Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Who Links the Linkmen?

Multiple Men
<--- Jezebel has words for Vanity Fair on their self spoofing
Erik Lundegaard on the NYT box office coverage and love of Paul Blart. "Dudes: Cover the industry. Don’t cover for the industry." Well played Erik, well played.
Mighty God King "If Batman Did Rap Battles" (What's the equivalent of 8 Mile in Gotham City?) Rude but funny.
IZ Reloaded How Benjamin Button got his face
my internet is where i... has an opinion, yes she does, on Stanley Kubrick
Gawker on the controversies surrounding The Kindly Ones. How soon till this latest sexual SS Officer book becomes a movie a la The Reader?
Indie Wire wonders what happened to the release of I Love You Philip Morris

The Bad and Ugly Matthew Goode to fanboys. Apparently they piss him off. As you may know I lust me some Goode and somehow I had not realized he was Ozymandias in Watchmen. It was the blonde hair, Batman and Robin era costume (nipples!) and presence of people I love even more (Crudup, Wilson and Gugino) that threw me off that trail. I am apparently in the lonely 1.4% of the public who is only somewhat interested in this movie. In other words I want to see it but I'm not salivating after that 15 minutes I saw.
NY Post wonders if Zach Snyder is the new Stanley Kubrick. This is why I'm not salivating. Mass preemptive hyperbole just kills my will to live. Especially when it comes to the superhero genre (a genre I enjoy a lot but don't feel the need to say it's masterful unless it actually is).
Queerty has a piece on the GLBT elements of Watchmen creator Alan Moore's work. Apparently the gay characters did make the cut in the movie but how will Zach Snyder treat them? On the evidence of 300 I worry...

And here's Dustin Lance Black chatting with Oprah last week. His publicist has mad skills. How many screenwriters get invited to do that?

Milk is out next week on DVD... and I urge you again to rent the 1984 Oscar winning documentary The Times of Harvey Milk -- make it a marathon double feature. Finally, Sean Penn continues to be more awesome than usual. Popnography lets us know that he's campaigning for a statewide Harvey Milk "day of significance" in California. Go Sean!


Alex Constantin said...

the full trailer for Public Enemies looks really bad. ouch.

Glendon said...

As someone who worships Michael Mann (ok, just Heat and The Insider)... yeah, that trailer looks really bad.

Glendon said...

Also, Mathew Goode made a pretty great villain in The Lookout.


i would change the order of words there, Glendon, a "great pretty villain" ;)

alex -- i shall post it tonight with a trailerish post.

Tom said...

I'm a nerd, but Gotham's 8 mile might be "Crime Alley," the nickname of the place where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed.

Metropolis has the more cheery "Suicide Slum."

Marshall said...

To anyone interested, THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK is on Hulu.

Well worth the time. One of the most moving documentaries ever. And it really accentuates how much Sean Penn channeled this man and what a tribute it was.


Tom... that's exactly what i was looking for!

Ryan said...

Thanks SO much for that Oprah vid link.

So happy for Black!

Anonymous said...

That cover picture! LMAO! Those guys are really in a bad shape! Not healthy!

Janice said...

//To anyone interested, THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK is on Hulu.

Well worth the time. One of the most moving documentaries ever.//

*Bows low* THANK YOU Marshall! I have been wanting to see this forever (I'm halfway through it now). *bows again*

It astonishes me (I was about 10 yrs old when Reagan was first inaugurated) that so many of the battles of today were being played out then - and the cultural conservatives clearly won. It's being played out yet again (and at least one of the players, Dianne Fienstein, is still ironically in the game) and stlll the LGBT community is being told to "wait" and "tone it down" - not just by the conservatives, but from the "liberals" and "moderates" who should otherwise be our allies.

Anonymous said...

"How come we can't see no huevos?" -funniest thing I've read all year. John Waters should steal this line if he ever gets around to making another movie. Oh, and the answer to the question in the article is right there at the end of the second paragraph: it's because they're not thin.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of LGBT, check this out

I dont care if he cant act. I'm in gay heaven!

Note to self: look up Baltran.