have not done anything wrong. It is not right.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I returned this weekend to see both The Reader abd Rev Road and watch Winslet's performances... After the Globes double win ( whick I hated ) ... she should not go for The Reader ( David Cross stole the movie ).. she should go for BA for RR in the Oscars. We both felt she was much better here.

As for people who say she is smart and articulate... after her second win last night, she sounded like a blathering idiot... I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Leo ... If I were Sam Mendes , I would tell her to marry him... it was a little much, even for an actress.

I could dsee a win for her at Oscar tie , but NOT Reader.


afanbefore dear god! i never in my life thought i'd be compared to gross perez hilton.

you have done me more harm with the comparison than I have ever done Renee Z


Anonymous said...

Okay. Confession time. I actually just skimmed the Red Carpet video- I wanted to get the comment out about Kate first.

But having now watched the video in its entirety… and stopped rolling around on the floor in side-slitting laughter… I can’t tell you enough how f*ucking amazing you are at all this- for instance, the Tomei bit; you managed to give wicked/hysterical commentary, while cleverly mixing in cinematic terminology and red carpet reunions of actors from films cherished my your readers. Bravo!

P.S. The “She Who Must Not Be Named” part was pure magic.

NicksFlickPicks said...

@Franklin: To be clear, since I may not have been before: I completely agree with you about Weaver, and I meant to roll my eyes at how idiotically she gets treated here (hauled onto camera and then ignored, and "congratulated" for being a presenter) when she's still such a formidable presence. No disrespect intended, except to the entertainment "reporters" who work these gigs. I totally fess up to my contempt for their gracelessness and unpreparedness.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel --from where I'm standing, you're nothing like Perez Hilton, and I'm sure you know that. Taking some pokes at a handful of celebrities who recurrently leave you cold seems miles different from basing an entire site on tawdry humiliation, hawking a gross lifestyle based on ill-gotten gains, and on frequently made up "news." Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but mine is don't let a comment/comparison that holds no water get you down! (Maybe you don't even care, but I can't help thinking I'd be sort of hurt/annoyed.)

And cmon guys, is writing a comment like that any better than what you say you're complaining about? It's not like Nathaniel wrote to Renee Zellweger to directly criticize her, but um, you guys did almost exactly that to him. I think awards season is heating up and everyones just a little on edge!!

Sally Belle said...

Oh please! Never compare Nathanial to Perez Hilton!
That is too, too cruel.

Evan Rachel Wood is playing a nice girl!
"Whatever Works"...Woody Allen. Coming soon!

Sometimes nice girls like to play bad, and bad girls like to play nice.

Yes, the Slumdog script is getting way to much attention over Roth, for example, and Shanley for another.
Although, the Slumdogs haven't been able to take out the Boss yet!

Anonymous said...

I think I kind of loved Drew's hair. She definitely pulled it off. I want to love Renee. I really do. She makes it hard.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Not to be all "'Round up the horses!" but I'm totally with Sally and voice of reason. That Renée potshot is totally no worse than stuff all of us say in the comments on this blog all the time, and for whatever it's worth, I think this is an incredibly fair and civilized movie blog, in content and response. I hear where you're coming from, but really? Perez Hilton? Renée probably isn't too wild about Nathaniel's blog, but if she wants, she can give a really great performance again like she used to do with some regularity a while ago (which I have no doubt Nathaniel would cheer her on for doing!), and then she can win a fourth Globe for it, and tell all of us to Suck it.

@Nathaniel: You having fun, even when there's a moment of devilish fun, is palpably different (to me) than people who obviously make their living out of being instigators and hyenas, and not caring a single whit about movies. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Evan Rachel Wood plays a nice girl from the south in Woody Allen's "Whatever Works" alongside the very funny Larry David and the immensely talented Patricia Clarkson.

And I love Kate Winslet, she clearly deserves an Oscar but lately she is coming of as totally greedy.

The Ricky Gervais joke on her was perfect. "I told you, you should do a Holocaust movie!"

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Oh my God, did anyone else catch when the announcer introduced Sigourney Weaver as "the star of the upcoming Lifetime movie 'Prayers for Bobby'"? I would have kept walking, right off the stage and to the exit if I was her. They don't deserve Sigourney Weaver.

Also, if Nathaniel were Perez Hilton, he'd be fawning over how hot the Jonas Brothers looked rather than talking about the actual show. Yes, Perez Hilton, who is 30 years old and talks about how gross it is that TR Knight is dating a 20-year-old is obsessed with the Jonas brothers. The youngest one's like sixteen or something, by the way.

Anonymous said...

My theory as to how Winslet won Revolutionary Road and the Reader.

Assume 90 HFPA Journalists:
Thomas: 3 votes
Jolie: 7 votes
Streep: 25 votes
Hathaway: 26 votes
Winslet: 29 votes

NOTICE: Per this theory, 51, or more than half of HFPA split the vote betw Streep and Hathaway, yet nearly a third voted for Winslet out of either overdue love and/or love of performance in RR and/or need to award in one of the 2 categories and they liked Cruz or Tomei more in the other.

I would then venture that out of the HFPA, 30-35 (mostly) DIFFERENT members voted for Winslet in The Reader, which was the performance that was easier (Lead->Supporting, Oscar Bait, Holocaust, lesser competition) to reward.

It is plausible to think that at least 2/3 the HFPA awarded Winslet in one of the two categories.


tesh i get that it's interesting that Kate one two but it seems crazy and nonsensical --i.e. I love it in a really sick way -- to suggest that we should all predict vote counts ;) although couldn't Thomas swing more than 4? she was so good in that movie (even though i didn't like the movie much)

sally glad to hear that the ERW role is a good girl in the Woody Allen... although I'm totally scared of that movie because I think casting Larry David as your surrogate when everyone already hates you (Woody) seems like a really bad idea

foXXtail said...
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Dr. S said...

That "terrifying silence" moment was perfection.

I will add to Nick's suggestions for RZ's redemption that she could also start wearing dresses that fit and flatter her. When incredibly wealthy people wear clothes that suck, and then go out in public in them, I think we can jeer a little. That dress was no good.

To my knowledge, Nathaniel has never MacPainted fake semen onto any celebrity's picture: yet another way in which he is nothing like Perez H. Also, his name isn't a cheap knock-off of one of our most useless celebrities.

Anonymous said...

I guess another possible breakdown:

Thomas: 13 votes
Jolie: 14 votes
Streep:20 votes
Hathaway: 20 votes
Winslet: 23 votes

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say something on Kate being "needy".

I just see her as grateful. She wanted at least one award (she has every right to) and she was incredibly thankful to get 2 which is amazing. I mean, I was thrilled! Imagine how she should feel!
And it's not her who puts the Oscar thing on the table. They all keep asking her if she wants one.


Rob said...

"I give this award to Eli Roth (Button is my number 1)"

ERIC Roth wrote Benjamin Button. Eli Roth wrote Hostel: Part II.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I just watches the video. Perfection!!
Nate, I still don't understand why you didn't like Mamma Mia though I loved how Amanda (who was born the exact same day with me (or as me, I dunno)) provoked you!



I hate Mamma Mia! with affection since I love Meryl, Amanda, Stellan and ABBA.

i hate it with love!

Anonymous said...

I really like Zellweger (for Bridget Jones) and Swank (for Boys Don't Cry), but I still don't care about you making fun of them.
Everybody has different opinions and I guess if you would REALLY REALLY hate them you just wouldn't write about them.
And yes, the bit about Zellweger is VERY funny...

PS: On hangover days you have to eat pizza!!!

Anonymous said...

you missed one of the best moments....when seacrest was chasing down angelina & brad & they both dissed him - LIVE.

"Congratulations on being a presenter" - my fave line.

Anonymous said...

Best Red Carpet moment, hands down was Alec Baldwin being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest.

Alec Baldwin is my hero.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, did anyone else catch when the announcer introduced Sigourney Weaver as "the star of the upcoming Lifetime movie 'Prayers for Bobby'"? I would have kept walking, right off the stage and to the exit if I was her. They don't deserve Sigourney Weaver.

Well, that is her next film, and that's how the Globes do it -- introduce presenters according to their latest works. They weren't going to say, "Star of 'Aliens' and 'Working Girl'".

Anonymous said...

Insulting a celebrity just by how he or she looks is instigating hate and that is objectionable. Nat, do you really have to do that to Renee? Leave that to Perez or I would have to agree that you are no better than Perez. Can u possibly not instigate hate comments?