Monday, March 02, 2009

Don't you wish old photos came with audio tracks?

Or that you could time travel into the room as they were being taken.

And if either of those things were possible, wouldn't you grab every Old Hollywood candid you could find in order to listen in or join the party? What exactly would Rosalind Russell, Greer Garson and Merle Oberon chat about anyway? Roz only cares about the camera but who are Greer and Merle all smiles about?

I mean just fantasize for a moment about a night at ... on the bar with Marlene Dietrich and Claudette Colbert.

How much would you have to drink to not be starstruck and join right in. Too much. Too much I say. The mind clouds. The hangover would be epic.

Here's a photo I've cherished my whole life from an old out of print Natalie Wood book from the 80s. It's Dennis Hopper and Wood discussing acting styles as they screen A Streetcar Named Desire in the 50s. (Vivien Leigh was Natalie's favorite actress)

Imagine how many times "Method" and "Actor's Studio" were invoked in that conversation. Imagine the names that were casually dropped.

Blog challenge!
If you have a blog, post a hollywood candid or three you'd most like to hear the accompanying audio track to. I'll link up right here. Spread the namedropping / eavesdropping love.

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Anonymous said...

My name links to my blog where Bette Davis gives out food.
Would you like to supersize that?

Zach said...

I threw some pics up over at my blog. It's new (the blog) and still a work in progress, but everyone should be sure to visit.


James Colon said...

I posted a photo of Robert DeNiro and Liza Minelli giggling at some downtown shindig. Not much of a photo, but I love the exuberance of the photographer in the background.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Nathaniel! I really appreciate it.

BTW, when does the new Actress Psychic contest start?


this month. usually middle to end of march. but i haven't done the research part yet.

Jason Adams said...

This was tough to narrow down! But I did.

Paul Outlaw said...

I can't believe JA and I both posted the SAME PHOTO!

Neb said...

Here we go, two of the most beautiful women of all-time, maybe with some underlying drama? That'd be nice.

Peter Chan said...

Lurve me some Joseph Cotten. Some Bette Davis divaness doesn't hurt either.

Mark said...

I couldn't resist throwing up a few pictures. Great idea!

Janice said...

That Marlene/Claudette pic just about has me hyperventilating, thinking of the sapphic possibilities!

Paul Outlaw said...

Nathaniel, have you ever seen this photo I just stumbled across? If not (or even if so), please do something with it... ;-)


that's classic "on their way"

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta see Beyond the Forest! Bette utters the immortal three words: "What a dump!"

- said...

Check it!

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I know you said "old photos" in the title, but I could not resist the more recent. It's where my heart is. Anywho, here it is. Enjoy!

D.W. Gardner said...

Mine's got the oldest pictures! Neener Neener Neener!

Karen said...

I just added mine: Dorothy Dandridge and Jack Denison. Here's the link: