Thursday, January 08, 2009

If They Could Link Me Now!

The Bloggies obviously you should take the time to nominate me for everything. I never make it -- they tend to only honor the blogs with millions of readers in bigger categories and they don't have a "best film blog" category -- but hope spring eternal!
The Playlist Morricone not scoring Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds
Filmmaker Netflix just keeps getting better. Now they're funding filmmaking in a new contest (if you're a filmmaker apply quickly)
The Bad and the Ugly has some words for Lindsay Lohan re: her Interview interview
Towleroad Sir Ian McKellen's performance as King Lear is coming to PBS. Minus his penis.

Lazy Eye Theater with a fun example of Doubt getting in its own way
Twitch Mickey Rourke reaping benefits of Wrestler comeback
Defamer trash talks film critic top 10 lists
i09 why are vampires so sexy?
my internet is where I want u to touch has an opinion about an opinion. guess who and which...

Awards Show Madness
Guardian Xan Brooks wonders what the point of the People's Choice Awards is? It's like shooting fish in a barrell but he makes very good points.
Defamer talks to the "Razzie" people on the possible nominees
Thompson on Hollywood
a little more on those finalists in the f/x Oscar race


rosengje said...

ANGELA BASSETT AT BFCAs looking gorgeous


yeah i'm vaguely watching. but everybody looks pretty. can't wait for the globes this weekend. WOOT.

RahulB said...


Anonymous said...

Anne Hathaway tied with Meryl Streep for Best Actress at the BFCA's. Along with this new Golden Globe buzz, can Hathaway really win the Oscar? She gave a great speech.

The Pretentious Know it All said...


It's Streep versus Hathaway for the win.

That's all.

RahulB said...

So a botched Devil Wears Prada reunion?

Nick M. said...

The BFCA broadcast is really, really depressing me. No wonder people say they hate critics. Everyone seems uncomfortable and embarrassed. I don't blame them.

adam k. said...

To paraphrase Nat on these awards in some previous year:

I didn't even know they were on tonight. That's how much I care.

But I do wish I'd been watching for that Streep/Hathaway tie. How fun.

adam k. said...

Although, remember, last time there was an actress tie at the BFCA awards (Adams/Williams), neither won the oscar. That could happen again (WINSLET is looming).


good point.