Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Linky GaGa

Nick's Flick Picks Nick picks this top ten 2008 flicks (top 12 if you're counting the undistributed)
This Recording interesting take on Revolutionary Road "a movie about illusions. The actors act like people acting..."
popbytes Glenn Close finally got her Hollywood Blvd star just yesterday!
NewNowNext Tilda Swinton as the "Voice of Hope"

IZ Reloaded Whoa. check out this sexist 70 year old rejection letter from Disney
The Bad & The Ugly casting call for Johnny Depp's female co-star in The Rum Diary. Good luck finding the right enigmatic sexual daredevil
My New Plaid Pants gives Slumdog Millionaire an award I can finally get behind
Glark maybe these cats should've starred in Valkyrie instead
Coming Soon awesome rumor alert: Linda Hamilton and Terminator Salvation

a couple of Globe pieces
Low Resolution stat sheet (hee)
fourfour Rich hates the Globes and tells you in exactly which ways


Katey said...

I feel about Slumdog now the way I felt Obama way back forever ago, when I just wasn't entirely on board, and was made to feel like a hope-hating monster for not drinking the Kool-Aid.

Of course this means Slumdog will inevitably rise to rule us all, but if it promises to fix the economy that'll be fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Huh. I've got a different reaction to Obama. I used to adore him till he went all "Oh I'm not going to discuss Israel's genocide on Palestine...". Huge disappointment!

Sally Belle said...

Re: The Rum Diary casting call

Scarlett Johansson is not capable of playing Chenault in The Rum Diary. She may look right, but it requires massive acting skills and something a bit more dangerous then Johansson and for that matter Knightly seems capable of. I've read the script. They can't just plug in some Megan Fox or Amber Heard and call it a day.

I know they usually think the female roles are expendable and more important to have a "hottie"... but, if they don't cast an actress for this...you'll hear me scream all the way from to NYC.

Chuck W said...

Those cats are far more convincing than the amusingly camp-butch Tom Cruise and the forever-lurching, grand warlord David Bamber doing his best impersonation of the ringwraiths from Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings. By god, an all-feline cast might have made that movie watchable--not to mention more authentic and realistic than that rollercoaster of crap.

Anonymous said...

Julie Christie circa the mid-60s would fit that Rum Diary role like a glove... All that effortless sexuality-oozing ... sigh.