Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hump Day Hotties, Gael García Bernal & Diego Luna

"Hump Day Hotties" is back (Just pretend this piece arrived yesterday. Go with it!)

Things have been quiet, at least in the US, when it comes to everyone's favorite Mexican Gael García Bernal. In 2008 he gave an against-type performance in Blindness (my review) but the film didn't catch. 2009 should be a better year for Bernal fans. It's already a great year for Bernal himself. He just became a father. His girlfriend, actress Dolores Fonzi (pictured left) gave birth to a baby boy last Thursday who they named Lazaro [src]

Congratulations to the couple!

We don't generally cover birth notices at The Film Experience so we're here to talk about another couple. The reason we're thinking of Bernal this morning (does one need a reason?) is that Sony Pictures Classics just picked up distribution rights to Rudo Y Cursi which is the first onscreen reunion of the Y Tu Mamá También boys. Diego Luna has been higher profile this winter. He's recently snagged a SAG nomination (Best Ensemble) for Gus Van Sant's Milk.

photo from Gael fan

Their new film together is directed by Carlos Cuarón (yes, that's Alfonso's brother who co-wrote Y Tu Mamá) and will be playing at the Sundance Film Festival this month. Can't wait to see these two together again. Apparently Mexican audiences felt the same and the film is already a smash there.

Here's a little about the plot from the press release.
Tato (Gael García Bernal) and Beto (Diego Luna), two brothers living a hard life of manual labor in rural Mexico, have a simple dream of saving enough money to build their mother her dream house. But fate has other plans; a friendly game of soccer leads to first one, then the other being taken on by the nation’s top talent scout, Batuta, and gives rise to the first of many emotional head to heads between brothers. Suddenly, they find themselves living the high life of star athletes—fame, riches, fast cars, and beautiful women. But every dream has a dark side, and when they are forced to compete on rival teams, bitterness brews between them. Mutual trust gives way to resentment and betrayal, while the dangers of their wild new lifestyles threaten debt and the safety of their entire family. In the end, all will ride on the one big game between their two clubs. Tato and Beto must face each other on the pitch but also reunite again as brothers before they lose everything they had once dreamed of.
That's a lot of words but all I'm hearing is that this film contains no makeout session between Gael & Diego.

Regardless, I'm still there when it opens. Every time I think Gael couldn't be any more loveable as a movie star he ups the adorability somehow (Es esto posible? no se) Here's his version of Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" from Rudo Y Cursi

If we could transport Gael in full cowboy gear over back in time into Madonna's "Don't Tell Me" video my life might finally be complete. Double my pleasure. Now that I've mentioned it it's out there in the ether and someone will surely comply.

But maybe there's no point trying to top Madonna mixed with Brokeback Mountain which has perhaps already cornered the market on orgasmic gay C&W movie/pop collision?

How did this post become about Madonna? It's a sickness.

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Anonymous said...

Strange that you posted this, as I rewatched Y Tu Mama Tambien the other day for the first time in a long, long while. And all I could think about was how hot these two are. Definitely worthy of a hump day hotty mention!

Anonymous said...

If Nat R is up at this early hour, then I eagerly await his 'OMG Slumdog Love has been stretche too far' reaction to Freida Pinto's nomination at the BAFTAs.

Anonymous said...

What about Dev Patel. Vomit.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel I just can't wait to hear what you're going to say about the Baftas.
They're quickly becoming the worst of the worst (damn them and their love for Cotillard), with the Globes becoming better and better...

-TOTAL Mike Leigh Snub, (no Sally Hawkins? Angelina Jolie in Changeling? Give me a break), even in the best british film category (which includes MAMA MIA! it makes me want to cry)
-A throwaway nomination for Clint Eastwood at the expense of Gus Van Sant
-No Woody for screenplay (but nods for Changeling and I've Loved You so long)
-Amy Adams, but no Viola Davis (in a category that includes Tilda Swinton in Burn after reading)
-Best music: Mamma Mia?

And Last but not least

-Dev Patel for best actor


Anonymous said...

I thought Diego Luna was the only glaring weak spot in Milk. the part was hard in my opinion because hes so damn annoying and lame, but Luna did him no justice. I couldnt help but feel a little tiny bit of rlief for Harvey when he died. at least Harvey didnt have to deal with his shit any more

Anonymous said...

One word: "Mammoth."

Gael Garcia Bernal. Michelle Williams. Lukas Moodysson.

Is there any way that isn't going to be amazing?

Julien: My rant isn't terribly spirited -- largely because I gave up on the BAFTAs a long time ago -- but until Nat delivers, perhaps this will do:

Anonymous said...

Guy- I've read it already! God that felt good!

And i've also read the most ridiculous post of the year at Awards Daily, Ryan Adams praising the Baftas for nominating Dev and Freida
It has to be read to be believed.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping the Oscar nominations will make up for possibly the worst set of Bafta nominations ever.

Michael Parsons said...

Mama Mia is HUGELY popular in the UK...That explains it...but still........shicking nominaions

Anonymous said...

Anyone just came in their pants watching Gael and Diego making out? No? Just me? Okay ...

Anonymous said...

bafta noms are out! 2 supporting acting noms for Slumdog Millionaire. Does Nat now tear out his hair?

Anonymous said...

oops! my bad. dev patel in lead? i am speechless

Michael Parsons said...

In the end Nat, isn't it always about Madonna in some way?

Anonymous said...

BAFTAS nods for "the most beautiful supporting actress in the film we loved" are great! Three terrific picks: Pinto, Cruz and Tomei.
I'd go with Pinto because I believe she could be even more beautiful hadn't it been for the deglam. She has this scar on her face towards the end of the film.

alex said...

BAFTA noms are WEIRD, man.

Anonymous said...

Regarding birth announcements, didn't Diego Luna just recently become a father as well?

Apparently, Gael García Bernal is friends with Daniel Brühl. I SO want to see these two in a film together. I wouldn't mind if Diego was in it as well. ;)


michael YES (and thanks for humoring me)

others BAFTA commentary coming right up

anna yeah, I think in the summer? so they're both new daddies.

Anonymous said...

Gael García Bernal has Kate Winslet's lips.


Anonymous said...

"How did this post become about Madonna? It's a sickness."

Haha. I love you, Nathan.

J.D. said...

I've said it before, but Diego deserves to have the same amount of fame Gael has. Milk withstanding (yes).

Also, if someone says to me "Bernal and Luna and Cuarón" -- I explode in giddiness. Even if it's not Alfie, a Cuarón is a Cuarón, dammit.

Anonymous said...

Bernal and Luna's women are hot.


Anonymous said...

As adorable as Gael is in the video with the Spanish cover of the Cheap Trick song, it's hardly fair to anyone that the women are half naked and he's fully dressed.



good one Paul

Anonymous said...

I saw Rudo y Cursi last week. The film has some good moments, funny ones, but it's not even close to Y tu mama tambien. Somewhere in the middle it becomes boreing. I belive the film does not achive the deeper meaning it wants to express about the loss of goals and the importance of family, and it's more than anything a goofy movie.


Anonymous said...

I have to say i had good expectations on this movie since Y tu mama... is one of my favorite movies ever. I was awfully disappointed, because it was supposed to be a comedy and i didn't laugh at all, it's raunchy and kitsch and very over-the-top performances. The chemistry between Gael and Diego remains, but in this movie is not the same.

A very disappointing 4/10 :(

Anonymous said...

This movie actually surpass my expectations. Its one of the best Mexican comedies in the decade but the problem is that I believe Americans won't like it because it is full of local jokes and I think they just won't get it.

Chris Na Taraja said...

how bad is this video!? Come on, if we weren't already in love with Gael, wouldn't we totally scoff at this?