Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kill Bill, Vol. Gaga

It's a nonsense extrapolated, gossip alert!

See, Bill is already dead. And Quentin Tarantino hasn't written Kill Bill, Vol. 3. And Gaga is not an actress. Anyway... I'm sounding off on that rumor / speculation in my latest column at Towleroad along with a bit on The Runaways. Although I think you know my opinion on that 70s rocker girl movie already: better than some of the music biopics that get Oscar nominations (though it won't get any itself) but not "great" exactly. So, anyway read it.

I want to start my own rumor too. Hmmm, let's see. How about this... Ari Graynor to star in Lady Gaga biopic! Pass it on. Tweet it. However you do.

Can't you see it? Or is it just because I'm in a whirling obsession with both simultaneously?

Here I'll help you.


James T said...

I was thinking that Burton should direct Gaga in a movie.

Maybe as Tinkerbell in a Hook remake? Hey, don't make that face. He might get his form back :p

Perhaps, Basic Instinct 3? I'm stopping now.

Rose said...

Is it just me, or does Ari Graynor look a little bit like Monica Vitti to anyone else???

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Ari Graynor look a lot like Monica Vitti?

ZiZo said...

I was thinking about a Gaga biopic just last week, and I think maybe Dakota Faning could do Stefanie Germanotta.

Or maybe, you know, Lady Gaga's little sister, who she just looks like.

Dude said...

Omg Nathan I was waiting for a Gaga post in the Filmexperience, god knows why. And you posted it haha!! I too am in a whirling obsession with her bah! Do catch the Monster Ball Tour when it goes back to the US, it's gonna blow you away


@Dude -- i got tickets this morning ;)

Adam said...

I'll serve you poison pancakes Nathaniel to get those Monster Ball tickets! Jealous.

As for Ari Graynor, I just went to a screening for the movie "Lucky" that I worked on, and it's one of her best showcases yet, with her completely stealing the show once again. She's hysterical start to finish, and she's finally in the lead for once. Fans of her must seek it out when it's released, and it will definitely find her more fans. Even though I watched her on set, she still managed to completely surprise and mesmerize me.

badmotherfucker said...

To answer your question, Rose, yes; Graynor does bear a striking resemblance to Antonioni's muse.

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