Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nicole Chased by Paparazzi (Onscreen, That Is)

Pics from the set of the Broadway musical adaptation Nine are starting to show up online. Here we see Nicole Kidman, who plays famous actress (quelle stretch!) Claudia, and Daniel Day-Lewis as famed director Guido Contini being hounded by paparazzi.

What a strange thing for someone of Kidman's fame level to "act" onscreen. It must feel like a f'ing documentary. You can see many more photos at I'm Not Obsessed and Just Jared.

If you're not familiar with Nine, for shame. I've given you so many links and posts and such with which to study up. Claudia's has two super numbers in the show: One is a heartbreaker semi-duet with Carla (Penélope Cruz) called "Simple" -- would that Tom Cruise had played Contini! ;) imagine the pop culture implosion!, but the other is her big solo "A Very Unusual Way" and it goes a little something like this...

(because I am a crazy person I'm giving you many amateur versions to choose from. Only true theater queens -- you know who you are -- should watch all four)

From left to right first row: college recital performances by Melissa and Allie
From left to right bottom row: Jersey Boys cast member Craig Lauriein performing it in Chicago and Samantha Servais in a college production. That final clip, Samantha's gives you the most typical sense of how it's generally performed in the show.

Isn't that a great song? I can't wait to hear the 'Sparking Diamond' Satine sing it, can you?

There's also a low sound quality bootleg of the Broadway performance at YouTube that doesn't allow embedding, curse it!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you. I so want this film to be good, but I have my doubts. First of all, Fergie? Really? Second, Daniel Day-Lewis in this role? I love you, Danny Day, you crazy bastard, and I have seen every movie you've been in, including that horrible one where you were a Patagonian dentist on a motorcycle, but . . . I'm worried. Maybe it's the Rob Marshall connection.

Anonymous said...

God, I was just thinking about making a comment on "Nine". I was thinking: This year there have been 2 nominees for supporting from the same movie (Doubt). Normally, Nine would easily get 2 niminations (at least) in that category. But can it happen 2 years in a row? Isn't it a little unlikely?

For some reason, I have no concern whether this film will be good or not. I am sure (despite having just seen "Doubt") it will be good.

mB said...

Wow, amazing song.

I'm actually very excited about this film. It's an actressexual wet dream. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Bridget Bardot eat your heart out!
La Kidman has arrived!

Anonymous said...

This cast is simply unreal. How about the women of "Nine" filling up all five BSA slots next year? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Nicole looks gorgeous in those photos. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, R & B Singer Mya was in Chicago, granted not a big part. Remember Fergie was an actress before she was a singer.

I hope they don't hype this movie up, but it will be.

Cluster Funk said...

I still don't get why Antonio Banderas was inexplicably passed over for Guido. He played the role brilliantly on stage, has a good voice, and quintessential Latin charm. I can't vouch for Daniel Day-Lewis, but this part seems miscast already. Hope that I'm proven wrong though.

Anonymous said...

I love all the actors in this movie but especially Nicole and I am just so excited and can't wait for the opening.

Anonymous said...

Just by reading the ca(s)t list for this movie gives me chills. I've been pumped for this since it was announced but these photos.... GAH!

Anonymous said...

November 25th can't come soon enough!!!

ZiZo said...

Look at this picture

I just LOVE the subliminal publicity!

Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm sensing this movie to be the oscar bomb of '09. Please don't tear me apart.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for this musical. Hope it's gonna be as successfull as Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Kidman is purely sizzling! She looks so hot, beautiful and elegant. I LOVE her hair. This 60s style looks just bloody fantastic on her. (imagine this hair with a mini dress).

I can´t wait to see the movie.
Kidman for Best Supporting Actress 2009!!!

You have to look at this picture. This is perfection.
It almost looks like a still:

The woman looks like a goddess.

Janice said...

Nat, I refer you back to your own Moulin Rouge essay comments on Nicoles voice (re: One Day I'll Fly Away):

//it needed a cabaret-rich voice since it's a yearning character number. Nicole doesn't have that kind of a voice. Don't get me wrong: She does fine overall in the film and her performance is grade A. But these kinds of number, big weepy torch song solos, they only astound when a truly gifted, big voiced musical star sings them. I've seen enough Broadway theater and A-list cabaret to know the difference between a pleasing voice and a voice built to tell you about a characters soul.//

(Not my fault that I can't shake that essay from my head.)

My question being, has Nicole got the sort of voice that can handle that admittedly lovely song? Granted she doesn't have to fill the auditorium but her singing voice onscreen thus far has struck me as rather thin. (And I say this as a Kidman fan, btw.) Unless they take the song out or alter it - when a musical makes the transition from stage to screen you never know how they are going to change it or what song will get dropped.

But yes, she does look gorgeous here.

In terms of casting, I'm less worried about Fergie (which sounds like an interesting out of the box choice) than I am about Ms Hudson. And I'm still not sure about DDL, much as I love him - I thought the main character was "latin" and DDL is - well, he's not. Then again, seeing DDL and La Kidman share screen time has always been one of my cinematic fantasies (although I always thought it would be in a drama) so I'm still eager to see what happens with this one (oh please be good, please be good....)

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:37.. I *love* that still.. and Kidman's lips. Yep, beautiful. :)


Janice said...

Anonymous 7:37, do you mean this one?

Your link wouldn't work for me.


Rosemarie -- oops. my words come back to haunt me. It is true. "Unusual Way" is not an easy song. it's got delicate phrasing and it's complicated emotionally -- the latter part i'm not worreid about that much if Kidman remembers to act through it.

but watching a lot of youtube clips on this number (not the ones I posted) it seems to be very tough for people without a powerful voice.


If any song gets cut it won't be this one which is one of the musical's few famous and well loved numbers.

Anonymous said...

By the way the songs have actually all been altered somewhat to suit the cast's voices, and one of the songs has actually been turned into a trio with Cruz, Kidman and Cotillard.
Its kind of amusing that Kate Hudson's character was originally a snobby film critic, but is now a fashion reporter for Vogue.

Kim said...

Count me as one of the mystified that Banderas wasn't cast. Maybe he wasn't available? He was fantastic in the Broadway Revival, and in my opinion should have gotten the Tony over Harvey for Hairspray.

Anonymous said...

@ Rosemarie: Yeah that is the picture I meant.

I got to admit "Unusual way" is a hard song to sing but I am postive that she´ll do it. Plus she has some singing experience (Moulin Rouge, Something Stupid, Happy Feet) and I think it´ll sound great.

I am more than curious about the movie: The cast is massive, the crew is fantastic and the story is great + it is a musical. The only "actor" I am still worried about is Fergie (can you even call her actor?). Luckily her part is not really big lol.

Peter Chan said...
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Peter Chan said...

wow.... those shots look like it's lifted from a Chanel or Dior ad. Both Kidman & Lewis look stunning.

Anonymous said...

I think in movie musicals it's a bonus if an actor has a great voice (Judy Garland), but it's not essential (Fred Astaire) if, as Nathaniel said, they remember to act through the song. That's the big problem I've had with a lot of recent musicals like Sweeney Todd. It's seems like the acting goes down a couple of notches whenever the singing starts.

I really want Nine to be good, but I'm getting flashbacks to the Marlon Brando version of Guys and Dolls.

Anonymous said...

Unusual Way is one of the most glorious soprano songs in musical theater. Listen to the original soundtrack. It's stunning. So based on Moulin Rouge, I'm pretty convinced Nicole's not at all up for it. And I don't know if she's a good enough actor to make it work in the way that Johnny Depp made Sweeney work despite his similarly thin, small voice.

I also worry (though not as much) about Sophia and Penelope, whose songs were also originally written for strong sopranos.

The one number I'm not at all worried about is Follies Bergere, performed by the perfectly-cast Judi Dench.

Janice said...

BTW "Rosemarie" above was moi (I messed up with my blogger account the other day. Either that or I've got an evil twin.)

And, I have no doubt whatsoever that La Kidman will be up for the acting bit of it, whatever happens with the singing.

John, you sound as though you have some inside information? Details, details. Don't hold out on us, please!

Anonymous said...

Something new for you:


Anonymous said...

Just saw Margot at the Wedding last night again for the first time since I saw it in theaters back in the fall of 2007. I had almost forgotten how great Nicole was in that movie! I just wanted to thank you for being one of the few, maybe the only, to honor that performance!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking: This year there have been 2 nominees for supporting from the same movie (Doubt). Normally, Nine would easily get 2 niminations (at least) in that category. But can it happen 2 years in a row? Isn't it a little unlikely?:

2000: Kate Hudson and Frances McDormand
2001: Helen Mirren and Maggie smith
2002: Catherine Zeta-Jones (Winner) and Queen Latifah.

I think is possible, but also I think Nine will break the Tom Jones's record for three supporting Actress Nominees:

My perception:

*Marion Cotillard
*Penelope Cruz
*Sophia Loren
That would be AMAZING if we have the only TWO actresses who won the Oscar for a foreign language film.

*Nicole Kidman (But her role is a cameo... or not?)
*Penelope Cruz
*Judi Dench

Perception of the role:
*Marion Cotillard
*Penelope Cruz
*Judi Dench

Anonymous said...

Nicole looks absolutely gorgeous!

Some new pics:

and even more here:

Daniel Day Lewis and Nicole Kidman seem to get along very, very well. That one pic where they are holding hands is just love.

bubba said...

Nicole was brilliant in Margot at the Wedding.

I understand the concerns regarding her voice for the song number, but I have no doubt that coupled with her wonderful acting chops, she can pull off the scenes.


anon 3:06 --unless they change the musical (which they might) Claudia is not really only a cameo... but Cruz & Cotillard have the biggest female roles

the musical goes like so (with my favorite numbers in bold) IF it's similar to the stage show

Overture (COMPANY)
Not Since Charlie Chaplin (COMPANY)
Guido's Song (DAY-LEWIS)
My Husband Makes Movies (COTILLARD)
A Call From the Vatican (CRUZ * phenomenal number... won Jake Krakowski the TONY)
Only With You (DAY-LEWIS)
Folies Bergeres (DENCH)
The Bells of St. Sebastian (DAY-LEWIS & COMPANY)

A Man Like You/Unusual Way/Duet

The Grand Canal (DAY-LEWIS)
Simple (KIDMAN & CRUZ)
Be On Your Own (COTILLARD)
I Can't Make This Movie (DAY-LEWIS)
Getting Tall
Nine/Long Ago/Nine (COMPANY)


and given Oscar's tastes, Cotillard is the most Baity role... because she's the "long suffering spouse" and you know how they eat that shit up.

gabrieloak said...

Nine is one of my favorite musicals and I have no idea if Marshall is sensitive enough to direct it. Why am I afraid he'll turn it into something brassy and cheap?

I saw both the original production and the revival on Broadway. Tune really did something special in the original.

The score is not easy to sing so I'm afraid what we're going to hear.

Anonymous said...

DDL and Nic make such a great couple! I hope they show up together to the Oscars just like that on the 22nd.

Anonymous said...

I said this about Nic this year, but I am hoping, *hoping* she will be able to grab a supporting nomination. I am so sick of the Academy passing her over, and this role should be more friendly for them.

Anonymous said...

Is Cotillard's role big enough to go lead? I'm wondering if she will campaign lead for this and supporting for Public Enemies.


BW... unless they've majorly altered the musical, all the women are unquestionably supporting.

Glenn Dunks said...

She actually looks gorgeous there, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

I think that's the Kidman the Academy loves. The STAR, you know ? The STAR who plays in Oscarbait movies, not the character actor in weird indie movies. They see her as a reminiscence of old Hollywood so they prefer to see her in this type of production.

I'm almost sure the nom is in the bag if she can pull off the singing.

But one thing that makes me think she will is that I've heard many people saying they thought she was a rather good singer for an actor.


Anonymous said...

well the Academy loved Nicole as Virginia Woolf, so I don't think that is quite the case

Anonymous said...

I think the Academy had a crush on Nicole out of the blue and then got bored. In any case, she has proven herself one of the greatest of her generation (that is the generation between Winslet and Streep perhaps? Let's say it is.) and 2 nods (even 3) don't reflect her abilities (OK maybe 3 would be a good number for now).

Glenn said...

I think it was that Nicole turned out to be an actress that the Academy didn't want her to be. They would've loved for her to make movies like Charlize did with North Country or Clint Eastwood movies, but she chose to work with people like Jonathan Glazer, Lars Von Trier and so on. That doesn't make you popular.

Anonymous said...

You´re right Glenn.
But then she has pretty good chances this year with the Academy as she is working with Rob Marshall.

I hope the Academy won´t ignore/oversee her performance again.

It looks so promising.


i personally think IF this film manages two supporting actress nominees (a huge IF) it'll be Cotillard and Cruz (unless Cruz wins this year in which case they'll take a break I think and we could see Cotillard and Dench)

I think this role is an ideal one for KIDMAN but it screams "glamourous star!" more than it screams Oscar candidate.

my personal take at least

Anonymous said...

@ anonyous

The Hours is the definition of a prestige Hollywood drama, not a weird European indie movie.

Anonymous said...

Comments range from "she is beautiful" to "she is gorgeous" and yet, I wonder how many "Her face is frozen" comments we will be reading when the movie is actually released. This happened with Margot At The Wedding where people marvelled at the way she looked more natural on the movie set, same thing with Australia but as soon as the movies were released, it was all about the frozen face, again.

To add, she looks gorgeous and I hope she gets credit for her work in this film. A great actress who should be given more credit than she has gotten so far.

Paoiekins said...

I justs aw a snippet of nicole on Oprah and personally, I like it more than the theatrical versions. I mean Nicole sings with the voice of a normal woman, you can almost feel for yourself how insecure she is underneath all that glamour-- and frankly, that is who claudia is.