Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breakfast With... Molina

I think it's some form of baked beans.

_________But for breakfast and every day?

Wherever you're reading from, I hope your cell is comfy and your cell mate is willing to listen to all of your crazy movie stories.


Unknown said...

I find funny that for a while during the shooting of this picture, Raul Julia and William Hurt decided to take each other roles. Hector Babenco refused the idea but I can't help but a wonderful Molina played by Julia.


you mean during rehearsals? omg. i'd love to see a clip of that.

Anonymous said...

no one is ever willing to listen to my crazy movie stories... exaggeration but almost no one is. i was just thinking today about how low the appreciation for art has sunk with my generation. my friends don't want to talk about any movie unless its mindless action (300) or mindless comedy (Chuck and Larry?) they can't even listen to any reasonable excuse for artistic music. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy are not artists. I feel like i may just be in a cell