Friday, January 30, 2009

You think you know who you link. You have no idea.

Thompson on Hollywood will Milk surprise in Best Picture?
Armond White with his annual sh**-starting "Better-Than" list
Coming Soon
Amanda Seyfried vs. The Bening in an Oscar Wilde comedy? I'm so there.
Dear Jesus Whitney wishes she were more like Diane Keaton...
Just Jared yet more Nine set photos. This time it's Pené

"Moments Out of Time"
I used to love this. I'm glad they're still doing it. A list of great singular moments in 2008's movies
Flickhead writes a pretty hawt tribute to Wanted... yes, that Wanted
Lazy Eye Theater
, often prone to amusing shapeshifting as a blog, has now become some sort of anti-Slumdog machine (but this Slumdog is Crash correlation? I guess I agree after reading)

Movie City Indie AMC is doing that Best Picture marathon again. Five movies for $30. Tomorrow! In 42 different cities. I think this would be soooo fun except -- well, only if I could live blog it and you can't exactly bring glowing laptops into the cinema, now can you? But I bet it would be fun except -- always with the conditions Nathaniel sheesh -- well, AMPAS did sort of do a dull job in picking the five, didn't they? And I'm not talking about snubbing The Dark Knight. I'm talking about the lack of a "WOW" factor.


Glenn Dunks said...
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Glenn Dunks said...

Why link to someone like Armond White? Weird. Of course he thinks The Witnesses (where everyone's miserable and gets AIDS) and Jumping the Broom (black-centric TV based movie) are better than Milk (uplifting, superbly acted, directed and technically proficient film about one of the most iconic members of the gay - hell, let's say political in general - community.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, and for the record, put a 16-year-old in a movie and get him to take his shirt off (something many boys that age will do any chance they get, no?) and it's instantly "pedophilia".

God damn it, I hate him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to Armond White, Nathaniel.

He's always a conversation-starter, to say the least.

Benji said...

Annette Bening is going to play Sean Bean's mother??? WTF??? They are about the same age!

Glenn said...

Meanwhile Kung Fu Panda just beat Wall-E at the ANNIE awards. But KFP was terrible! ugh... what the hell?

PIPER said...

Yeah, it's kind of funny that I'm rooting against Slumdog, yet I'm dedicated a lot of space to it.

Thanks for the link.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Glen, what are the ANNIE Awards?

RJ said...

All this piling on Slumdog is gettig ridiculous . . . OVER IT.

Glenn said...

Piper, they're the Animation society (not sure what ANNIE stands for) but they're like the Oscars for animated films.

Guy Lodge said...

Eewww... why did you have to give us a "Crash" quote? What did we do to you?

Next up: "I'm linking all the time and I don't know why!"


oh that's a good one too. Maybe platitudes and faux profundities are just the thing?

Anonymous said...

That Armond White is a real bad-ass. Two slaps to the face of Gus Van Sant. Do filmmakers care about this stuff?

Obviously, I thought the disses I agreed with (Milk, Slumdog Millionaire) were brilliant and the ones I disagreed with (Frost/Nixon, Synechdoche) were unfounded and petty.

Anonymous said...

Armond White = "LOOKIT ME I'M SOOOOO DIFFERENT AND ~~~~EDGY!!!!!~~~~"