Monday, January 12, 2009

The For Your Consideration Corner

Glenn here again for another FYCC installment. Have y'all recovered from the Golden Globes? I know I have... but then again, I wasn't able to watch them (damn you Australian television networks!) and instead relaxed at home watching season one of Veronica Mars all over again. I'm sure the Globes were fun, but Veronica wins out every time.

Doubt is a movie based around words, is it not? Based on the TONY-winning stage place by John Patrick Shanley, the film itself hasn't quite gotten the Best Picture buzz it had hoped for, instead being crushed under the weight of the other high profile stage adaptation Frost/Nixon (discussed here in December). Apart from the acting, however, the one category most people are predicting Doubt to be nominated in is Best Adapted Screenplay. Quite apt then that while looking at the For Your Consideration ads I felt like I was reading a screenplay. It probably takes just as long.

Oh sure, they can't help that the SAG category listings are incredibly long-winded and needlessly long, but I can't help but begin to snooze whenever I look at them. Granted, Doubt isn't exactly a movie that screams bright colours or gee whiz imagary but much like that girl in The House Bunny (oh yes) my eyes start to glaze over every time I see these ads trying to talk me to death and smother me in text. Not even any interesting shaping (where are the five star raves in the shape of a nun's habit? WHERE?!) or play on symbolism - although the white ad to the left is a start. Incredibly disappointing, don't you think?

For Your Consideration Ad of the Week:

I love that they kept the visual style used in the initial poster campaign (and one of the best posters of 2008) and applied it to their ads. From the wonderfully quaint font and edging, to the texture of the creases and even the slight cheesiness of the photo (tourism snapshots and all). It's all wonderfully conceived and far more vibrant and interesting than whatever Frost/Nixon campaigned with this week, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I love Veronica Mars! If you can't have the Globes, Veronica is certainly a worthy alternative.

Anonymous said...

Very true about In Bruges. Please let it be nominated for Best original screenplay


i wish i had In Bruges postcards to send people.