Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RCL: Demi Gods, Bag Ladies, Gutsy Smurfs and Action Heroes

Red Carpet Lineup: Once weekly we check in with random celebrities. Who is Where and Why? And What (are they wearing)?

From left to right: Jonathan Groff was at the Paley Center to promote GLEE (He's joined the cast drizzling yet more awesomeness on a show that's already fully marinated in the stuff). Groff wowed New York on stage (Spring Awakening + Hair) and now he's after the rest of the world. He's pulling off a mere mortal look here surprisingly well but do not be fooled. He's actually a demi-god (see: that 'I'll Possess Your Soul And You'll Ask If I Can Take Your Body, Too' stare in Taking Woodstock and the actual demi-god thing in The Baccae last summer where he hypnotized Anthony Mackie into doing all sorts of, uh, naughty things). Helena Bonham-Carter attended the premiere of Alice in Wonderland in Paris. If HBC ever feels the public has lost interest in her, I have a surefire solution for a comeback: stop dressing like a billionaire bag-lady. Think of the uproar if she showed up somewhere all sleek, minimalist and goddessy ... like a Cate Blanchett look or something. People would be talking about it for a month!

Tilda Swinton premiered I Am Love in Italy in navy tiles. We love I Am Love but worry that it's going to be one of those movies that has premieres all over the world for the next 17 months without ever once feeling like it's playing in theaters. Marion Cotillard received the Officer of the Order of the Arts and Letters in Paris. That sounds prestigious and we love that Marion shows up all demur/pastel to receive it "What? No! What did I do to deserve this? You're too kind. You mean little Oscar-winning me?"

from left to right: Meryl Streep is wearing a beige drapey sweater look that would be right at home in a Nancy Meyers movie. She was bestowing honors at Diane von Furstenberg's DVF awards. The awards are for women who struggle to improve their communities which sounds like such a worthy selfless thing... until you remember that the woman who created the honor named it after herself. Adrien Brody hit SXSW to premiere footage from Predator. Honestly, I don't understand his career at all post-Pianist. Nor do I understand why people are surprised that he has muscles to play an action hero. King Kong five years ago, 'member? Jennifer Tilly is still alive and proved it by taking in a gallery show in LA. This Official Declaration of Life I direct towards Hollywood's casting directors who have misfiled her headshot into their posthumous file 13. That's the only explanation for her screen absence. She's one of a kind. "Charmed. Charmed. Charmed."

We end with Alan Cumming who hosted the first leg of GLAAD's media awards this past weekend in NYC (there's two more events coming up in California). Funky suits are sometimes really fun to look at but immediately after smiling at them you think "You can only wear that once. Hope it was worth the money". Not that the fab Tony winner should worry about money. There's the cologne, the album, the abundant voicework and the television, film, stage and Spider-Man villain gigs. He's also one of the voices for the upcoming The Smurfs movie. Full disclosure: I loved The Smurfs as a kid (why pretend otherwise?) but I do not remember any character named "Gutsy Smurf".


Lara said...

Yep, "billionaire bag-lady" sounds about right. But HBC shouldn't go back to Edwardian corsets, she should just for once stop putting that much emphasis and thought on what she's wearing. Actually thinking about it, her dressing habits are like Tim Burton's movies, too much style, not enough substance.

amir_uk said...

Loved that link to your piece on The Hurt Locker from when it opened last summer... Nice to read it now with hindsight.

I watched it again yesterday and it's even better on second viewing - I may have underrated it by having at as my number 7 of 2009... But yes, Anthony Mackie. I'm a little bit obsessed right now, what with HL love, the Bacchus turn with hottie Groff (did not know this!) and his current run in that 'controversial' McDonagh play. He should've been runner-up for the Supporting Actor Oscar this year, right? (What medal did you award him, Nathaniel?)

Does fittie Groff guest star in Glee or is it recurring? And is it still season one in the states or have you guys moved on?

amir_uk said...

P.S. Nathaniel, why we're on Groff, and also the Almodovar giveaway reminded me of this, I never got the Taking Woodstock soundtrack I won?!? I was so excited about actually winning something, too! Still love you and the blog though!

Klemen said...

With Groff in the show, there's gonna be a serious battle for the title of the most adorable person on the planet between him and Cory Monteith.

Oh, and have you seen Aice already?I thought Helena was just genius in it.

Klemen said...

Alice* sorry


eek. Amir. I am so sorry. let me look back through my backup drawer and figure that out.


oh and AMIR... it's funny when i linked up to it i forgot that the second half of the article was about The Hurt Locker. It IS weird to read that in retrospect. and to think what eventually came to be.


oh and we're still on season one of GLEE in the states.

it's the longest season ever known to man with 3 hiatuses thus far.


Christine said...

Ditto Amir
I never got my Oscar Party Pack from the TCM contest. (Although I know that this is TCM's fault rather than Nathaniel's.)

Still, I want me party pack! And, in addition, I would like new episodes of Glee. What is with the odd scheduling of hit shows lately on U.S. television?


you didn't Christine??? They promised me they'd go out that day. argh.

ok. trying again.

amir_uk said...

Thanks Nathaniel! xx (If the TW t-shirt is still banging around, would love that too. But, er, don't worry about the air freshener - unless it's Emile Hirsch-scented).

txtcritic said...

Groff's "awesomeness"?? You mean his HOTNESS? Because yes, he IS hot. But he's an awful actor.

He sang extremely well in "Spring Awakening" and "Hair" (in Central Park, he didn't transfer to Broadway with the rest of the cast), but anything that involved legit acting, he embarrassed himself. All wide-eyed naivete and big, broad emotions.


i didn't say Groff was in the broadway version of Hair.

but i've found nothing "awful" about his performances thus far. we must have seen different nights! Loved him in The Bacchae